Pokemon GO: Lucario – Weakness and How to Defeat

Lucario is a Fighting- and Steel-type Pokemon that is widely regarded as one of the most popular Pokemon in general. For this article, let us have a look at how Lucario fairs in Pokemon GO including its strength, weakness, and how to defeat it.

Pokemon: Lucario, The Aura Pokemon

Riolu and its evolution Lucario were first introduced in Pokemon Generation IV. For familiarity, Generation IV’s main games are Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. For Pokemon GO, Lucario was released along with the Sinnoh Region Pokemon last October 2018.

Lucario is an offensive-style Pokemon that is also resistant to a handful of elements. Being a Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon, it is resistant to nine (9) element types while vulnerable to three (3) element types.

Image Courtesy via bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net


Many consider Lucario as the best Fighting- and Steel-type in Pokemon GO. It has an excellent move set and is good when using it on offense. Lucario is resistant to many elements being a Fighting/Steel Pokemon. This can be used as an advantage.

However, its defense and stamina, compared to other steel types, is on the low side. You might want to consider those when building a Lucario for your team.

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These are the elemental vulnerabilities and resistance of Riolu and Lucario.
Pokemon Weaknesses Resistance 
(Fighting Type only)
Flying (160%) Rock (63%)
Psychic (160%) Bug (63%)
Fairy (160%) Dark (63%)
(Fighting and Steel)
Fighting (160%) Normal, Steel, Grass (63%)
Ground (160%) Ice, Dragon, Dark (63%)
Fire (160%) Poison, Rock, Bug (39%)
Here are the move sets and stats for Riolu and Lucario.
Riolu and Lucario Stats and Move Set
Pokemon Move Set Move Type / Element DPS
(Max Stats)
CP: 1123
ATK: 127
DEF: 78
STAM: 120
Quick Attack Quick Move / Normal 10
Counter Quick Move / Fighting 16
Cross Chop
Charge Move / Fighting

Low Sweep 25.3
Brick Break 30
(Max Stats)
CP: 3056
ATK: 236
DEF: 144
STAM: 172
Bullet Punch Quick Move / Steel 12
Counter Quick Move / Fighting 16
Flash Cannon Charge Move / Steel 44.4
Shadow Ball Charge Move / Ghost 33.3
Close Combat Charge Move / Fighting 52.2
Power-up Punch Charge Move / Fighting 30
Aura Sphere Charge Move / Fighting 60

Lucario: Pokemon GO PVP

Simulations for Lucario resulted in an average performance in Great, Ultra, and Master League. However, it can counter the likes of Dialga, Melmetal, and Metagross despite having a large gap in their CP.

The recommended move sets are Counter for a quick move, and Shadow Ball or Aura Sphere for a charge move.

Now you know its strengths, you should be able to anticipate how to counter Lucario. Use Pokemon types with fighting, ground, and fire-type element and move sets. Pokemon such as Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan, Urshifu, Volcorana, and a mirror match are its counters.

One of the most experienced Pokemon GO Players, Brandon Tan, used Lucario along with Giratina and Mewtwo in Master League last Season 10. It unexpectedly went pretty well (3/5 W/L) despite having low expectations for the Pokemon.

Screen Grab via BrandonTan91 Youtube Channel

Pokemon GO Lucario: How to Get

At the moment, the only way to get a Lucario is to evolve it from a Riolu. Lucario cannot be caught in the wild so you will be needing to get a Riolu and use 50 Candies to evolve it.

To get a Riolu, you need to hatch it from an egg although it is a rare hatch of 0.7% from 7km and 10km eggs. The best and easiest yet still not so easy way to get a Riolu is thru Adventure-Sync 50-km reward eggs.

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Determination is key here and you will get yourself a fairly good pokemon for Master League. If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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