The Amazon Prime original series ‘The Boys’ hasn’t been short of all NSFW (Not Safe for Work) ideas. From bloody deaths, s*xual content, and the creepiest of them all – DRINKING MILK? Well, we all know America’s mightiest supe, Homelander, is a super-powerful yet mentally unstable hero. Throughout the series, we’ve seen glimpses of how huge of a headcase Homelander is. One of which is him having a fetish and obsession with milk. In this article, we will be showing you 5 times Homelander broke the internet by being so creepy while drinking milk.

Warning: All images may not be suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

5 Times Homelander Drinking Milk was the Creepiest Thing on the Internet

Homelander Drinking Stillwell’s Last Bottle of Breast Milk

Screengrab Courtesy of Solcher Derbeer (via YouTube)

After the death of Stillwell – thanks to Homelander – there is nothing much left for Homelander aside from Stillwell’s pictures, smell, personal things, and of course, her last bottle of pumped breast milk. It was the first time Homelander had a taste of her favorite person’s milk and it was until then that we found out he had a severe obsession with it.

What makes this scene creepy is he seems to be turned on by the smell and taste of milk. Little do we know, his milk obsession would go on far worst after this one. There are even creepier milk-related scenes below, so you might want to take a deep breath.

Doppelganger as Madelyn Stillwell Offering Homelander a Glass of Milk

Screengrab Courtesy of Best Ever Movie Clips (via YouTube)

Again, Madelyn Stillwell’s presence still haunts Homelander. Want to know what Homelander thinks would go better with Stillwell? A GLASS OF MILK! After putting Doppelganger’s (the shapeshifter) powers into good use as the former Vought CEO, this scene surely becomes one of the most WTF moments in ‘The Boys’ series.

Nobody thought Homelander could go this far! Unfortunately for Doppelganger, this would be the last time he would see the light of day as Homelander has snapped out of his obsession, or did he?

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Homelander Milking a Cow (and then drinks it)

In the 7th episode of The Boys: Season 3, we saw a frustrated and scared Homelander after almost getting punked by Soldier Boy, a suped-up Butcher, and Hughie. It has been a long time since we saw him last drink a drop of milk and we thought it was over.

However, in this scene, Homelander gets turned on by a cow which he proceeded to milk with his bare hands. He then drinks it in a pail to probably thirst his quench (or craving for that matter). Well, let’s just say any milk will do just fine for the star-spangled superhero. After all, a glass of milk a day keeps the Soldier Boy away.

Homelander Drinks a Whole Tub of Fresh Milk

Screengrab Courtesy Best Ever Movie Clips (via YouTube)

Oi, give the guy some slack! Maybe he’s just thirsty from being a celebrity!

Everybody knows Homelander just can’t get enough of Milk. This famous dairy product could be one of Homelander’s unknown weaknesses, aside from his constant need for approval and love. So far, this could be the least creepy thing Homelander ever did in the series. He’s just drinking it!

Madelyn Stillwell and Homelander’s Intimate Moment (NSFW)

Technically, this scene does not feature even a wee bit of milk. But, judging by Homelander’s face and Stillwell’s exposed breast, this could count just as creepy as him drinking her milk. If you want to rewatch this scene, it will be seen in Season 1, Episode 5 of ‘The Boys’.

On a side note, since Homelander has a kinky fetish for milk, do you think if Homelander joins Herogasm, he would look for a milk-filled bathtub? Or, maybe, chug a whole barrel of milk while having intercourse with other supes?

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Why is Homelander So Obsessed with Milk?

There could be a lot of reasons why Homelander has a huge liking for the most famous dairy product in the world. For starters, it’s a great drink for breakfast and it’s healthy, ain’t it lad? Kidding aside, his obsession may be because of his constant need to be loved or just him seeking approval from Stillwell. Another thing could be his parental issues as a youth he never had. While there could be a lot of reasons behind this, the real reasons are yet to be uncovered. With that being said, there’s no doubt that Antony Starr has been amazing throughout the series. Honestly, he deserves an Emmy for just “drinking milk”. Nobody has ever made drinking milk creepier, ever!


Mother’s Milk, Photo Courtesy of

On the other hand, Marvin T. Milk (M.M.) is called Mother’s Milk in ‘The Boys. Should Homelander have had that nickname in the first place instead of Marvin? Let us know what you thought!

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