SEVENTEEN member with the Most Fans | Ranked (Updated January 2024)

SEVENTEEN member with the Most Fans Ranked

Do you know who is the SEVENTEEN member with the most fans? Let’s find out here, then. Undoubtedly, the third generation of K-pop has brought the industry around the globe further. Names like BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and RED VELVET have been a few of the groups that dominated worldwide. Oops, we can’t forget about the 13-member boy group, and speaking of it, this time, here’s the ranked list of SEVENTEEN members with the most fans! If you’re new to the CARAT land, we’ll introduce you to all the members and the group. In SEVENTEEN’s words, are you ‘ready to love’ CARATs?

SEVENTEEN members with the Most Fans

Have you streamed God Of Music today? In case you missed it, SEVENTEEN dropped their 11th mini album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. The title track God of Music, made its way as one of TikTok’s favorite K-pop dance challenges this year.

Aside from the latest news, if you’re an incoming CARAT, here’s the most asked question: Why are they called SEVENTEEN? And you can find essential answers here with us! SEVENTEEN doesn’t necessarily mean they are individual people. Their group name needs a little math as it means ‘13 members, three sub-units, and one group,‘ which leads to SEVENTEEN.

  • Now that you know the meaning behind their group name, why not meet the members? In this SEVENTEEN member with the most fans article, we’ll briefly introduce you to the 13 members and their respective sub-units too! And without further ado, SEVENTEEN right here!

[Update as of January 2024, SEVENTEEN members’ Instagram Followers]

Instagram Accounts IG Followers Count
13) Dino (@feat.dino)

5.3 million

12) Jun (@junhui_moon)

5.7 million

11) Woozi (@woozi_universefactory) 6.2 million
10) DK (@dk_is_dokyeom) 6.5 million
9) Jeonghan (@jeonghaniyoo_n) 6.9 million
8) Hoshi (@ho5hi_kwon) 7.1 million
6) Wonwoo (@everyone_woo) 7.2 million
6) Vernon (@vernonline) 7.2 million
4) S.Coups (@sound_of_coups) 7.3 million
4) Seungkwan (@pledis_boos) 7.3 million
3) Joshua (@joshu_acoustic) 8.0 million
2) The8 (@xuminghao_o) 8.2 million
1) Mingyu (@min9yu_k) 12.0 million

13) Dino

Opening this SEVENTEEN member with the most fans list, let’s welcome the maknae, Dino! The February 11, 1999-born Lee Chan takes care of the group’s main dancer, sub-vocals, and sub-rapper. He might be the youngest out of all the 13 members, but pretty sure Dino can rack the stage (and even your bias list!) when they perform.

  • Chan stands at 174cm; if this one’s tall, you must check out the other members’ height below! Dino is one of the four members of the Performance Team sub-unit. For more information, the otter lying down is his representative emoji!

12) Jun

One out of the two Chinese members, Jun ranks as the 12th SEVENTEEN member with the most fans. Part of the 1996 line, Wen Junhui was born on June 10. With his visuals, no doubt he garnered fans from his homeland China, and, of course, South Korea. Moon Jun Hwi, his Korean name, performs as the SEVENTEEN’s lead dancer and sub-vocalist.

  • If Dino is tall enough, Jun stands taller at 182cm or 6’0 feet. Junhui also belongs to the Performance Team sub-unit, along with the maknae. His representative emoji should be the cute cat smirking! Jun recently dropped his track, Psycho, so don’t forget to stream it!

11) Woozi

Coming in at 11th place, we introduce you to SEVENTEEN’s producer, Woozi! He was born on November 22, 1996, making him another member of the ’96-line. The 26-year-old idol mainly creates amazing music for the group, of course, with the help of other producers and his members. Lee Jihoon (yes, Woozi’s real name) produced and composed numerous tracks for other K-pop groups, including I.O.I and their now-labelmate, fromis_9. He’s also SEVENTEEN’s lead vocalist, which could surely blow you away when you hear his voice!

  • Woozi is the Vocal Team leader and a member of the trio SVT Leaders. Among all the members of SEVENTEEN, Woozi stands the shortest at 166cm. If you’re one of the fans who found DK’s representative emoji random, welcome Woozi’s rice emoji to the club! Also, have you seen his similarity with BTS SUGA? Check out their Yoongi’s Suchwita YouTube episode!

10) DK

Getting the 10th SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, DK is also in the house! Born on February 18, 1997, he’s one of the ’97-line of SEVENTEEN. DK is shortened from his stage name, Dokyeom. Lee Seokmin, DK’s real name, earns the main vocalist position. Once you see DK’s smile and aegyo, we can assure you that you’ll feel being bias wrecked. With that, Dokyeom earned the nickname SEVENTEEN’s happy virus among fans and members.

SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, DK
10th SEVENTEEN member with the most fans: DK | Image Courtesy of DK via Instagram (@dk_is_dokyeom)
  • Their heights are pretty much similar to one another, as DK reaches 179cm in height. He is part of the Vocal Team sub-unit. Recently, with two other members, Seungkwan and Hoshi, DK released an album in a sub-unit, BooSeokSoon (BSS), where he is also the leader. Random as it may seem, but DK’s representative emoji is the ‘x’ swords!

9) Jeonghan

Securing the ninth place in this ranked list of SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, we introduce you to Yoon Jeonghan! He was born on October 4, 1995, making him the second oldest and one of the 1995-born members. When we say visual, you say Jeonghan; apart from that, he is also a lead vocalist of SEVENTEEN. Jeonghan should be one, if not the most competitive and interesting member to watch when playing games with the group. Watch their GOING SEVENTEEN episodes to know what we’re talking about.

  • Jeonghan’s part of SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team because who wouldn’t fall in love with his voice?! If you want to compare your height with his, Hannie stands at 178cm (about 5’10 feet). The 27-year-old sticks to the ’emoji’ word, as his representative is the face emoticon with a halo.

8) Hoshi

If you’re on K-pop social media, it’s impossible if you haven’t read the word ‘horanghae.’ In this ranked list of SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, we’ll introduce you to the ‘horanghae’ creator, Hoshi! Interestingly, Kwon Soonyoung and his love for tigers led him to create the legendary term to show his love for CARATs. 호랑이 or horangi is the Korean word for tiger, and Hoshi wittingly combined it with 사랑해 or saranghae (I love you). Born on June 15, 1996, Hoshi takes the group’s main dancer, lead vocalist, and sub-rapper position.

  • He stands at 177cm, around 5’10 feet. Furthermore, Soonyoung may have the most sub-unit in SEVENTEEN; he’s the Performance Team leader, making him a part of the SVT Leaders. He dropped an album with the BSS sub-unit last February 2023. With his love for the animal, Hoshi’s representative emoji is the tiger, of course!

6) Wonwoo

Up next on our list, SEVENTEEN’s Jeon Wonwoo is here. Born on July 17, 1996, Wonu holds SEVENTEEN’s rapper and sub-vocalist position. If you’re doubtful whether you’re Wonwoo-biased, maybe try listening to the member with the lowest voice — yup, it’s him! To easily remember Jeon Wonwoo, catch the tall guy wearing prescription glasses while watching SEVENTEEN’s videos! Personally, Wonwoo’s the most manly of all the members, and it’s hard not to be bias-wrecked by Jeon.

SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, Wonwoo
8th SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, Wonwoo | Image Courtesy of Wonwoo via Instagram (@everyone_woo)
  • He’s part of SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Team. And believe us when we say that when Wonu smiles, it’ll be hard to resist. He might have this cold façade, but Wonwoo has the warmest soul. To add, he’s the second tallest member at 182cm. CARATs easily identify Wonwoo with his representative emoji — a cat.

6) Vernon

Running 5th in this list, and another ’98-liner, Vernon. Just a fun fact, he was born on February 18, and yes, he and DK share the same birthdate! Chwe Vernon takes the role of the group’s rapper, sub-vocalist, visual, and Face of the Group. His father is Korean, while Vernon’s mother is American. He received the nickname Twix for having a lot of the chocolate brand whenever they’re in the practice room.

  • NGL, Vernon’s first username, was the wittiest among all the members: chwenotchew, but later changed it to vernonline. He stands 178cm tall and belongs to the Hip-Hop Team of SVT. The 25-year-old wrote and performed an English track in SVT’s Attacca album, 2 MINUS 1, with co-member Joshua. Lastly, make it easier to find Vernon by spotting the turtle emoji!

4) S.Coups

Up next on this SEVENTEEN member with the most fans ranked list is SEVENTEEN’s leader (a strict one at times); we’ll introduce you to S.Coups! Choi Seungcheol was born on August 8, 1995, making him the oldest group member. Quick fun fact, S.Coups sets to debut alongside Woozi in a boy group, Tempest, but the group disbanded prior to their debut. Aside from the leader role, he also holds the rapper and sub-vocalist positions. At first glance, Seungcheol may be intimidating to look at, but he’s in the middle of a ‘tough love’ and ‘soft’ kind of person.

Choi Seungcheol SVT
4th SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, S.COUPS | Image Courtesy of S.Coups via Instagram (@sound_of_coups)
  • What adds more to this intimidation: his black belt in Taekwondo. But worry no more; S.Coups’ representative emoji takes away all the fear — a cherry one! The 27-year-old belongs to the Hip-Hop Team as the leader and the SVT Leaders unit. If you love rap, you might as well take the chance to listen to Seungcheol’s rapping skills. This SVT leader reaches 178cm, BTW!

4) Seungkwan

If not the only one, one of the SEVENTEEN members that have always been invited to variety and reality shows in South Korea — meet Seungkwan. He won the rookie entertainer award in 2018 with all the shows Boo participated in. The 1998-born on January 16 holds the position of one of SEVENTEEN’s main vocalists and Face of the Group. If you plan to start watching SVT’s content on YouTube, you’ll easily find Boo Seungkwan being the life of the party (well, alongside him should be Hoshi and DK!) Boo takes the fourth SEVENTEEN member with the most fans.

  • Known as the SEVENTEEN’s mood maker, Boo Seungkwan stands 174cm tall. His amazing voice makes him part of the Vocal Team and the BooSeokSoon sub-unit. If you’re still finding our SVT bias, Seungkwan could be the most active in terms of hobbies, as he plays sports, writes calligraphy, and is one of the funniest too. You can find Seungkwan with the orange emoji in CARATs’ posts! We must applaud Seungkwan’s choice for his username pledis_boos as he mocks PLEDIS President’s Instagram username, pledis_boss. Witty choice!

3) Joshua

The last three members, and certainly not the least, CARATs! Let’s start with the last ’95-line member; say hello to Joshua. Alongside Vernon, this 25-year-old is in charge of speaking English regarding promotions and interviews. Hong Jisoo was born on December 30, a Korean but raised in the US, making him fluent in the language. Shua adds to the list of SEVENTEEN’s lead vocalists and visuals too. He exudes this calm manner, and pretty much a sight to see when Joshua bursts out during their GOING SEVENTEEN games!

3rd SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, Joshua | Image Courtesy of Joshua Hong via Instagram (@joshu_acoustic)
  • We’ve been thinking if CARATs also face a phase wherein Joshua becomes their bias, are we right? If not a bias phase, maybe you’ve been bias wrecked by this 5’10 foot (177cm) tall member. Joshua belongs to the Vocal Team, and if you want an English cover, watch his video of dhruv’s double take. If you find the dear emoji on CARATs’ posts, remember it’s Joshua Hong’s! Personally, Joshua and the next member after him in this list have the most ‘gentleman’ energy in SEVENTEEN. Find out the next one!

2) The8

As we near the end of this ranked list, the other gentleman energy we’re talking about and the second SEVENTEEN member with the most fans is The8! Xu Minghao was born on November 7, 1997, and completed the other half of SVT’s Chinese line. Seo Myungho (his Korean name) may be considered the most fashionable member of the group. Moreover, he plays SVT’s lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper. In China, The8 started b-boying and is now in charge of it in SEVENTEEN. 8, written horizontally, looks like infinity, and many Chinese believe that 8 is a lucky number.

  • Speaking of b-boying, The8 completes SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team. Minghao started training in 2013 and finally debuted in 2015. To find The8 updates in the pool of Tweets, find CARATs’ posts with the frog emoji! Regarding fashion styles, you can count on The8 to bring you the most random clothing pieces and pull them off perfectly. With his 179.8cm height, he could even pass as a model. Speaking of, have you seen his and Wonwoo’s Arena photoshoot way back in April? Check that out if you haven’t yet!

1) Mingyu

Taking the first spot as the SEVENTEEN member with the most fans, here’s one of the K-pop fans’ favorites — Kim Mingyu. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you might have encountered one of his many pictures around the K-pop stans’ Twitter and TikTok accounts. This 1997 liner was born on April 6 and is friends with other ’97-liners in the K-pop industry. Mingyu has the roles of SVT’s rapper, sub-vocalist, visual, and Face of the Group.

  • The 26-year-old also holds first place as the group’s tallest member at 186cm. With his visuals, there’s no doubt that Mingyu may also take the most handsome title among the group; well, he agrees to be the #1 among the Hip-Hop Team members. Just a fun fact again, Gyu takes care of SEVENTEEN’s hairstyling. If you’re curious about Mingyu’s representative emoji, find the dog emoji in the pool of CARATs’ updates!

Thoughts about the SEVENTEEN member with the most fans? If you missed any updates or have questions about SEVENTEEN or K-pop, you can also share them below. For more content, stay with us here at Spiel Times. Make sure you subscribe to our push notifications and never miss an update. You can also follow us on Spiel AnimeTwitterInstagram, and YouTube. Until next time!

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