The 5 Most Common Types of Gamers in India
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Video games have seen an unprecedented hike in their popularity when it comes to India. With more free to play titles available on the market such as PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends, plus the easy internet access, this little community has risen in its scope and size in a drastic way.

That being said, just like any other form of entertainment, video games too in India have formed different communities, each with their own perspective and the type of games they prefer.

In an article, regarding the pros and cons of the Indian gaming industry, Sayan Dey of H2S media stated that about 85% of the Indian gamers are mobile gamers, 12% of them PC gamers and only 3% of them prefer consoles.

That being said, here are the five most common type of gamers you’ll come across in the country:-

6. Mobile Gamers (PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile fanatics)

Nowadays everyone is playing PUBG, because why not?

The country has seen an enormous rise in the form of this newly emerging gaming community that has been rigorously indulging in games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

Not only it has made gaming more popular in the country but it has also become a matter of concern with people blaming these highly immersive titles to be a cause of increasing violence and addiction among youth. You can read our post about this certain issue here.

PUBG Mobile: PIL filed by Indian lawyer, comparing the game to “drugs”, sparks conversation regarding video game violence and addiction

5. PC Gamers Part 1 (Who plays Dota 2 & CS: GO)

There’s a vast majority of Indian gamers that play Dota and CS.

There is this sort of tradition that Indian youths have been following for years now. That is to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 during their college life. Being an engineering student, I have seen this tradition come to life with my own eyes. And our elders did the same when they were in college. I don’t see this trend going down in the coming years as well, which is both good and bad for the Indian gaming industry.

4. PC Gamers Part 2 (Veterans with high-end PCs)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt looks absolutely breathtaking on a high-end PC. (

This is a small percentage of Indian gamers that believe in the “PC Master Race” formula. These are the guys who build the most expensive gaming PCs to play both AAA titles and the competitive multiplayer games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends.

Also, these are the guys who would never fail to mention how groundbreaking The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt looks on a PC when compared to consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. (I hear you guys and I know its true.)

3. The FIFA Fans

Do I need to say anything?

These are probably the most unique bunch of gamers one will come across in the country. Irrespective of platforms whether Xbox, PlayStation, PC or even mobile phones, these people just want to play FIFA all the time.

You can blame them for making EA’s FIFA series a bestseller every year. FIFA gamers are the most niche gamers you’ll find in the country and most of them will absolutely refuse to even try other genres of games.

2. Console Gamers (PlayStation Fanboys)

God of War(2018) is the game of the decade, said every Indian PlayStation fanboy at one point.

Alright, so there is an insignificant number of console gamers in India. This is the type of gamers that are the least in the country and have been playing on consoles since the PS2 era, or jumped on to the console era with the release of PS4 way back in 2013.

These guys are absolute fanboys and will not waste even a second dishing out other consoles. I have seen and met my share of PlayStation fanatics that absolutely rages war on social media and are in majority when it comes to shipping the so-called “console wars” all across the globe.

1. The Neutral Gamers

We don’t believe in console wars and yes we love PC as well. (Source-The Verge)

Alright, this is where I belong. And this forms the 1 or 2% of gamers in the entire country. These are the people who are not bounded by a specific platform and like to play games on all the platforms. We believe that each platform has its own pros and cons and instead of dishing out, we should accept all of them as they are and enjoy games because that’s what is important the most.

These are the types of gamers you’ll usually find in India. In which category do you belong? Or did I miss something? Tell me in the comments down below.