The History of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - History

Most Travelers in Genshin Impact tend to skip over dialogue and not pay attention to the lore behind everything in the game. However, the history of Genshin Impact is full of interesting details that make the game more exciting once you start noticing them.

What is the history of Genshin Impact?

The history of Genshin Impact is being introduced bit by bit with every update the game has. Back when it first released, the game opened with the Twins fighting off against an Unknown God. Depending on which Twin you choose, the other will be captured by the Unknown God while you’re trapped in Teyvat.

Genshin Impact - Chasm Official

Moreover, Paimon is introduced as your companion throughout the game. There are some theories about Paimon being a villain or the Unknown God themself. However, there is not much information about that right now.

For all we know, Paimon is genuinely accompanying the Traveler on their journey to get their Twin back. But the whole story behind Genshin Impact is still unclear so Travelers just have to keep their eyes peeled. To know more about the history of Genshin Impact, it is highly recommended that Travelers pay attention to game lore as well as little details in every quest.

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What is an Archon in Genshin Impact?

An Archon is essentially the god who rules over a certain region. Additionally, Archons possess Elemental powers without the need for a Vision. But they do have in their possession what we call a Gnosis.

A Gnosis is in the form of a chess piece and the Gnoses are owned by The Seven Archons of Teyvat to resonate with Celestia. If humans have a Heaven, the equivalent of this is Celestia to those in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact - Three Archons
Screengrab Courtesy of Reimein via YouTube

Moreover, taking away an Archon’s Gnosis does not take away their power. A Gnosis instead strengthens an Archon’s power and the “Ideal” which they believe in. Each city in Teyvat has their own Ideals based on whoever their Archon is. Right now, there are three regions accessible in the game: Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

But according to the game’s lore, there will be seven regions in Teyvat. So for those regions, we can expect them to come in later updates.

Mondstadt: The City of Freedom

The first region Travelers encounter on their journey is Mondstadt. This is also where the Traveler first looks for their twin but to no avail. Moreover, Mondstadt worships the Archon named Barbatos. Later in the game, Travelers find out that Venti is actually Barbatos.

Genshin Impact - Mondstadt
Image Courtesy of Genshin Impact Wiki

Amber’s Story

In Mondstadt, they also meet Amber the Outrider. Her grandfather was a famous mercenary from Liyue. Unfortunately, his group falls victim to a monster attack and Amber’s grandfather is left as the only survivor. Then, a doctor from the Knights of Favonius save him, inspiring him to move to Mondstadt and join the Knights himself.

Genshin Impact - Amber Char
Screengrab Courtesy of r/AmberMains via Reddit

After he successfully joins the KOF, he begins the Outriders and starts a family in Mondstadt. But not long after, Amber’s grandfather joins an expedition and ultimately disappears. Additionally, Amber’s grandfather is possibly the person Granny Ruoxin fell in love with.

Jean and Barbara’s Story

As for Jean and Barbara, their parents are Seamus Pegg and Frederica Gunnhildr. After Seamus joins the Church of Favonius following his decision to settle down from his adventures, he eventually becomes the Cardinal of Daybreak.

Then, he falls in love with Frederica, a member of the Gunnhildr Clan. She eventually gives birth to Jean and Barbara. However, Seamus and Frederica separate and take one of the kids with them. Barbara joins Seamus while Jean stays with Frederica.

Genshin Impact - Jean
Screengrab Courtesy of Genshin Impact via YouTube

Frederica strictly trains Jean and she carries these habits with her into her being the Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius. But before she becomes the Acting Grandmaster, Jean is honored with the title of Dandelion Knight when she was only 15 years old.

Genshin Impact - Barbara Char
Screengrab Courtesy of PCGamesN

Jean gets her Vision after she successfully removes traitor after traitor in the Knights of Favonius. Moreover, she blocks plans from the Abyss Order in taking over Mondstadt which helps her in acquiring her Vision.

Diluc and Kaeya’s Story

Genshin Impact - Kaeya Char
Screengrab Courtesy of International Business Times

At the age of 10, Diluc receives his Vision. After about two years, Kaeya is abandoned by his biological father at Dawn Winery to follow an “ancient plot”. not much is known about this ancient plot, but it’s possibly connected to Khaenri’ah. Then, Crepus (Diluc’s father) finds Kaeya and raises him as his own.

Genshin Impact - Diluc EP
Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

After four years, Diluc is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius. He is only 14 years old at the time which makes him the youngest Knight to hold a captaincy.

However, Crepus dies on Diluc’s 18th birthday when he uses a Delusion to protect him and Diluc after a monster attack. But the Knights of Favonius decide to cover up Crepus’ death and his use of the Delusion to preserve the KOF’s dignity.

This angers Diluc and he resigns from the Knights, abandoning his Vision and embarking on a journey to find out the truth behind Delusions. But eventually, Diluc uses his Vision when he returns to take over Dawn Winery again. He also joins an underground network whose goal is to put a stop to the Fatui and the Abyss Order.

Albedo’s Story

After Albedo and Rhinedottir discover an artifact called The Heart of Naberius, Rhinedottir disappears. Albeo finds a note from Rhinedottir telling him to find out the “truth and meaning of this world”. Additionally, he also finds a recommendation letter he should give to Alice and part of the Opus Magnum.

Genshin Impact - Albedo Char
Screengrab Courtesy of Pocket Tactics

After Albedo gives Alice the letter, he is sent to the Knights of Favonius who grants him the position of Chief Alchemist. Moreover, Klee is entrusted in Albedo’s care by her parents.

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Liyue: The City of Contracts

After the Traveler fails in locating their twin in Mondstadt, they proceed to the next region: Liyue. The people living in Liyue worship Morax, the Geo Archon. Further, into the story, Travelers find out that Morax is Zhongli, Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s consultant.

Genshin Impact - Liyue
Image Courtesy of Genshin Impact Wiki

Xiao’s Story

In the time that the Guili Assembly was falling, Alatus is born. Then, an evil god locates his weakness and uses it against Alatus to enslave him. While being a slave to the evil god, Alatus performs violent acts. Then, both the evil god and Alatus fail to defeat Morax. After, Morax frees Alatus from his slavery and gives him a new name: Xiao.

To repay his debt to Morax, Xiao joins the Yakshas who aid Morax in ridding Liyue of the evil manifestations caused by the death of gods who went against Morax.

However, the hatred from these evil manifestations tainted the souls of Yakshas, and one by one, they either died or disappeared. This leaves Xiao as the remaining Yaksha.

Qiqi’s Story

Qiqi is caught in a battle between the adepti and demons. She was only gathering herbs at this time and after getting caught in the crossfire, she is trapped between life and death. However, her immense desire to keep living gives her a Vision. Moreover, the adepti saw this as a blessing and sought to save her from death.

Genshin Impact - Qiqi
Screengrab Courtesy of Gaming Section

Then, they each gave a portion of their adeptal energies to Qiqi’s body. But as a result of her coming back from the dead, Qiqi becomes a zombie. The adeptal power in her body was too much for her mortal body to handle, making her go berserk.

Mountain Shaper then made the decision to trap Qiqi in amber to contain her. She would remain there for several hundred years. Qiqi would only be free from the amber when her body is discovered and brought to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. After her body is scheduled for a burial, Qiqi escapes while the parlor is closed. On her way to safety, Baizhu sees her and decides to take her in as one of his employees at Bubu Pharmacy.

Genshin Impact - Baizhu
Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

Hu Tao’s Story

After Hu Tao’s grandfather passes away, she takes over Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. She is now the 77th director of the parlor. Moreover, the parlor she maintains is her grandfather’s first funeral. Hu Tao receives her Vision after she visits Wuwang Hill to see if her grandfather’s spirit peacefully transitioned to the afterlife.

Ningguang’s Story

One of the most prominent figures in Liyue is Ningguang, the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing. Moreover, she owns the floating Jade Chamber which can be seen in regions like Dragonspine and Inazuma. The Jade Chamber is Ningguang’s most prized possession since she sees it as proof of her hard work. She aims to make as much Mora as possible after having come from poverty.

Genshin Impact - Beidou Ningguang
Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

She is a professional businesswoman who has a soft spot for Liyue. This was proved when she sacrificed the Jade Chamber to keep Liyue and its people safe from Osial, Overlord of the Vortex.

Genshin Impact - Ningguang Char
Screengrab Courtesy of Screen Rant

However, Ningguang was able to rebuild the Jade Chamber with the help of the Traveler. Her love for Liyue and its citizens showed once more when it was Beisht’s turn to terrorize the region. But with the help of Beidou and Shenhe, they defeated Beisht and prevented the sea monster from avenging her husband, Osial.

Ningguang also proves she’s worthy of being the Tianquan by setting aside her differences with the adepti so they can protect Liyue.

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Inazuma: The City of Eternity

Genshin Impact - Inazuma
Image Courtesy of Genshin Impact Wiki

The next region the Traveler and Paimon go to is Inazuma, an archipelagic region. Here, the people worship the Ei, the Electro Archon. Aside from being the god in Inazuma, the Raiden Shogun also oversees the Inazuma Shogunate.

Before it opened its lands to travelers, Inazuma was sealed away by thunder after the Sakoku Decree was declared. Additionally, the Raiden Shogun declared the Vision Hunt Decree since she deemed mortals not worthy of bearing Visions.

Ei is the Archon of Inazuma. However, the Raiden Shogun served as her puppet after Ei locked herself away in her Plane of Euthymia.

Raiden Twins’ Story

Inazuma had twin gods: Raiden Makoto (Baal) and Raiden Ei (Beelzebul). However, Ei decided to sacrifice her body for Makoto to ascend to Celestia, believing that Inazuma will be in good hands if Makoto was their Archon.

Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

Afterwards, Makoto becomes the Electro Archon, the God of Transience. She recreates Ei’s body and brings her back. Ei then becomes Makoto’s kagemusha or her body double, implying that there is only one god governing Inazuma at that time.

However, the people of Inazuma only acknowledge Ei as their Archon since most were not aware of Makoto and her death. Moreover, Makoto’s death sends Ei to reclusion and orders her puppet, the Shogun, to look over Inazuma for her. But things get out of hand and before the Traveler intervenes, the region was under a strict military lockdown with the Fatui taking advantage of this.

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The history of Genshin Impact is complex and most of it can be known through the history accessible to Travelers in the game. Moreover, you can find out the history of Genshin Impact and Teyvat through the in-game items you acquire. From weapons to books you encounter on your journey, there is much to be known about the history of Genshin Impact.

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