‘Rings of Power’ Vs ‘House of Dragons’; Who Wins the Fantasy Prequel Battle?

'Rings of Power' Vs 'House of Dragons'; Who wins the Fantasy Prequel Battle

The launch of the show House of Dragons right beside the successful Amazon release Rings of Power leaves us with no choice but to conduct a Rings of Power vs House of Dragons comparison right away. The joint prequels of The lord of the Rings and Game of thrones also point towards a slow change the world of fantasy show creation is facing.

'Rings of Power' Vs 'House of Dragons'; Who Wins the Fantasy Prequel Battle
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From. Reddit to Facebook, fans, and critics of both the shows are not letting it go at this point. Have these Amazon releases been able to successfully gain popularity in their respective areas? The launch together may actually be a great strategic move, many experts are claiming.

So which is the best fantasy show on air right now? While most fans are taking short stances, many others keep proving that Rings of Power vs House of Dragons are too different two shows too different to be compared with each other.

‘Rings of Power’ Vs ‘House of Dragons’: The release

The Rings of Power was released on 2nd September 2022 and is set in the popular JRR Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings world. Fitting a prequel towards the most popular fantasy show, many fans are saying.

The House of Dragons, also a prequel to the brilliant show Game of Thrones, was written by George RR Martin, Often called the American Tolkien. These two shows have been linked together ever since the second came into existence.

However, this connection has never caused any competition between the two franchises because it is well known that Martin was heavily inspired by Tolkien’s work in the creation of Game of Thrones. Whatever we say, in Rings of Power vs House of Dragons, the latter is a world that will always be inspired by its parent.

Our fascination with prequels: why they are important

The entire sequence of releases as well as the debate between Rings of Power vs House of Dragons has begun to indicate a healthy fascination with the creation of prequels.

At this point is safe to assume the last few years have seen a boom in the popularity of female-led origin stories which give a background to the shows we have so enjoyed in the past.

Prequels attempt to bring realism to the fantasy worlds. They answer the question of why and how while laying emphasis on a political scenario not much different from ours. These stories have started to blur the lines between what we consider black and white. They bring in elements we have not seen before in these universes.

A point-by-point comparison: ‘Rings of Power’ Vs ‘House of Dragons’

Rings of Power vs House of Dragons – it is now time to go through a point-by-point analysis of what the two shows are like and which one should you watch first.

Rings of Power

  • Excellent viewership

In spite of Rings of Power being released after House of Dragons, it has generated a greater viewership among fans. This might have something to do about the fact that it is indeed a Lord of The Rings prequel.

  • A thousand-year span

Rings of power have gone back a thousand years when the entire world was completely different. The world map is drastically different from Lord of the Rings, with the Elves plentiful on middle earth and Valinor lying simply to the west.

  • The charismatic yet controversial female lead

The story revolves around Galadriel, a powerful female lead who is bounced to leave an impact on people. Fans have however pointed out that are original regal nature has been drastically transformed into a warrior Queen without explanation.

'Rings of Power' Vs 'House of Dragons'; Who Wins the Fantasy Prequel Battle
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  • Nostalgia for a different world

The world displayed in Rings of Power differs from that of Lord of The Rings as we know it. Even then the battles seem similar and the past seems cheerful. Rings of Power has been successful in conveying the nostalgia of a prequel.

  • Sheds light on the main story

Perhaps this unique popularity has been gained because this series allows fans to rediscover the world of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. The story can often be seen shedding light on queries we did not know we had.

House of Dragons

  • Not that much magic

Unlike Lord of The Rings, its inspiration Game of Thrones was never that involved in the world of magic. House of dragons tones it down further, with the entire ambiance dark and serious. Instead, it is like that of a child revisiting a story as an adult.

  • 150 years span

Instead of the thousand years span we observe in the first story, the House of Dragons only moves back 150 years, and the connection between the present and the past is tight.

'Rings of Power' Vs 'House of Dragons'; Who Wins the Fantasy Prequel Battle
Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video
  • Better Preview Ratings

Even though viewers prefer to watch rings of power, House of Dragons received a better initial preview rating. A one-phrase description of this show would be ‘clever and masterful’.

  • Not a happy past

Unlike the nostalgia generator from the other show, House of Dragons is not circulating a story based on happy pasts. It focuses instead on the emotion of anger, providing explanations for stories that are scary to link to the present.

  • Dark stories

Yes indeed, the stories are dark. House of Dragons is a more complex and mature watch with several political and emotional decisions that make you go -what?

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