The Last of Us television show launched to become one of the hottest releases from HBO in early 2023. Not only is it basing its story and lore on the critically acclaimed PlayStation video game franchise, but it is also doing so faithfully. It retains a lot of elements of the original games while starting to steer the direction of the show with changes that keep viewers on their toes. With it, people can officially say that the curse surrounding poorly made video game live-action adaptations is over.

The Last of Us Success

One of the reasons for the success of The Last of Us is the way they went about its creation. As a part of the creation of the show, the developers worked with the original game director Neil Druckmann. Apart from that, they also got heavy hitter actors like Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal.

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People have long been over zombies, but The Last of Us brings a compelling case. It’s a different take on the zombie and a story that focuses more on humanity. Going in this direction made shows like The Walking Dead successful.

It was to be expected though as The Last of Us’ story is considered one of gaming’s greats. With two episodes in, viewers and fans are waiting with bated breath to see the eventual story’s end. It will likely finish with a finale similar to The Last of Us Part I’s ending.

Not the Only One for PlayStation

The Last of Us is a harbinger, ushering a new wave of projects being developed surrounding PlayStation IPs. A few months back, we had the adaptation of Uncharted starring Tom Holland. While it didn’t hit as much with critics, it was an enjoyable watch for most viewers.

We also have a Twisted Metal show in the works which is set to star Captain America and the Winter Soldier’s Anthony Mackie. The show will likely delve deeper into the lore of Twisted Metal, given that there isn’t much to get from the game itself. The show itself will be launching at some point in 2023, though people are still on the fence about the adaptation.

Another interesting project in the works is Ghost of Tsushima, which is now beginning development for a film release in the future. Helming the project will be director Chad Stahelski of John Wick fame. Expect it to be action-packed, following the story of the titular Ghost as he wages war with an invading Mongolian force.

More to Come

In 2022, many received word that Amazon had successfully closed a deal to create a live-action adaptation of 2018’s God of War. Since then, there have been a lot of rumors about who will play the iconic Kratos. Another PlayStation IP Horizon will also be appearing for Netflix. It would be interesting to see a translation of the mechanical post-apocalypse world and Aloy.

One thing noticeable about these projects is that they’re spread out between different platforms. It seems that PlayStation is starting relationships with different ones in hopes of finding the best one to partner with. It may also be a way to push their projects and award them to the highest bidder.

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