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The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 gave out more than just one twist in the show. There have been quite notable scenes but nothing beats the revelations during that episode. Today, we will be summarizing everything shocking that was revealed in Episode 7.

Homelander Wants a Child With Queen Maeve

In all honesty, we all thought about Queen Maeve during his disappearance or should we say kidnapping. It was then in this episode it was revealed that Homelander is keeping her captive in an isolated facility. Why? It was not specifically stated but Homelander said he wanted to have children with Maeve, even if it takes him to “harvest her eggs”.

Homelander wanted superstrong kids that are even stronger than his son, Ryan, which he can achieve if the mother is also as strong as him. Mix Homelander and Maeve’s powers and you might create the strongest supe-kids ever born in this world. That is if it becomes a success.

Stan Edgar And Vought Ordered Black Noir to Betray Soldier Boy

After going AWOL, we saw Black Noir again in episode 7. In an animated flashback scene, Noir’s supposed imaginary friends showed what really happened in Nicaragua in 1984. It was there where it was revealed Stan Edgar ordered Black Noir to spearhead other members of the Payback to turn against their very own leader, Soldier Boy. We also saw what a major prick Soldier Boy was towards his members and how he deserves to be taken out of the equation.

Unfortunately, Black Noir had to suffer major injuries during the fight against Soldier Boy, and if it weren’t for his team’s cooperation, he would have been smashed immediately. Now that fans have seen the back story of Noir, we can now feel how he felt during his stint with Payback.

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Homelander is Soldier Boy’s Son

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In the last minutes of the episode, Soldier Boy took the time to call Homelander. In a twist we never expected, Soldier Boy revealed that back in 1981, he recalled having given his “semen” to Vought. That same year, Homelander – the upcoming strongest supe – was born. It’s also very reasonable judging by how strong and invulnerable Homelander is, similar to his alleged father, Soldier Boy.

Could it be true that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s biological father? Or is this just another ploy to shake Homelander’s unstable mind? If so, will they be joining together or will they battle each other out to death?

Hughie and Butcher Could Die

This is going to be a tough pill to swallow, but, if Hughie and Butcher continue to consume the temporary compound V, they could eventually die. According to Starlight, she saw in one of Vought’s journals that over-consuming the temp compound V could lead to death.

Now, we don’t want to see Hughie and Butcher out. But, there is still a final episode in Season 3, and a final battle between Butcher and Homelander may break out. In that case, Butcher needs to be suped-up to be on par with Homelander. Do you think this will be his last sip?

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