The Witcher Season 3: New Characters, Plot, and The Wild Hunt

After shaking the literary and gaming world, The Witcher is now also destroying the world of cinema. Witcher Season 2 recently became one of the most viewed Netflix shows of all time with a significantly improved direction. It was previously confirmed that it showrunners and Henry Cavil himself are committed to making it at least a 7 season venture. Netflix also seems on board with the Witcher as Season 3 was confirmed even before season 2 released. Recent leaks also suggested that the production of the season has begun and here’s what we’re likely to see in it.

Witcher Season 3 Characters

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First of all, every surviving character from season 2 will appear in Season 3. Secondly, some of the dead characters will reprise their role as flashback sequences. Lastly, some new characters will be joining the cast as the Witcher world will expand further in Season 3. We’ll be provided a much deeper look into the Chapter and introduced to a lot of new sorceresses including Keira Mitz, Phillipa Eilhart (brief cameo in Season 2), and possibly Sheala de Tancarville.

That aside, we will also be introduced to new characters from Nilfgaard including Tawny Owl, Seneschal Ceallach, and Vattier de Rideaux. The Rats including Iskra, Mistle, Kayleigh and the others will appear as well. Lastly, we might also see the fav-favorite Milva aka Maria Barring. Since Netflix has the tendency to introduce stuff way before they were introduced in books, we might see her.


Witcher Season 3 will be based on The Time of Contempt, the 4th book in the series and the 2nd book of main saga. Time of Contempt is where s##t got real and so, we can expect Witcher season 3 to be epic if executed well. Time of Contempt is where Henry Cavil’s Witcher will have to sacrifice his neutrality and make a choice for the safety of his loved ones. Caught between politics and war, Geralt and Ciri’s decisions and actions will affect the fate of the continent. Revealing anything else would be saying too much and we do not want to spoil anything for you.

The Wild Hunt

Witcher Season 2’s finale introduced The Wild Hunt, and ever since then fans have gone crazy and started rooting for them. So, the question is will Wild Hunt return in Season 3? Well, the simple answer would be yes, but the disappointing aspect is that it would be quite brief. The Wild Hunt in the Witcher books is no White Walkers, so do not expect that kind of storyline. The Hunt is more like an unexplained phenomenon rather than world conquering monsters. So, its best not to have too much, hopes regarding The Wild Hunt in Witcher Season 3.

That said, Witcher Season 3 is going to be quite a ride and will definitely take the series to a whole new level. The production has begun, and we might be seeing the new season either by the end of 2022 or early 2023. Much of cinema’s fate depends on the pandemic but all we can do is hope or the best.

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