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Due to its success and a huge increase in viewership, Amazon Prime is picking up ‘The Boys’ for a fourth season. Season 3 is already coming to an end but a lot of characters from the comics are yet to be introduced in the TV adaptation of the popular comic book series. With a lot of revelations throughout the third season plus the dwindling force of Vought and “The Seven”, maybe it is high time that new supes come to the spotlight.

In Season 3, we saw the arrival of Soldier Boy and his former team, Payback. Unfortunately, everyone in that team was body bagged by Soldier Boy himself. Fortunately for us, there are still a lot of supes out there we are about to see come the fourth season. Here, we will be listing our 5 picks for the best supes we want to see in ‘The Boys’ Season 4.

Note: All backstories are based on the comics of the same name created by Garth Ennis. Included in this article are also hints and clues in the show’s episodes which could support our article.

  • Tek Knight

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Technically, this guy is not a supe – or at least he was not a child injected with Compound V. Tek Knight, also known as Robert Vernon, is an homage to Marvel’s Iron Man, but without the morals and heroism. He’s got a very cool suit which he can use to fly. Also, this man is super RICH. This also leaves us the question, aside from Stan Edgar, is he one of the persons running Vought? That could be possible since he has a lot of money.

Tek Knight does not and never has used Compound V but still fights alongside the supes. Similar to other so-called heroes of Earth, Tek Knight is definitely not a good person. Wouldn’t it be very amazing to see Tek Knight hit the screen in Season 4 as part of “The Seven”? Or maybe even part of a newly formed group?

Powers: None, just extremely WEALTHY

  • Jack from Jupiter

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In the comics and The Boys spinoff animated series “The Boys Presents: Diabolical”, we saw Jack from Jupiter as part of “The Seven”. According to his name, Jack is an extra-terrestrial from – you guessed it – Jupiter. He is the perfect satire to DC’s Martian Man but does not exactly have the same abilities. Although this was his supposed backstory in the comics, the show has not tackled anything about aliens or supernatural phenomena thus far.

Since Vought’s The Seven is looking for new members since all they have left is Homelander and The Deep, it would not be surprising if Jack from Jupiter finally arrives in the show. To add, his image was already hinted at in one of the episodes in Season 2 when Lamplighter was watching a pornographic video. Could it be that Jack from Jupiter is already in the show but is on a different career path?

Powers: Flight, Super Strength, Impenetrable Skin

  • Ground Hawk

Ground Hawk

Ah yes, the man with the hammer as his hands. The series hasn’t been short on stupid powers more so stupid names. I mean, Ground Hawk, seriously?

Kidding aside, even though Ground Hawk does not have any fingers, he takes pride in his hammer hands, which can kill almost everybody who gets in his way. According to fans, he is a parody of the X-Men’s Wolverine, but with sledgehammers as hands instead of Adamantium claws. Aside from being obviously super strong, Ground Hawk is also surprisingly durable compared to other supes.

In addition to that, there was already a mention of Ground Hawk in one of the episodes of the show. It’s also more likely he is a patrol hero much like his friend, Nubian Prince.

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  • Oh Father
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The Leader of a young group of supes called “Sidekicks 12” has an almighty leader called Oh Father. This man, who has a religious persona, is considered to be one of the most powerful supes in this universe. Though he has a rather “Holy Image”, Oh Father is not all that. In the comic book series, Oh Father was revealed to sexually abuse all of the members of Sidekicks 12.

On the flip side, Oh Father is a top-tier supe in The Boys but he is nowhere near the level of Homelander. He is also a man who has a lot of connections and has a great leadership attitude. And, as the ratings are going, Homelander is losing control of The Seven. The supposedly American hero now needs a new image he can seek approval for. Because of that, his presence is yet to grace The Boys, and we are all in for it.

Powers: Superhuman Agility, Enhanced Strength, Extreme Durability, Flight

  • Silver Kincaid

Silver Kincaid

In an episode in which Vought held an audition for the seventh spot in “The Seven”, Starlight wanted to choose the superhero Silver Kincaid as their new member. Instead, Homelander pulled the gun and brought back The Deep.

The only thing we know about Silver Kincaid is that she is a Muslim from England, but her powers were never revealed in the show (as what they did to Supersonic). But, in the comics, Silver Kincaid is an extremely-powerful supe who can control gravity and pressure in her vicinity. While her chances of re-appearing in the show are slim, her backstory in the comics could be a perfect fit for the upcoming season.

Powers: Gravokinesis, Telekinesis, Ergokinesis, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability

Do you think we will ever see these supes in action? If you have any questions about the Amazon Original series ‘The Boys’, don’t hesitate to keep us posted. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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