Horror games have always had a cult following in the gaming sphere, and we’ve had many AAA horror hits like the Resident Evil franchise. Going deeper, you find that there are a lot of horrific and entertaining options available from indie developers. These games are ones you should try if you haven’t already. You get unique concepts and engaging storylines from developers who truly focus on the horror craft.

Cult of the Lamb

Falling more into the cutesy horror style, Cult of the Lamb is arguably the best indie game to come out of 2022. You play the role of a cult leader bent on building his cult. It features gorgeous art and unique simulator mechanics in a very unlikely setting. While you can play most of the game without getting too spooked, there are a lot of unsettling elements within this game.

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However, the true star of it is its gameplay and the unique take on simulation it brings to the genre. It’s a welcome sight, and one that signifies how innovative indie developers can become.


From the developers of Limbo, Playdead’s Inside received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Its ability to tell a story through platforming elements delivers a very memorable experience. You play the role of a boy who finds himself at the center of something sinister. You’ll see some elements of Limbo and improvements that push the game’s capabilities.

There are a lot of intense moments in this game and Inside does a great job of really immersing you in its world. It’s dark, captivating, scary, and will keep you playing until you finish the story.


Inscryption is one of those games that pulls you in because of its horror elements. You’re trapped inside a cabin with a stranger and have to play cards with him and complete his challenges. Along the way, you begin uncovering the mystery of Inscryption and learn details as to why this game has been hidden in secret for so long. There are a lot of psychological horror and mystery elements that will motivate you to finish the game.

The developer of Inscryption is also known to put a lot of ARG elements in his work. There is a dedicated community to uncover more about the game, the lore behind it, and what creates this horrific world.


Soma is one of the latest games from Amnesia developer Frictional Games. It didn’t receive as much attention as The Dark Descent but is a very good sci-fi horror game in its own right. In the game, you’re trapped underneath the Atlantic Ocean and have to figure out a way to survive. Along the way, you’re discovering the secrets of what happened in that underground base while evading the monsters looking for you.


Set in Taiwan during the 1960s, you play the role of two students trapped in a world of Martial Law. The game delves deep into Chinese and Taiwanese mythology as both try to explore a campus haunted by evil creatures. The game is very atmospheric, and rarely does a horror game delve into Asian horror like this. It’s something you should consider playing.

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