Top 5 DC and Marvel Super heroes who can defeat Black Adam

Top 5 DC and Marvel Superheroes who can defeat Black Adam are extremely strong themselves. He is that villain from the DC Universe who has the power of not just one or two Egyptian Gods. But, he has the power of six Egyptian Gods. This makes Black Adam one of the strongest beings in the DC universe.

He has quite a few similarities in the case of power with other superheroes and villains across the Marvel and DC Universe. His extreme strength, the ability to fly combined with electricity manipulation, and much more make him quite the tough guy from the DC Universe.

A brief backstory of Black Adam

  • Black Adam’s story begins as a child standing up for his people. He had a clean heart which was liked by wizards a lot. He was summoned by the wizards and given extreme powers. Black Adam (the son) gave his powers to his dad making him the Black Adam we know today.

Now, is he truly a villain? I don’t think so. He is a hero at the end of the day with supervillain powers. Talking about the top 5 Superheroes who can defeat Black Adam, we have a list below. Let us get into it!

Black Adam
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5. Captain Marvel Vs Black Adam

Now, Captain Marvel’s story is a bit similar to Black Adam’s. Even she was a normal human before getting superpowers like him. But who would win in one-on-one combat? Well, he can easily take on Captain Marvel in her normal state as their strengths are similar. But, Captain Marvel has another form called the Binary form. In that form, she destroyed Thanos’s ship in a few moments.

  • Now, in this state, she becomes so powerful that she can destroy a planet in a matter of seconds too.
  • So, we can conclude from such an extravagant demonstration of power, that, even though Black Adam can take on Captain Marvel to some extent, he won’t be able to win against her.
Black Adam vs Captain Marvel
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4. Black Adam against The Ghost Rider 

Now, Ghost rider from the MCU uses hellfire to fight in combat. He is a very powerful character from the MCU who has powers bestowed upon him by a powerful demon called Zerathos. It is nearly impossible to kill the Ghost rider because of his immense power even being a human host.

Using hell fire, he can easily turn any vehicle into his own which breathes fire. In the comics, Ghost rider has done some pretty crazy power demonstrations as compared to the MCU. There comes a point where Zarathos the Demon takes complete control over Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider and now, he becomes very powerful.

  • So much, so that the Ghost Rider defeats the Hulk in its most powerful form in a matter of seconds.
  • Now, looking at this form of the Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange mentions that he is almost as powerful as a God in this state. So, one thing can be surely said this form of the ghost rider can surely defeat Black Adam.

3. Black Adam vs Shazam

He has the power of six Egyptian gods, right? Well, our dear hero Shazam has the powers of six Greek Gods bestowed upon him. Shazam has the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. He has almost the same powers as much as Black Adam does. But, the only difference here is that Black Adam uses his powers way more brutally during a fight than Shazam does.

  • Because, basically Shazam is very powerful but at heart, he is just a boy with a caring nature.
  • But, if Shazam chooses to use his full brutal strength against him, he will win.
Black Adam VS Shazam
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2. Black Adam Vs Thor

Thor is the God of Thunder. Which is exactly why he has God-like strength, durability, and powers. One thing to notice here is that Black Adam is blessed with the powers of six Gods, no doubt. But Thor himself is a God. So there is a difference, right?

  • The powers that Black Adam has is only a small portion of the powers of the six Gods.
  • In the end, he is also a human who got blessed with powers. So there is not much competition here, to be honest. Because Thor is more powerful than Black Adam.

1. The Batman against Black Adam

Perhaps the most intriguing matchup is this one. Batman is human but with extreme intelligence and control over his emotions. What is most attractive about him is that his willpower is off the charts. And the fact that if Batman gets the time to prepare a proper plan against Black Adam, he will beat him up. How is this possible?

  • Because our night crawler has proved his abilities before by almost making Superman bleed and also defeating Shazam in the comics.
  • Batman’s main power against him has to be his control over his emotions. A man who can control his emotions can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Now, with all the power displayed against Black Adam, I must say, that he seems like a team worker at the end of the day. Yeah, we get to see in the DC universe that he would rather fight everyone alone. But his back story makes us realize that he is, in fact, a good human with a traumatic past.

But, spoiler alert, at the end scenes of The Black Adam movie, we get to see Superman meeting him for a chat. And the movie ends on a positive note with a charming smile from Black Adam.

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