FIFA 20. Courtesy of EA

For the first time in 4 years, Messi is the best player in FIFA 20. He’s also the owner of the Golden Ball-2019, which was the sixth in his career.


This year, together with Barcelona, ​​he reached Champions League semi-final, won La Liga and participated in the final of the Copa Del Ray. The striker secured his place on the Argentine national team and got the third place in Copa America.

This season, Lionel Messi held 14 fights for Barcelona, scoring a total of 11 goals and 8 assists. Recall that the Argentinean also became the best player according to FIFA, leaving behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Virgil Van Dijk.

Back to the game🎮

FIFA can be criticized for releasing the same game with minor cosmetic changes for several years. Despite that, the announcement of the top 100 best players by rating in the game turns into a big event every year.

Now, this is a kind of award ceremony following the results of the past season: someone spent a disgusting year and fell out, some of the young players lived up to expectations and climbed to the top. And, of course, the topic which everyone seems to disagree with…..
Meet the top 10 best football players in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20. Courtesy of EA

Let’s go through the top ten. Compare it to the last year’s version. Messi is the first, Salah is not in the top 5.

10. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen – 90 (was 89 and 25th place at the time of FIFA 19 release)

Marc-Andre is one of the reasons why Barça’s defence misses 2 times less than it should have been. No doubt, Ter Stegen deserved such a rating.

It is quite a strange decision to put him higher than Alisson who had a great season (taking the gold glove in the Premier League, Champions League and being the main goalkeeper of the team who missed the least in Europe) and Ederson (who spent the season almost at the level of Alisson).

9. Luca Modric – 90 (91 and 4th place)

Last year, his rating was a little better, which was enough for the 4th place. Real Madrid’s poor performance, as well as age, has gotten in the way of a higher ranking on this list. Though not as much as we expected – Luka is still one of the best FIFA 20 players.

8. Mohamed Salah – 90 (88 and 27th place)

Salah was the best scorer of the Premier League for two years in a row, and this year also got the Champions League Cup. Mo climbed the ladder (although not as high as King Billy expected, but he still managed to get into the top 10).

7. Virgil Van Dijk – 90 (85th and 82nd place)

The Dutch central defender was one of the main contenders for the Golden Ball. He also has the most impressive leap in place among all the top 10 FIFA players. Someone would say that he deserved to climb higher, but he is already the best among defenders in the game.

Probably he deserves a better pass skill. Last season he gave assists 4 times to partners and demonstrated the long pass skill quite well.

6. Jan Oblak – 91 (90 and 15th place)

Jan Oblak is the best goalkeeper in the game. He regularly dragged for Atlético.

For sure – Ter Stegen can be comparable. Who can give an answer why Jan is stronger here than Alisson and Ederson? He definitely spends a better season than these two. He seems to be clearly worse than “Liverpool”, “City” and “Barca” goalkeepers in low-pass and foot trap, which affects his rating.

5. Kevin De Bruyne – 91 (91 and 5th place)

We predicted that the KDB rating would drop a bit due to the almost completely missed season, but the guys from EA Sports thought another way. Now he is back to claim his place in the Premier League again.

4. Eden Hazard – 91 (91 and 6th place)

Eden did not have to improve his rating to move closer to the ‘Big Three’. But Eden was good at Sarri’s system, moved to Real Madrid as a leader and got on the cover of the game. At EA, that was certainly perceived as career growth.

3. Neymar – 92 (92 and 3rd place)

Yes, Ney had a disgusting season – one full of injuries and scandals. But Neymar is still good on the pitch and is still a favourite for FIFA fans. No one denies that the Brazilian is one of the most gifted players. His problems are just due to a bad reputation, and he’s still got game left in him. Ha-ha.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – 93 (94 and 1st place)

CriRo was dethroned from his usual top spot of being the best player in the game for the first time in 4 years. According to his achievements, there are no complaints at all about last season. He was the best player of Serie A, the best scorer of Juve and the winner of the Nations League.

Well, Cristiano was removed from the cover of the game because of the scandal with Mayorga, and this year there is no Juventus in FIFA at all (it’s hidden under the emblem). That’s due to the deal signed by Juventus with PES, allowing them exclusive rights to the use of their intellectual property in PES 2020.

Interesting moments in the top 100

• Tony Kroos (left from 10th to 29th place), Sergio Ramos (from 7th to 12th place), David De Gea (from 9th to 23rd place) and Luis Suares out of the top 10 (from 8th to 22nd place). De Gea and Suarez simply succumbed.
• Most of the top 100 players are from Real Madrid (13), Barcelona (10) and Manchester City (10).
• 10 out of 13 Real Madrid players worsened their positions compared to the previous season rating. In addition to Hazard, Benzema and Carvajal, did not enter the top 100 players last season.
• 24 players became out of the top 100. Someone because of a bad game (Bale, Higuain, Alexis Sanchez, Ozil), someone just because of age (Buffon, Iniesta). Arjen Robben is the only one who is out of 100, due to the fact that he left pro.
• Accordingly, 24 players climbed to the top 100. Those who did not enter last year’s top, Karim Benzema (41st place), Son (45th), Alderweireld (46th) and Bernardo Silva (47th). Papa Gomez from Atalanta – at the age of 31, first hit the top 100.
The most serious skills upgrade was given to Franky de Jong: at FIFA 19 he had skill 78, but now – 85.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not leave top 100 despite the fact that he did not reach the MLS play-off. From 98th place, he dropped to 100th.


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