TWICE member with the Most Fans | Ranked (Updated January 2024)

TWICE member with the Most Fans | Ranked

We’re still on cloud nine with the READY TO BE concert, so how about let’s take a look at the TWICE member with the most fans, shall we? In the K-pop world, the nine-member girl group from JYP Entertainment has cemented their name locally and internationally. With their diverse discography, talents, personalities, and visuals, there’s no wonder TWICE earned the hearts of millions of K-pop fans. Get to know Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu in this TWICE member with the most fans ranked list!

Each member brings their unique capabilities and talents to make them one of the perfect and well-rounded K-pop groups. If you’re a baby ONCE, you may want to take a look and know all the TWICE members here. Are you ready to dance the night away with TWICE? 

TWICE member with the most fans

After debuting in 2015, TWICE took a steep ladder to find themselves where they are right now. Currently, the group is on a short break before resuming their READY TO BE World Tour. The group successfully finished their READY TO BE World Tour, and we are beyond proud of these nine women. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu hold multiple brands up on each of their sleeves and individual activities as well.

  • In a fast-paced K-pop world, fans and idols come and go, but as for TWICE, the fanbase just gets bigger. And in this list, let’s find out the TWICE member with the most fans.

[Update as of January 2024, TWICE members’ Instagram Followers]

IG Accounts

Followers Count
9) Jeongyeon (@jy_piece) 8.2 million
8) Dahyun (@dahhyunnee) 9.1 million
7) Mina (@mina_sr_my) 9.6 million
6) Chaeyoung (@chaeyo.0) 9.9 million
5) Jihyo (@_zyozyo) 10.2 million
4) Sana (@m.by__sana) 11.4 million
3) Nayeon (@nayeonyny) 12.0 million
2) Tzuyu (@thinkaboutzu) 12.7 million
1) Momo (@momo) 13.9 million

Now, now, are you ready to step into the world of TWICE? Let us know who your bias (or biases, we don’t mind) in the comments below. And while we’re on this subject, what would be your favorite TWICE album and track? We’d love to hear your favorites, ONCEs!

9) Jeongyeon

Opening this list and ranking as the ninth TWICE member with the most fans, here’s Yoo Jeongyeon. The 26-year-old is the group’s lead vocalist. Born on November 1, 1996, Jeongyeon is the second oldest member of TWICE. She has two older sisters: Seo Yeon, who works as an office worker, and Seungyeon, an actress popular with her name Gong Seungyeon.

  • Each TWICE member has their representative color, and for Jeongyeon, it’s green. Jeongyeon’s favorite number is 0, while her representative emoji is a dog. So, if you’re wondering what to look at in ONCEs’ posts to find Jeongyeon, that’s all you need to know!
  • Fans still await a Jeongyeon solo or unit debut, so please give it to us, JYPE! FYI, among other TWICE members, Jeong has been using a Samsung device ever since. Last July, she attended the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 event, and who knows, she may be an ambassador soon.

8) Dahyun

Running eighth on this list is no other than the dubu, Kim Dahyun! The May 28, 1998-born holds the lead rapper and sub-vocalist positions in TWICE. Dahyun happens to be part of the maknae line and the School Meal Club (SMC) with the two other youngest. She has an older brother, and we’re pretty sure if you watched the survival show, SIXTEEN, you’d know she’s the most popular trainee then.

  • To easily spot a Dahyun stan, you would probably see the color white, as it’s her representative color. Following this one, a white heart also symbolizes Dahyun’s emoji. And in case you’re wondering what her favorite number is, it’s 7. The meaning behind it is actually impressive: she’s the 7th oldest member in TWICE and became a member on July 7th.
  • With her love for music (especially the piano), we need a Dahyun solo ASAP! If you’ve been to the recent READY TO BE World Tour, Dahyun has been showcasing her piano skills during her solo stage, and ONCEs can’t help but fall in love. If not a solo, maybe a unit with Chae and Tzu? Oh, we’d love to see that, too!

7) Mina

Taking the seventh TWICE member with the most fans, here comes Myoui Mina! Honestly, the March 24, 1997-born reminds us of the word ‘elegant.’ Mina is also one of the three Japanese members and one of the four under their foreigner line. She also holds the main dancer and sub-vocalist positions. Mina is TWICE’s ‘black swan,’ as she practiced ballet for a lot of years before pursuing her idol dreams. Also, she has an older brother and her ‘grandpa’ dog, Ray.

  • If you heard or found a mint green color photocard or TWICE merchandise, automatically, that’s Mina’s. Additionally, when searching for their representative emojis, you can use the penguin for Minari. 37 happens to be the 26-year-old’s favorite number as it spells out her name. ‘3’ in Japanese is Mi or San, while ‘7’ is Nana or Na (to make it short).
  • She became the maknae (probably a dream come true for her) in the recently debuted MiSaMo sub-unit recently. With the other Japanese members, Sana and Momo, the three dropped their debut album, Masterpiece. It includes seven songs, with ‘Do not touch’ as their lead track. We’re betting to have new music from MiSaMo once they complete their READY TO BE Tour and have rested well, too!

6) Chaeyoung

K-pop may have a lot of Chaeyoungs, but who would not know the Son Chaeyoung? Chae gets the sixth TWICE member with the most fans title in this ranked list. Born on April 23, 1999, Chaeyoung holds the main rapper and sub-vocalist roles for the girl group. Yup, she happens to be the TWICE member with beautiful tattoos (and we’re thankful the Chae tattoos were free!). She is close with another Chaeyoung, too, AKA BLACKPINK’s Rosé.

  • Quickly find a Chaeyoung stan in a crowd when you see a strawberry. Ttalgi in Korean, or strawberry, is the 24-year-old’s representative emoji, while red is her color. These are what you need to find updates about the Chaeyoung the cub (or you can try that one, too). This girl chose 29 as her favorite number because of TWICE (2) and the nine (9) members.
  • Chaeyoung is part of the maknae line and, of course, the School Meal Club. ONCEs still await when she will have a Chae solo or a sub-unit with the maknaez. For now, we hope you’re getting all the rest you need, Chaengie!

5) Jihyo

We’re now down to the last five members and ranking as the fifth TWICE member with the most fans; here’s Park Jihyo! One of the ‘97-liners of TWICE, she was born on February 1. She may not be the oldest, but Jihyo takes the group’s leader and main vocalist roles. She became the leader after being chosen by the rest of her members. Lastly, among all the TWICE members, Jihyo was the one who had the most training years under her belt.

  • You know it’s Ji when you find the yellow-orange color on their merch. Not just that, when you wish to be updated with her Bubble message, ONCEs use her representative emoji—the unicorn. The number 21 is her favorite number, following her birthdate, February 1. Oh, did we mention that Jihyo and Mina are close with other ‘97-liners, BLACKPINK Lisa and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie?
  • If ever you’re wondering why they called her Park Jisoo before—it was her real name. However, she soon legalized it to Jihyo. Anyway, Park Jihyo just debuted as a soloist last August 2023 with her album, ZONE. And just like her title track, Killin’ Me Good, she’s definitely so good at slaying performances (and the fans with her charms, too!)

4) Sana

Have you heard the famous ‘shy, shy, shy,’ or are you not an avid K-pop fan? With that, the fourth TWICE member with the most fans goes to Minatozaki Sana! The December 29, 1996-born holds the sub-vocalist position, one of the Japanese members, and foreign line. If being a cute, happy pill is a role, Sana would probably be the best candidate. Moreover, Sana is an only child, but in TWICE, she fortunately has eight sisters.

TWICE member with the most fans Sana
Image Courtesy of Sana Minatozaki via Instagram (@m.by__sana)
  • The basic to know when you start learning about the TWICE members is their representative color, and for Sana, that would be purple. If you search for the rat emoji under the ONCEs’ posts, it’s all about Sana, too. If you think about it, 37 in Japanese also means Sana, but since Mina chose it, the older member picked 12 as hers.
  • We expect to see more of the MiSaMo unit soon! After their debut in July, fans all over the world wish to hear more of the girls’ vocals and performances. But just a thought: will we ever see a soloist Sana in the future? That would be interesting, and we can’t wait to know if it happens!

3) Nayeon

Down to the last three members, Im Nayeon ranks the third TWICE member with the most fans! The September 22, 1995-born idol holds the lead vocalist, lead dancer, center, and face the group positions. Nayeon is also the oldest among all the girls. She’s also the first to be announced in TWICE. Along with Jeongyeon and Jihyo, they could have debuted under a JYP girl group, 6mix, but never had the chance to debut. So if you’ve heard about them called 3mix, that’s the reason behind it.

  • Have you noticed Nayeon’s front teeth? Yup, she looks like a bunny, which leads to it being her representative emoji. Purple may be her favorite color, but her representative is sky blue. If you’re wondering about Nayeon’s favorite number is 9, and you don’t need to ask why—it’s because of the nine members of TWICE. And fun fact, Nayeon’s very much close to BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Jennie!
  • It was a surprise last year that a TWICE member debuted as a soloist. And to everyone’s excitement, Im Nayeon dropped her same name solo debut with the title track POP! NGL, almost the whole Internet started po-pop-pop-pop-pop, and up until now, it gets us hyped up!

2) Tzuyu

Is this one of the definitions of maknae on top? Taking the second rank as the TWICE member with the most fans is Chou Tzuyu! Born on June 14, 1999, she takes care of the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, visual, and maknae roles. Tzu’s a Taiwanese, completing the group’s foreign line. It’s easy to spot the 24-year-old among the girls, just find the tallest one. Oh, right, did we tell you that she’s close with (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua, CLC’s Elkie, and Kep1er’s Xiaoting?

  • Now, now, now, if you think you’re slowly becoming a Tzuyu stan, here are a few things you have to keep in mind. Her representative color is blue, while her emoji is a deer. So if the fans add the color or emoji into their Tweets or edits, then you must know they’re talking about Tzu. Interestingly, 25 is Tzuyu’s favorite number for the reason that she thinks it’s cool.
  • We have yet to wait for some unit or solo debut announcement for Tzuyu. With a huge fanbase, we’re quite certain a future debut would be bright. For now, you might want to listen to her ME! vocal cover, and of course, her deadly READY TO BE Tour solo stage!

1) Momo

Last and definitely not the least, the TWICE member with the most fans award goes to Hirai Momo! Seriously, who wouldn’t fall for TWICE’s dancing machine and her personality? The November 9, 1996-born acts as the main dancer (yes, alongside Mina), sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of TWICE. She also has an older sister, who also dances; it probably runs in their blood. Momo is also the third oldest member of TWICE, just so you know.

  •  If you find any peach emoji under ONCEs’ updates, that’s from Momo. Interestingly, Momo in Japanese means peach; we were shocked when we learned it the first time. Her representative color is pink, and 64 is her favorite number. This one’s similar to her father’s jersey when he plays football.
  • Momo completes the Japanese line, and their MiSaMo subunit. We’re still wondering if we’ll hear her solo in the future, or new music from the unit? Only time could tell for now. But certainly, fans await more Momo dancing content, and her singing and rapping, too!

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