Sometimes there are these certain kinds of villains, whom we just can’t stop loving despite hating. Introducing a tragic backstory of the villain is a brilliant tool to make the audience relate to them more. We bring to you the Top 7 One Piece villains (Backstory measured ranking).

The world of One Piece has bred some of the finest characters in Animanga history. Eiichiro Oda is a genius and thus is proven by his imminent story-telling, world-building, and introduction of new characters with whom we get daringly invested into.

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Top 7 One Piece Villains Ranked

7/7 Arlong

One Piece Arlong
Arlong in the initial One Piece seasons, via TOEI
  • Arlong has been the first notorious villain Luffy fought against, right back while he was still in the crew recruiting stage. He has been seen as a tyrant, a ruthless sea monster who made Nami’s entire childhood hell; which does not in any sense justify all the blood he has shed in Conomi Islands. But it can be said that Arlong has had his own part in the tragedy. In the 7th number of Top One Piece Villains, we bring to you Arlong of the Fishmen tribe.

  • He was abandoned by his father at a very young age, and soon forgot his father’s face. The greatest figure of the fishermen, Fisher Tiger was Arlong’s hero while growing up. Later when Fisher Tiger took on the World Government, Arlong along with Jimbei and other recruits from Fishman District joined the Sun Pirates and flew the Jolly Roger of Fisher Tiger.

  • However, after the subsequent death of the Fisher Tiger, a devastated Arlong was sent to Impel Down. Fisher Tiger was betrayed by humans and handed over to the world Government, and this memory and impression of humans could never be erased from Arlong’s mind. It became the base of his hatred towards humanity, and later became a tyrant in East Blue.

6/7  Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri Top 7 One Piece Villains
Katakuri, via TOEI animation
  • The 6th edition of our Top One Piece Villains will include all-time fan favorite and respected villain of One Piece, Charlotte Katakuri is the second son of the Charlotte family. He is also one of the three Sweet Generals of the Big Mom Pirates.
  • He is not the usual boastful, overconfident, belittling-his-opponents kind of villain (enter Bellamy); rather he is the humblest villain fans have seen so far in One Piece. His down-to-earth and calm nature is also in accordance with his use of Color of Observation Haki, which requires him to be calm, calculative, and unassumptuous while judging his opponents’ strengths.

  • As all other of Big Mom’s children’s stories go, Charlotte Katakuri too was raised as a weapon to surge the power of the Big Mom Pirates. While growing up, at the age of two, Katakuri tasted doughnuts for the first time and it became his favorite food. When he was three years old, his eating habits caused his cheeks to tear apart- yes these are a demon’s children- and he has had slits on the side of his cheeks ever since.

  • He was ostracised and shunned by others because of his appearance, except for his immediate brothers and sister. He was even bullied, and when some could not overpower him in a duel, they hurt his sister Brulee as a sign of revenge. Katakuri avenged his sister, and ever since he wore a scarf around his mouth to keep it hidden.

5/7  Charlotte Pudding

Top 7 One Piece Villains
Charlotte Pudding in Wholecake Island arc, via IMDB

While many may not consider Pudding to be a proper villain, it is true that she had been planning on capturing and killing Sanji since the very beginning. She may have developed feelings for Sanji during the second half of the Whole Cake Island arc, and this development makes her unrequited and unexpressed love an aching tale to narrate.

  • Charlotte Pudding had been set up by Big Mom to play the perfect doll-like fiancé for Sanji. And she has always been playing this perfect sensitive good girl to people since growing up.
  • But she too has her own fair part of an appearance backstory like Katakuri. Pudding has a demonic third eye in the middle of her forehead, which led to her being ostracised by society ever since she was a child.
  • Even her own mother despised her face and asked her to cover that ugly eye with her bangs; which eventually led Pudding into developing a dual personality. One, in which she the perfect pretty doll who could empathize with everyone and the other in which she was this ruthless merciless third-eyed demon who hurt people without sympathy.

On the aisle of her wedding when she was supposed to shoot Sanji on his head, Sanji appreciated her third eye. This made Pudding’s entire world go haywire. No one had ever been unafraid of her third eye before, let alone appreciate it. In a succession of events, Pudding slowly falls in love with Sanji and helps him escape safely while keeping the confession of her love a secret from him forever. For the complexity she caused with Sanji, we are keeping her 5th in the top 7 One Piece villains.

4/7  Big Mom

Big mom
Charlotte Linlin courtesy of IMDB
  • On the fourth of this list of Top One Piece Villains, we have Charlotte Linlin herself, one of the Four Emperors of the seas, Big Mom.
  • The entirety of Big Mom’s past has not been shown yet, but from what has already been told, we can depict that she has been a monster since a very young age. Linlin was marooned at Elbaf by a couple at the age of five. After waiting in the cold for her parents who had promised to return, she is found by Mother Carmel, a nun who runs an orphanage for children of all races who doesn’t have a home to live in.

  • However, even after being accepted on the island of the giants, Big Mom still had an incomprehensive power that no one could compare to, not even the giants. Big Mom loved feasting on sweet things enormously. During a rite of the giants where everyone was supposed to be fasting, Big Mom lost sense of her hunger and began rampaging and even set a fire on the island of Elbaf.

  • She even killed a pirate warrior giant, Jorul which led to the subsequent exile of Mother Carmel’s orphanage. They next settled on another island, and all was going well until one day on Linlin’s sixth birthday, Mother Carmel and the other children suddenly disappeared, leaving Linlin all alone.

3/7 Senor Pink

Senor Pink top 7 one piece villains according to their backstory
Senor Pink, courtesy of TOEI
  • Compared to all these other big names on this list, Senor Pink is a pretty low-level villain. But the short backstory he has in the Dressrosa arc has the audience all teared up.
  • Senor Pink is an assassin of the Donquixote Pirates’ Diamante Family. Although the women who seem to be very fond of him refer to him as ‘hard boiled’, his appearance quite speaks the contrary. Despite being a grown middle-aged man, he always dresses as an infant. And well, do get ready with tissues as you sit down to hear the story behind his infant appearance.

  • Senor Pink while working for Doflamingo once loved a woman named Russian, and later married her and had a son named Gimlet. He lied that he was a banker so she would not hate him due to her hatred of pirates. However, their marriage became problematic later when their son died of fever and his wife learned that he was in reality a pirate.

  • His wife later got into an accident and lost a major part of her consciousness. She wouldn’t even recognize her husband. Senor Pink realized that she would only recognize someone or something that reminded her of her son. Senor Pink tried dressing up as an infant in front of her, and she finally showed signs of recognition and smiled at him. From that day onwards, he would continue dressing as an infant even after his wife’s death.

2/7 Donquixote Doflamingo

Top 7 one piece villains backstory
Doflamingo, courtesy of IMDB
  • Doflamingo is a charismatically bizarre character. His past is a very sad one in the entirety of One Piece. Welcome 2nd in line for our pick of Top One Piece Villains – the former Warlord.
  • He was born to the Donquixote family, one of the twenty royal families that formed the World Government. When he was eight years old, his father Homing decided to cease being a World Noble and live a normal life along with his family. However, after moving to an unknown country from Mary Geoise, the people among whom they lived hated this family profusely and carried resentment against them due to their longstanding hate of the World Nobles.

  • Subsequently, the people persecuted his family, burned down their mansion, and drove the family away into a garbage dump. Doflamingo and his brother Rosinante (later Corazon) were forced to eat from bins. His father called up the World Nobles for help, but they only rejected him. Eventually, their mother died from an illness. Doflamingo blamed all of this upon his father’s foolish actions.
  • Eventually, the citizens attacked them again and severely lynched them. They however survived, and it was then that Doflamingo swore to kill everyone present there. The memory of this experience would stay with him forever, and throughout his life, he would never cease to blame his father for the actions he considered foolish.

  • A few years later Doflamingo decided to kill his father to regain his status as a World Noble, and took his head to head to Mary Geoise. However, he was rejected and titled a traitor family by the World Nobles. It was here that Doflamingo also turned against The World Nobles.

1/7 Bartholomew Kuma

Top 7 one piece villains backstory
via TOEI
  • Once feared as the extremely vicious pirate, earning the title ‘Tyrant’, Kuma probably has the most tragic story in One Piece. From what he was to what he became, his journey in this tale of pirates is a heart-aching one. He is titled a villain here in this list because he fought against the protagonists on orders of the World Government.

  • Initially, Kuma was the king of the Sorbet Kingdom, and later at some point in his life, he joined the Revolutionary Army. However, afterward, at some time, he became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, allowing Dr. Vegapunk to perform experiments on his body. Dr. Vegapunk modified him into a cyborg weapon, named Pacifista.
  • He apparently struck some kind of deal with the World Government since he agreed to be their guinea pig for experimentation. His body modification project lasted years, with each part being transformed slowly, his head being preserved for the last. During this entire process, he helped the Straw Hats escape from Borsalino Kizaru in Sabaody Archipelago and kept guarding the Thousand Sunny for two years until the Straw Hats returned.

  • His next appearance is in the Paramount War Arc where the transformation and prototypes of the pacifists are complete, and they are now only human weapons capable of mass destruction. Later in the Reverie Arc, he is seen as a slave of the Celestial Dragons, until being saved by the Revolutionary Army.
  • Kuma’s appearance changed the entire straw hat dynamics and led to their separation before Paramount. Undoubtedly hated at first, Kuma is now one of the most empathized characters of the One Piece world. And hence he is our undoubted number one in top One Piece villains.


That’s it, our ranking for the top 7 One Piece villains backstory-wise ranked. As of now, it is obvious that we didn’t mention a few, including Mr. 2 Bon Kurei. But characters like him turned foe to friend. The world of One Piece is vast and it isn’t possible to incorporate every villain ever. But if we had to pick the top One Piece villains, this is it. 

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