The Most Anticipated Games of 2021 – PC/PS4/PS5/XBX1/XSX

We think that the year 2020 has taught us to appreciate and love the games on a whole new level. Though, while we have enjoyed the chance to escape the world for a few hours, we are getting hungry for more. Whatever games you have been playing for the past months, you have probably mastered them at the professional level. Now, it’s time to move on. With the year 2021 not so far away, we are getting closer to the new releases of our favorite oldies and completely new games. To give you a full picture of what to expect in the upcoming year, we have prepared a list of the most anticipated games in 2021. Read, learn, put on your waiting list!

Far Cry 6

Now about making a revolution? Well, just the fact that one of the most anticipated and beloved franchises is finally releasing a new game, is a revolution on its own. Far Cry 6 will take place in a made-up Caribbean island during the revolution and social unrest. You will be playing for a guerilla fighter who is trying to end the dictatorship on the island. As always, the game is incredibly realistic and detailed, especially when it comes to the political theme. Any professional essay services would be jealous of the writers they have in Far Cry, that’s for sure. So, the old fans will not be disappointed by a well-thought plot and development of the game.

Kerbel Space Program 2

Back in 2015, Kerbal Space Program made a true sensation in the gaming world. Turned out, people were starving for some space-related gems! Of course, this fight simulation had much more to offer than just a cool setting in the open space. The fame has won over our hearts with a captivating plot, great design, and even a good sense of humor. The new release promises us all of that and even more. First things first, you get to play in a multiplayer mode. Secondly, the game extends its focus to on-the-ground experiences as well. You’ll be able to build new buildings and colonize even more new planets. So don’t forget to check some college paper writing service reviews before you get your hands on this game. It will definitely take a lot of your time.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Which one of us hasn’t gone through the Warhammer phase? Of course, we’ve all been there. And none of us can regret it. Now, the game developers promise us the long-awaited sequel. Yes, once again we will get to return to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This first-person shooter had extended the boundaries of war games to their maximum. We don’t know much about a new game, though. Any news is kept secret. A new game will be released only by the end of the upcoming year, which is too far from now. But it is with waiting, we have no doubts about that.

Halo Infinite

How could we skip Halo Infinite on our list? Though, we know very little about this new release thus far, we are certain, it’s worth the waiting. Surely, with Halo reaching its 6th game in the franchise, the stars are only rising. The expectations are super high, and fans cannot wait to see what’s coming in the game. So far we know that the new game will follow the plot of the previous part, where Master Chief is on his journey to save humanity. The rest is basically a mystery. Though, we are hoping to get more information rather soon.

Hogwarts Legacy

Here’s something different. All die-hard Harry Potter fans can’t wait to see the new PlayStation Hogwarts Legacy game. We all have played old. Harry Potter games on our computers when we were kids. Remember? Poor graphics of the first few games, plots that resemble the books? Well, now everything will be different. The game offers to explore both Hogwarts and the wizarding world outside the school. The possibilities there are limitless. Now, all we need to do is to wait for its final release to go back to our childhood for a few hours. Of course, if you need to recall the plots of the first books, you should rewatch all the movies, or just order analysis at essaypro writing services. This will save you some time.

To sum up

Of course, these games are only a fraction of why we can actually expect from the upcoming year. These are just some of the most popular and interesting releases that we can’t wait to see. Though, there are plenty of other options for everyone’s taste and liking.

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