Ranking the Best SoulsBorne Games 2023

With the release of Elden Ring back in 2022, the term ‘SoulsBorne’ has once again entered the gaming landscape. If you are somewhat confused about what a SoulsBorne game is, do not worry, we got you covered. There is no particular definition of the term. However, in simple words, SoulsBorne basically refers to a genre of games developed by FromSoftware Inc. They have a particular set of factors that make them fall into the genre. With a third-person perspective, beautiful but oppressive environments to explore, difficult combat, and a compelling story SoulsBorne games are being heavily appreciated by gamers who are up for a challenge. If you’re wondering which is the best SoulsBorne game out there, let me tell you, each of them is a masterpiece. However, let us rank some of the best SoulsBorne games developed by FromSoftware. We will rank them based on their popularity and gameplay experience.

Top 5 SoulsBorne games you need to play in 2023

Once you delve into the world of SoulsBorne games there’s no going back. Soulsborne games are challenging! They’ll push you to the limits of your patience, test your skills to the extreme, and make you question your very existence. The only soul you will be losing is yours. Alright, enough exaggeration. Apart from the game being challenging as hell, it’s quite captivating with amazing storylines and stunning visuals. Let us take a look at the Top 5 SoulsBorne games as of 2023. Do not worry we haven’t spoiled anything for you. You are safe to proceed.

5. Dark Souls I

Starting on our list is none other than FromSoftware’s first game of the iconic Dark Souls series. Released in the year 2011, this game takes the #5 spot on the list. Considered to be the spiritual successor of 2009’s Demon’s Souls. DS1 is filled with challenges. The game mainly focuses on its difficult dungeons. Its challenging enemies in its oppressive open world where everyone is trying to kill you is certainly very annoying as well. Dark Souls 1 sets you in a dark apocalyptic fantasy world, much like any other SoulsBorne game.

SoulsBorne Games | Ranked
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4. Dark Souls III

Another classic, perhaps the most popular game of the Dark Souls series takes the fourth spot on our list. Considered one of the toughest SoulsBorne games, DS3 has faster-paced action, better visuals, and frame rates than its predecessors. Released in the year 2016, DS3 has seen improved designs and the difficulty of not only bosses but the entire world too. It also introduced new features such as ‘focus points’ for magic skills. These upgrades made the game really stand out from the other Dark Soul games while making it the most superior of the series. With a very immersive lore, Dark Souls III is a must-play.

SoulsBorne Games | Ranked
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3. Bloodborne  

The game that puts the Borne in SoulsBorne (yet another great pun) was exclusively released for the PlayStation 4 in 2015. Set in the ancient city of Yharnam. As you progress in the game, you come across the secrets of the place which includes the worship of strange gods, as well as the origin of some sort of plague that is destroying Yharnam. Providing one of the best SoulsBorne experiences this game is loved by hardcore SoulsBorne gamers for its compelling lore, visuals, and world-building.

SoulsBorne Games | Ranked
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2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

With this title, it was clear that FromSoftware wanted to steer off the medieval, gothic European settings they have been doing and explore a fictionalized Japan during the Sengoku period. The outcome of this decision was legendary as many people entered the era of SoulsBorne games with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and received positive reviews. Sekiro puts an emphasis on stealth combat and swordplay, which is contrary to the rush-out combat style in previous titles mentioned above. This Soulsborne game takes place in feudal Japan, blending captivating elements of Buddhist mythology and philosophy. If this is what you’re looking for, go and play Sekiro now!

Sekiro | Ranked
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1. Elden Ring

I know you’re not even surprised that Elden Ring takes the first spot on this list. With many awards including the ‘Game of the Year’ in 2022 Elden Ring certainly deserves to be on top. It has a perfect blend of open-world gaming coupled with perhaps the SoulsBorne experience too. Although many people claim it to be a slightly easier SoulsBorne game (which is probably the reason everyone loves it), it offers the perfect gameplay experience than any of the titles mentioned above. If you’re looking for a SoulsBorne game to start with, Elden Ring is made for you. Its storyline, visuals, and combat never disappoint.

Elden Ring | Ranked
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These were the best SoulsBorne games developed by FromSoftwares out there ranked on the basis of their popularity and gameplay experience. If you’re looking for some challenge in the world of gaming make sure to play all of them. Take breaks in between though, we don’t want you to lose your sanity. Happy Gaming! However, you won’t be happy for longer once you start with the titles.

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