The Witcher Season 2: Things Netflix Needs to Take from The Games

The Witcher Season 2 Things Netflix Needs to Take from The Games

Netflix’ Witcher season 2 is all set to release on Netflix on 17th December 2021, and most of the surviving cast will be returning. Season 1 had stories from The Last Wish and Swords of Destiny. Season 2 is supposed to introduce the fans to the main saga i.e. The Blood of Elves which will kick off the main narrative of the series. It might also consist of a few leftover stories from the first two books.

We all know that the season would be mostly based on books but there are just certain things that we all want to see from the video games. And Netflix knows this, hence there were moments like bathtub Geralt or talking to Roach moments from the games. Also, from the trailer of season 2, we can see a lot of character appearances based on games. This includes Vesemir’s look, which seems to be highly video game accurate, and the new Jaskier (Dandelion) costume. Here are a few other things we’d like to see from the games.

Two Swords on Geralt’s Back

Video game fans are used to seeing Geralt carry steel and a silver sword on his back. In the books, he didn’t use to carry his swords that way and instead kept one, not in use on Roach. But that doesn’t stop fans from rooting to see that at least once on the Netflix series as well. Two swords on his back are something that made him Witcher instantly recognizable and iconic.

More Magic from Geralt

Again, this is something that was exclusive to the games, as Geralt in books rarely used magic and signs. He sometimes used the Aard sign in combat and Igni out of combat for lighting purposes. The rest of the signs were hardly mentioned once or twice in the entire series, and they worked quite differently from the games. So, Netflix has done a great job keeping its book accurate, but we can’t help wanting to see more signs.

I Hate Portals

This is one of the most iconic lines from The Witcher video game series, which is overused in memes. Geralt and his disliking of portals due to their side effects is a hilarious moment we are all waiting to see on screen. Season 2 is going to have a lot of magic and so we can expect this to translate to screen.

Ciri’s Power and Training

It’s pretty evident from the trailer that there will surely be a training montage for Ciri. What we also want to see, is to use her elder blood powers as well as she does in the games. As of now, we have only witnessed the power of her scream in Season 1 but there is a lot more that we want to see.

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt wasn’t as active or as crucial in the books as it was in the third game. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t make its presence felt in the books. Sooner or later, The Wild Hunt is bound to appear in the series. Wild Hunt made its official appearance in The Time of Contempt Chapter 3, so we might see them soon. Some glimpses of them might be showcased in season 2 but they will surely make an appearance when Time of Contempt is adapted (Season 3).

Here are some more things we’ll like to see in the upcoming seasons of the Witcher:

  • More Potions
  • More Weapons and Aerondight
  • Toussaint cause ohhh the beauty!
  • A More Vocal Geralt
  • Geralt – Yeneffer – Triss Love Triangle cause why not XD
  • Gwent/Dice Poker cause surely people need to pass their time

What is it from the games that you would like to see in the series? Make sure to mention it in the comments!

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