Mayonnaise Jopay

“Wag ka nang mawala, wag ka nang mawala”. Admit it, you are one singing to the tune of this song even as of this writing! You have probably heard the most popular song nowadays made by OPM (Original Pinoy Music) band, Mayonnaise titled “Jopay”. It is absolutely everywhere and although it’s as old as you are right now (just kidding), we still don’t know the story behind the song. That being said, what’s the story behind Jopay, and how it has become a huge internet sensation as of late?

The story behind the sensational “Jopay”

Back in the 2000s, the all-female group in the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” called “Sexbomb Girls” featured some of the most notable names remembered by kids from the ’90s. One of which is the dancer and choreographer, Jopay Paguia (now Jopay Paguia-Zamora).

According to Mayonnaise, the band responsible for the hit song “Jopay”, the song was indeed inspired by the Filipina dancer of the same name. Unknowingly, Jopay Paguia ignited something in the vocalist’s mind. Mayonnaise lead vocalist and songwriter Monty Macalino said in an interview that he once saw Jopay crying on television.

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“Pagbukas ko ng TV nakita ko yung isang SexBomb dancer (Jopay) umiiyak sabi ko, ‘ba’t kaya umiiyak ‘to ‘di ba nasayaw lang ‘to?’ So pumasok sa utak ko parang ‘ayaw ko siya makitang umiyak, ayoko siyang makitang malungkot. So ginawa ko talaga yung kanta specifically for Jopay ng Sexbomb dancers.”

English translation: “When I opened the TV, I saw a SexBomb dancer (Jopay) crying on air, and I asked myself why is she crying, I thought she only dances. It struck my mind that I don’t want to see her cry, I don’t want to see her sad. That is why I made the song specifically for Jopay of Sexbomb dancers.”

The song was released in 2004 and became a huge hit at the time. The alternative rock band brought a lot to the table during the mid-2000s like “Kapag lasing malambing”, “Tayo nalang dalawa”, “Synesthesia”, and more.

How it became famous again after almost two decades

It’s not odd for all-time classics to be revived every now and then. Some of these bring back nostalgia and memories, thus we tend to visit them once in a while. However, although Jopay was an amazing rock song of the past, it’s not the reason why it became famous today.

  • A 2022 movie titled “Ngayon Kaya” which featured Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino was released on Netflix and gathered a lot of audience. One of their featured songs was – you guessed it – “Jopay”.
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  • Another effect of the movie is a trend in TikTok wherein people create “What If” monologues with “Jopay” in the background. Some were heartwarming and inspirational, while some are extremely hilarious. Nonetheless, the song itself is making a lot of buzz on the internet and it’s probably the most popular song in the Philippines today although it’s almost 20 years since it was released.



pano kong bumalik yong greatest what if mo? #fyp #fypシ゚viral #jopay #greatestwhatif

♬ Paano Kung Bamalik ang Greatest What If Mo – Gigiboy Jose

Truthfully, Jopay is not the best love song there is but admit it, you are headbanging to this whenever it comes on the radio, tv, Facebook, TikTok, or anywhere else.

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