Inherited memories in Demon Slayer
What are inherited memories in Demon Slayer? (Image via Ufotable)

As the Demon Slayer Season 3 moves further into the plot with the visually stunning animation and combat, fans still wonder about the visions of the mysterious swordsman. As described by Kotetsu earlier, these are inherited memories that are common in both Tanjiro and the demons in the series.

The new season moves towards some intense combat. Both Gyokko and Hantengu have mobilized in the Swordsmith Village. However, in Episode 5 of Demon Slayer Season 3, Tanjiro seemed to unlock his hidden potential. With Nezuko’s assistance, Tanjiro managed to combine his Sun Breathing and defeat the clones of Hantengu. With this mysterious memory of a swordsman, Tanjiro and also the Upper-Rank demons wonder about this phenomenon. We are pretty sure that the fans do too, so here is a detailed explanation of inherited memories in Demon Slayer.

Inherited memories in Demon Slayer

As the name suggests, inherited memories are nothing but the memories of your forefathers. Kotetsu explains this phenomenon briefly in the earlier episodes of the Swordsmith Village arc. According to him, these memories are passed down through the generations from their predecessors. 

Inherited memories in Demon Slayer
Tanjiro’s memories align with the mysterious swordsman (Image via Ufotable)
  • This does not generally mean that inherited memories will solely be the memories of one of their forefathers. It might be from a third-person perspective too. Rather, almost every instance of an inherited memory we witness in Demon Slayer anime is from a third-person perspective.
  • For example, Tanjiro subconsciously experiences such memories of a mysterious swordsman. Incidentally, this swordsman is not a forefather of Tanjiro. This debunks all the myths of him being Tanjiro’s father. These memories are chronicles of one of Tanjiro’s biological predecessors, Sumiyoshi’s tales. He was the one who witnessed the mysterious swordsman and his deeds firsthand.

Why do the demons experience these inherited memories about the same person?

Although it is a bit preposterous to imagine, it works similarly for the demons as it does for Tanjiro. The main character experiences memories witnessed by Sumiyoshi. However, the demons witness these memories which are passed down to them by Muzan Kibutsuji himself.

Inherited memories in Demon Slayer
Muzan almost gets killed by the mysterious swordsman (Image via Ufotable)
  • These memories are from an incident hundreds of years ago where Muzan met the mysterious swordsman himself. Although their fight lasted for mere minutes, Muzan was immediately overpowered and almost killed by him. Since that day, Muzan holds immense animosity toward that swordsman and suffers from the horrors of that day.
  • This negative memory has been passed down to the demons as they have received Muzan’s blood directly to become a demon. The first instance of this phenomenon was observed in Demon Slayer Season 2 when Daki mentioned this. She witnessed the mysterious swordsman through Muzan’s memories.


Although we have not seen much of the mysterious swordsman just yet, these memories from both extremities of the anime are enough to prove his immense strength. Moreover, it can be surely said that this swordsman will soon prove to be a significant character in the series.

Previously in the anime, fans did not anticipate the use of these inherited memories will hold such importance in the series. However, moving forward, it seems like the memories are what Tanjiro needs to unlock his full potential, as seen in Episode 5 of Demon Slayer Season 3.

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