Good news Poppy Playtime fans! The developers of the beloved horror game, Poppy Playtime, had just released the trailer for their new multiplayer game titled Project: Playtime, and everyone is already going nuts! After watching the trailer, there have been some minor details we discovered that could lead to some details in the game. To know about all of these, scroll down below.

It has already been a long time since Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 concluded and the fans are still hungry for more. With Chapter 3 still under development, Project: Playtime would be very beneficial for the players while waiting for the release of Chapter 3. Watch the trailer below to be spooked by Mob Entertainment’s terrifying cinematic trailer.

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Details in the cinematic/gameplay trailer you probably missed

  • The Toy Machine Deposit

At the trailer’s beginning, we could see the crew taking the trash to a bin with a sign saying “Toy Machine Deposit”.

Project Playtime Toy Machine Deposit
Screengrab Courtesy of Mob Entertainment via YouTube

It may seem like nothing at first but if you take a look at the gameplay trailer on Project: Playtime’s steam page, the Toy Machine Deposit will play a huge part in the game’s missions.

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The goal is to collect as many toy parts as you can to create a giant toy in the factory. As seen in the clip below, toy parts will be thrown into the bin with the same sign as in the cinematic trailer. However, you must do this without interacting with the monsters, or else, YOU WILL DIE! It’s pretty simple, or is it?

Screengrab Courtesy of Project: Playtime via Steam

  • Mini Huggies (and other mini toys) could be alive

Poppy Playtime never fails to deliver on its jump scares and horrifying visuals. It can be seen in the trailer that once the crew picked up a mini Huggy Wuggy, it was actually alive.

Project Playtime Mini Huggies
Screengrab Courtesy of Mob Entertainment via YouTube

Though it moved hysterically, it did not make any violent actions against the people who held it. Furthermore, when the crew tried to kill it with his foot, a blood splat can be obviously seen on the floor. Does this mean that not only are they alive, but they are also humans/humanoids just like Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, and the others? Or are they just another incarnation by the creator of this mess?

Since Poppy Playtime: Chapter 1, mini toys are everywhere in the factory. None of them are almost non-existent but with the newest trailer’s possible revelation, could it be that we have been roaming around with them after all this time?

  • The Crew is commanded by Poppy (with a camera)

You won’t be seeing this with just the naked eye. If you increase the brightness a bit and zoom in on the video, you will see that there is what would seem like a body camera.

Project Playtime Crew Camera
Screengrab Courtesy of Aeroga via YouTube

It is not new to the Poppy Playtime players since we have been seeing this logo since day 1. We don’t know anything about it yet but it really has do to something with Poppy or the people behind everything happening in the factory.

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  • Mommy Long Legs is alive in the trailer which indicates that Project: Playtime is a PREQUEL

Seeing Huggy Wuggy early in the trailer almost meant that he was still alive. But, after seeing Mommy Long Legs – who was killed in Chapter 2 – it is already safe to assume Project: Playtime is a prequel.

Project Playtime Mommy Long Legs
Screengrab Courtesy of Mob Entertainment via YouTube

Not only that, the train was in perfect condition and it worked just fine which means that this could have taken place in the early days after the disaster in Playtime Factory.

  • Project: Playtime is a multiplayer game consisting of not just 6. but 7 PLAYERS

In the trailer, there were only 4 crew members seen roaming around the factory. It’s already evident that Project: Playtime will be a multiplayer game but the number of crew in the trailer does not reflect the real quantity of players in the game.

Project Playtime Boxy Boo
Screengrab Courtesy of Mob Entertainment via YouTube

If you open the game on Steam, you will see a piece of information that Project: Playtime will be played by 7 players. Moreover, it will be a 6 versus 1 scheme, which means there will be 6 players with the grab pack and 1 player who will take the role of either Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, or the newest member of the monster group, Boxy Boo.

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Can you see this?

Prepare yourself for a 6v1 battle of survival. Six players will take the role of a Survivor. Together, they must solve puzzles and forge together a toy of epic size, all while trying to stay alive. One player will take on the role of the Monster. There are several characters to choose from, all offering a unique set of skills used to catch and kill their prey.

Project Playtime Multiplayer
Photo Courtesy of Project: Playtime on Steam

Additional teaser: There will be battle passes and skins in Project: Playtime

This all-new Poppy Playtime spinoff game will surely be exploring the idea of adding Battle passes to the game with the developers teasing the players of a possible cosmetic upgrade and seasonal items. That does sound a lot like most battle pass descriptions from other games.

Photo Courtesy of Project: Playtime via Steam

Additionally, there’s a photo on the Steam page of the game that features a player’s outfit inspired by Huggy Wuggy himself. Wouldn’t that be cool? Getting chased by Huggy Wuggy while wearing a Huggy Wuggy suit?

Project Playtime Battlepass
Photo Courtesy of Project: Playtime via Steam

Are you feeling excited about this game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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