Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – Gym Test + Secret Menu, All details

Gone are the days, bleeding out of sight, when we needed to battle a series of trainers that were under a gym leader in Pokemon games. The recent series has introduced special tests that the player needs to go through. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Tests are of similar nature. Here’s everything you need to know about Medali Gym Test Secret Menu ingredients.

  • The way of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is such that the gym leaders ask you to first compete in the gym test. The one gym we will be focusing on today is the one that asks you for a gym test involving a secret menu.

The one we refer to here is the Medali gym test. Out of the rest, the Medali Gym Test is a little difficult. The objective here is to order a special menu item from a neighboring restaurant. This special menu item, once ordered, will allow the player to challenge Larry.

Medali Gym Test Secret Menu item

Image courtesy of Youtuber Nirth

Now, we have the answer right here for you. And you can scroll right down to the answer part below to find out the secret menu item. You can then order it and challenge Larry right away.

  • But if you take it traditionally, you will be interacting with multiple NPCs, battling them, getting hints from them, and then finding out the answer.

But it isn’t a strategic in-game necessity that you do this. As in, if you already know the answer, you can go ahead and order it. Not battling the NPCs and finding it out yourself will not make the Special Menu item disappear. But for those who want to find it out for themselves – wait. That’s not right.

If you’re reading this guide, you already want the help. So, for those who have already found it out for themselves and just want to confirm it. Or for those who after knowing the final ingredients can directly just select it without the hassle of battling trainers, but still want the joy of training against the NPCs, here you go. 


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Test
Image courtesy of Eurogamer.net
  1. Go around Medali finding a small kid near the ice cream stands. Defeat him in battle. He will suggest looking for something that is the odd one out in stands nearby.
  2. Check the ice cream stands, and you will find one of them has Grilled Rice Balls other than ice cream. Well, that’s definitely not a place to keep rice nalls. That’s your first cue.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Test Secret Menu
Image Courtesy of Eurogamer.net
  1. Moving forward, battle the male student near certain benches. The student will refer to a bluebird. This bluebird is actually a Squakabilly which sits on another NPC’s head.
  2. Find that guy. Wait around him, and the bird will shout Meedium! This is your second cue, as in the serving size should be medium.


Medali Gym Test Secret Menu
image courtesy of Youtuber Nirth
  1. Find the female student near the gym who will tell you to look for a dark spot. That’s weird and vague.
  2. But head down the nearby stairs which lead to the amphitheater. Interact with the metal grate. This will reveal the next cue: Fire Blast.


Image courtesy of Nirth Youtuber
  1. Come back way down to Treasure Eatery. Head near where people are eating towards the north.
  2. Here one NPC will talk about Lemons being the best. Yep, when life gives you lemons you don’t say no to it.

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