This generation of anime fans is used to 12 or 24-episode format for anime series. But that wasn’t the case decades ago when anime kept airing episode after episode without any delay. Some of them can be the Dragon Ball series, Naruto series, etc. But the thing with long-running animes is that it has the potential to connect viewers with their characters in deeper ways than short shows. Just to give you a gist, below are the Top 10 anime series with the most number of episodes.

But before going into the list, One Piece, and Gintama, are some shows with hundreds of episodes, which can be shocking for fans that these aren’t the longest-running anime of all time. Some series have aired thousands of episodes and are still airing new ones to date. But the thing is, these shows rarely leave Japan and come into sight of the mainstream community.

Alright then, now let’s move on to the Top 10 anime series with the most episodes. Here’s a quick overview of all the shows that we will be talking about:

Anime Aired in Episodes
Deluxe Da yo! Kaishain 2019 – 2021 900+
One Piece 1999 – Ongoing 1035+
Detective Conan 1996 – Ongoing 1060+
Crayon Shin-Chan 1992 – Ongoing 1069+
Pokemon 1997 – Ongoing 1184+
Doraemon 1979 – 2005 1787
Oyako Club 1994 – 2013 1818
Ojaramaru 1998 – Ongoing 1950+
Ninja Boy Rantaro 1993 – Ongoing 2275+


10. Deluxe Da yo! Kaishain

longest running animes
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  • Genre: Slice of Life
  • Released in: 2019 – 2021
  • Episodes: 900+

The only show that belongs to the post-2000s anime era, Deluxe Da yo! is a slice-of-life ONA that started airing in 2019. One of the reasons why this show has many episodes within a short span of time is that each episode is only 2 minutes long.

This anime can be said to be a redo of the first show with a similar name. The story is fairly simple, it follows the day-to-day life of a man named Kamoyama. He ends up working as the Sales Department Z’s manager – for shellfish!

9. One Piece

top 10 animes with the most number of episodes
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released in: 1999 – Ongoing
  • Episodes: 1035+

Luffy’s high seas adventures have had a clear goal from the very beginning to find the elusive treasure and become the Pirate King. You’d think taking so long to get there would drag things out, but amazingly this series only manages to top itself again and again.

One Piece celebrated the anime’s 1000th episode in 2021, an achievement that shows the dominance of this shonen anime over the last two decades. This ever-growing world feels as alive as our own.

8. Detective Conan

longest running anime shows
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released in: 1996 – Ongoing
  • Episodes: 1060+

You might think that the anime’s greatest detective would have solved his own body-swapping dilemma by now. But thanks to a fresh twist and good-hearted humor Shinichi Kudou has been left in a child’s body for over 25 years.

Detective Conan or Case Closed as it is known in the west, follows the story of a man, who one day wakes up with a body of a 7-year-old boy! This amazing mystery manga by Gosho Aoyama is still strong and can nearly take 100 tankobon more volumes to its name.

7. Crayon Shin-Chan

which anime has the most episodes
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Released in: 1992 – Ongoing
  • Episodes: 1069+

Crayon Shin-chan is another long-running anime that most fans might be familiar with its popularity. The series follows Shin-chan and his daily adventure alongside his family and friends. This show is full of clever quips, crude humor, and even occasionally lewd jokes.

Despite that Crayon shin-chan was almost pulled from TV after just two years, but its unprecedented success allowed it to hold onto its time slots. And since its airing to this day, we can say that it was a good move. The series’s popularity has also led to many spin-offs as well as films and games.

6. Pokemon

pokemon all number of seasons and genre
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released in: 1997 – Ongoing
  • Episodes: 1184+

Pokemon has already proven itself as one of the most enduring of its time. The wannabe pokemon master has traversed eight regions, become a league champion, and defeat many world-ending disasters. And yet there’s no sign of this franchise slowing down anytime soon.

Ash and Pikachu maybe explore new regions for decades to come. The franchise has also revealed a brand new game called Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet. And by chance, we have everything that you need to start your pokemon journey. Click here to get all the tips and guides by Spiel Times on your new adventure.

5. Doraemon

how many episodes does doraemon have
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released in: 1979 – 2005
  • Episodes: 1787

Doraemon ran for over twenty-five years which represents it having countless episodes. This is one name that every non-anime fan would recognize – and such is the popularity of Doraemon. The story follows the adventures of Nobita and his blue robot cat Doraemon. This epic duo sets to make better choices so that Nobita’s descendants in the future won’t live in poverty.

Doraemon’s four-dimensional pocket leads to many odd and endearing scenarios and this long-running anime is definitely a must-watch.

4. Oyako Club

oyako club japanese shows
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  • Genre: Slice of Life
  • Released in: 1994 – 2013
  • Episodes: 1818

This slice-of-life classic follows two aliens, Rompa and Lun, as they join a family on earth. This outcome in a lot of hilarious moments as well as a few endearing interactions between the characters. This long-running anime ended in 2013, but it’s an amazing story that is meant to be light and enjoyed with each episode.

This animes another reason why it has many episodes within a short span of time is that each episode is only 5 minutes long.

3. Ojaramaru

longest anime of all time
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released in: 1998 – Ongoing
  • Episodes: 1950+

It may have only begun broadcasting in the late 90s but this time traveling comedy has ranked in more episodes than most shows that began before it. The show follows a five-year-old prince from the Heian era, named Prince Mackaroo. She accidentally walks into the modern day and must adjust to the culture shock.

The hilarious antics of this anime have proved it so popular, that the network occasionally airs new episodes every single weekday.

2. Ninja Boy Rantaro

best anime with most number of episodes
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Released in: 1993 – Ongoing
  • Episodes: 2275+

In our list of Top 10 anime series with the most number of episodes, I introduce to you Ninja Boy Rantaro. Long time ago, before Naruto or Boruto, Ninja Boy Rantaro was the ninja series that viewers were excited for. And just because of the audience’s approval, this series is kept running for an unreal 2000 episodes and counting.

It may be named after a ninja but there are more laughs than shuriken here and the series is all better for it.

1. Sazae-san

sazae san japanese show
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  • Genre: Slice of Life
  • Released in: 1969 – Ongoing
  • Episodes: 2778+

Sazae-san is the longest-running animated television series in the world – not even The Simpsons comes closer to this. This progressive family takes quite literally takes the crown in our list of Top 10 animes with the most number of episodes. Even earning its place in the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed it in everything, having aired non-stop from the late 60s.

Just like Doraemon, Sazae-san’s episodes are divided into different standalone fragments, with every one containing three stories. It’s loaded with the mundane happenings in Mrs. Sazae’s life and is the sort of anime one can watch easily with their whole family.


These were the Top 10 anime series with the most number of episodes. In case there’s an anime list that you wanna see, let us know in the comments down below!

Sources: WatchMojo, MyAnimeList

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