Technology is a boon to everyone who knows how to use it well. We’ve progressed a lot since the early days of the fire and the wheel – coming into a new era of science and economics. Devices like the computer and the mobile have become integral for the normal workflow of our day-to-day lives. While these machines have made our work a lot easier, it also means that there are a lot of potential downsides for people who aren’t aware.

Technology, while being the benefactor can also play the role of the detractor in several cases. The invention of social media as well as electronic games meant that there were several ways of getting distracted from productive everyday work. Social media offers a way to connect with several people throughout the world at once, but it also means that people tend to spend an alarming amount of time online. Any time spent chatting with a friend or searching up quotes to add to your latest profile picture update, or quarreling with people having a different opinion in the comments section is time that one doesn’t spend on productive work. People sink in so much into the virtual world that they have problems coming back to the grim realities of the actual world they live in. 

Social media addiction is a pretty weird thing – so weird that almost everyone in this modern age has it to varying degrees. You’d be labeled a social outcast if you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account. If that itself isn’t bad enough, you need to keep it constantly updated to assure people that you aren’t technophobic. Peer pressure actually ensures that no one is free of addiction – however, the onus is on the users to ensure they don’t sink into the virtual world. If you feel you’re one who is sinking into the pothole of mobile addiction – be sure to seek trained help immediately (there are a lot of places to seek out help for dealing with mobile addiction, such as BetterHelp – don’t be afraid to reach out).

Electronic game addiction is an age-old thing that is way more recognized by the masses (and of course, the media). Gaming is good, but not if it is overdone. There have been stories of people who have gone to the extreme and never came back. Gaming for more than twelve hours a day naturally raises red flags, resulting in the call for regulation from the authorities in several parts of the world (especially in South East Asia and China). Addiction can be controlled with trained help, and it is an issue that needs to be cut down from the stem at the earliest.

The biggest deterrent to addiction control is the fact that addicts refuse to believe that they are addicted. It gets worse by the fact that society pushes you towards addiction rather than away from it. And it certainly isn’t going to improve in the days to come, from the looks of it.

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