Top 6 Steam games on Sale (January 11-16, 2023)

The Winter Sale is over, but Steam always has numerous games on sale each week. You may be at a point where you’re spoiled for options and don’t know what to buy for sale. Here are some of the games for sale until January 16. Get these top-rated games at a significant discount while you still can:

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (90% Off on Steam)

Think of Shadow Tactics as a point-and-click stealth game set in Feudal Japan. It’s more of a moving puzzle, where you must order your assassins and warriors to deal with the problem. Each character has a unique play style, though you’ll always be in situations where you are against the odds. Handle assassinations, espionage, and sabotage in numerous ways across different missions.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition (75% Off on Steam)

When RTS games were the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming, Age of Mythology was among the best. Each player will take on the role of a specific civilization, using their gods, mythological creatures, and heroes to best one another. The extended edition features numerous enhancements from the original, though it’s still a dated game. Despite that, it remains one of the best RTS games ever released.

Death Road to Canada (75% Off)

Those who love Roguelites and zombies will enjoy Death Road to Canada. You control a group of survivors as they journey to safe haven in Canada. They will have to fight hordes of zombies, find food on the road, and encounter unusual events. You can create custom characters to simulate your chances to Canada with friends. It’s a fun time with lots of replayability.

Heavy Rain (50% Off)

We’ve all heard about Quantic Dreams games like Detroit: Become Human or Beyond: Two Souls. The game that truly put them on the map was 2010’s Heavy Rain released in 2010. In the game, you control several characters who are all somehow involved with the mysterious serial killer, the Origami Killer. Your decisions will help them survive their encounters. It’s a game to try if you enjoy Quantic Dreams titles.

Borderlands 3 (85% Off)

Borderlands 3 is the last loot shooter Borderlands release from Gearbox. It’s an adventure RPG game with lots of stuff and memorable characters. You’ll play as a vault hunter trying to stop an evil force from claiming a powerful weapon. Use crazy guns and explore worlds while building your power to face the ultimate foe.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns (33% Off)

It’s hard to believe that Midnight Suns is now on a significant sale, just a few months from its release. The game from Firaxis follows a change from their usual formula, focusing more on deck construction in a Marvel setting. It’s a strategically deep and fun game with numerous combos and decisions to be made as you try to stop Lilith and her demon army. Those who love Firaxis games like Civilization or XCOM should find this satisfying.

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