Mobile Gaming
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Mobile gaming has come a long way since the day an early version of Tetris appeared on the Hagenuk MT-2000 in 1994. These days, mobile gaming is a billion-dollar industry -by the end of 2019, the global revenue for mobile gaming was just over $68bn. Mobile gaming lays claim to approximately a third of the total global gaming pie. Early predictions for the end of 2020 estimated a 12% increase in mobile gaming revenue. Analysts also predicted that collectively speaking, consumers would spend around 674 billion hours playing games. These predictions were made pre-COVID 19, so many analysts will be rethinking those numbers. In a time where the global population has been urged, if not forced to stay at home, we imagine the number of people gaming is likely to surge towards unprecedented numbers. 

Luckily, it’s never been a better time to get into mobile gaming. Modern technology has given software companies the tools to create a diverse and eclectic range of games that will appeal to gamers from all walks of life. Graphics have improved to such an extent that the worlds within the games feel not only real but tangible. Modern gameplay mechanics allow gamers to move within a game like never before, and they have also opened the door to multi-player games, as well as world-builder games and role-player games. In the recent past, most games could only be truly appreciated by playing them on a desktop computer, but with the advancements in mobile technology, mobile gaming is now just as awesome. More so, if you consider the fact that you no longer need to be tethered to your desk to enjoy your game. And with the advent of 5G, mobile gaming is about to get a whole lot better.

Mobile Casino Gaming

The mobile gaming market covers a huge range of games. Mobile casinos, for example, rank as one of the most popular outlets for mobile gaming. Any online casino worth its salt now has a mobile website or app for mobile players. New online casino games are created using HTLM5 technology to ensure mobile compatibility. Casino games look and feel amazing on a mobile screen thanks to sharp graphics, clear sound effects and touch screen controls. Most mobile casinos can be accessed directly via the browser on the mobile device. UK mobile casinos have to be licensed and regulated in the same way as a regular online casino, which means they also come equipped with the same level of online security. You can make deposits and withdrawals into your account, claim bonuses and take part in leader board competitions in just the same way as you would with the desktop version. 

Mobile gambling is so popular that new mobile casinos are arriving on the scene on an almost daily basis, so as a mobile gamer you are spoiled for choice. Playing casino games on-the-go is so much more convenient than having to travel to a land-based casino, even at the best of times. And live casino games will give you all the flavor and atmosphere of a real casino floor, so you won’t be missing out at all. By playing online, you’re spending less money, you’re helping the environment and you’re staying safe – need we say more?


MMO, or Massively Multiplayer Online, games are also hugely popular within the mobile gaming community. And these games were always geared towards the gamer that likes to socialize from a distance. As previously mentioned, it wasn’t always possible to play these games on your mobile device, but nowadays the technology allows for excellent mobile gameplay. And with 5G, these games are going to get even better, mainly because 5G will reduce lag time and allow for more players to be playing at any one time. MMO games are a great way to spend time with your friends without leaving the house. If you all sign up for the same game, you can play as a group -working together to complete missions, or you can compete against each other to become the last man (or woman) standing. You can easily spend hours and hours exploring the many unique and exciting worlds available to MMO players, and you can do so from anywhere you happen to be.

Subscription Services

The next trend in line for mobile gaming is the introduction of a subscription service for mobile gaming. Both Google and Apple have a subscription packet in the works. This could prove to be a boon for gamers, especially those of you who are new to the scene because you’ll have access to a huge range of games that you can peruse at your leisure. Many people are put off mobile gaming because there is simply too much choice – it’s overwhelming and therefore hard to make a purchase. The idea of a subscription service is a no-brainer for dedicated mobile gamers. However, up until now, it was assumed that the casual gamer would not be willing to pay a monthly fee because they only played games sparingly; on the way to work, or on their coffee break. 

Hyper-Casual Gaming

One area of the mobile gaming market that has shown particular growth recently, and that look set to continue growing in 2020 is the hyper-casual genre. Many predicted that the hyper-casual genre had reached its peak in terms of growth, but we’d argue that this genre could become even more popular thanks to the number of new gamers coming to the market. Hyper-casual games are lightweight, easy to play and require very little commitment on the part of the player -perfect to pass the time. 

If there was ever a time for mobile gaming to come into its own, it’s now. Gaming has the power to connect people from all over the world and unite them in a common cause. Gaming is also fun and a great way to lighten the mood while at the same time keeping your brain active and healthy.