TikTok: Photographer charges $8.5k for ‘blurry’ wedding photos

A wedding photographer has ignited a fiery debate online after revealing her $8,500 starting price for wedding photography on TikTok. The controversy? Many social media users believe the price doesn’t reflect the quality of the photographer’s work, which some have described as blurry and lacking in creativity.

The Spark of the Controversy

The situation unfolded on TikTok, where the photographer discussed a potential client with a $2,000 budget. In the video, she emphasized her own $8,500 starting price. This triggered negative comments, with viewers expressing concerns about the price point in relation to the photographer’s portfolio.


I even have my starting prices on my website 😅 #weddingphotographer

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Here’s her pricing on her website (see attached photo).

Photographer charges $8.5k for 'blurry' wedding photos
Image Courtesy of tripp-photo.com

Blurry Photos Fuel the Debate

Critics weren’t shy about sharing their opinions. Many questioned whether the photographer’s work justified the hefty price tag. Examples circulated online, highlighting blurry photos and what some described as uninspired compositions.


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Finding the Perfect Fit

Ultimately, the key takeaway is clear communication. If a photographer’s pricing doesn’t align with your budget, don’t hesitate to explore other options. Finding a photographer whose style aligns with your vision and budget is crucial for capturing those precious memories.

The Conversation Continues

The debate surrounding the photographer’s pricing and work quality continues to unfold online. Whether the price reflects the value remains a point of discussion.

Photographer charges $8.5k for 'blurry' wedding photos

While the photographer faces criticism, it’s important to consider another perspective. Photographers have the autonomy to set their pricing based on experience, skillset, and target clientele. Negative publicity, though not ideal, can still generate awareness. There’s a possibility that the photographer might attract clients who value her unique style and are willing to pay her premium price.

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