The Seven Deadly Sins (SDS) is a Netflix Anime Originals that is based on the manga Nanatsu No Taizai. It is a story of a supposed evil group of warriors who tries to reclaim their innocence of crimes that they did not commit. With the recent announcement of the sequel of SDS, The Four Knights of Apocalypse, let us have a look at all of the characters in the series.

Netflix Originals: The Seven Deadly Sins

The anime Seven Deadly Sins is the 2nd exclusive Anime included in Netflix Originals. The anime is already complete and you can watch its full 5 Seasons or 120 episodes on Netflix.

The Seven Deadly Sins tells the narrative of a group of warriors who were wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit. This all started when a princess, whose kingdom was overthrown by tyrants, requested help to reclaim her kingdom.

These are the 82 known characters among the 8 Groups, Factions, or Kingdoms.

Main Characters

  • Elizabeth Liones and Hawk are the only two in this group. Others are classified among their respective kingdoms/faction. Meliodas should also be included here but he is part of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Characters Brief Description
Elizabeth Liones
Adopted Princess
The 107th and current incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth. The maiden is also the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones.
(Actually a Pig-like Creature)
Hawk is Meliodas’ loyal companion and a custodian of the Boar Hat tavern.
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Seven Deadly Sins

  • The High Court of Kingdom Liones judged The Seven Deadly Sins members for crimes based on mortal sins: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.
Characters Brief Description
Deadly Sin-Wrath.
Powers: Full Counter
Sacred Treasure: Demon Sword  Lostvayne 
Captain of the Deadly Sins and owner of the Boar Hat Tavern. The main protagonist of the story.
Deadly Sin-Greed
Powers: Immortality, Snatch
Sacred Treasure: Holy Rod Courechouse 
Most resilient Deadly-Sin due to time spent in Purgatory. Ban gave up his powers for his loved ones.
Deadly Sin-Sloth
Powers: Disaster
Sacred Treasure: Spirit Spear Chastefiol 
The protector of the Fairy King’s Forest and the Fairy Realm.
Deadly Sin-Pride
Powers: Sunshine
Sacred Treasure: Divine Axe Rhitta
Escanor is the former Prince of Kingdom Castellio and the strongest among the Holy Knights.
Deadly Sin-Envy
Powers: Creation
Sacred Treasure: War Hammer Gideon
As part of the Giant Clan, Diane is larger than most people. Diane is a potential ruler of the Giant Clan
Deadly Sin-Gluttony
Powers: Infinity
Sacred Treasure: Morning Star Aldan
Merin is considered the most powerful mage, aided by her orbs, among the Brittania.
Deadly Sin-Lust
Powers: Invasion
Sacred Treasure: Twin Bow Herritt
Gowther was revealed to be a doll whose image was formed similar to the lover of the original Gowther. She is among the most powerful mages in Brittania.
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Four Knights of the Apocalypse

King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot prophecized these four knights will cause chaos in the world. Each knight has their own unique abilities and is designated to the four calamities: War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence.

Characters Brief Description
Powers: Hope and Mummification
Weapons: Ouroboros and Dragon Handle Sword
Main protagonist for the sequel of SDS, the Four Knights Apocalypse. Strong and resilient Knight, son of Ironside and grandson of Varghese.
Powers: Heart Reading, Transformation, Shining Road
Weapons: Bow
Son of Deadly Sin-Greed Ban and Elaine. Hence, Lancelot is the Prince of Benwick Kingdom.
Tristan Liones
Powers: Ark and Flight
Weapons: Dual Blade – Mael and Estarossa 
Tristan is the Prince of Liones and son of Deadly Sin-Wrath Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones.
Powers: Absolute Cancel
Weapons: Sacred Sword Rhitta
Also known as the Master of the Sun, Gawain is a blood Relative of Arthur Pendragon. A great magician who can cancel any spell.
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The Liones Kingdom

  • The anime is set predominantly in the Liones Kingdom where Holy Knights and strong guardians are located. The characters are further classified into five (5): Royal Family, Holy Knights, Weird Fangs, Roars of Dawn, and  The Pleiades of the Azure Sky.
    • Royal Family– These include the members of the throne room.
Characters Brief Description
Bartra Liones
King of Liones
Powers: Vision
Bartra is the 11th king of Liones and the Foundation of the Seven Deadly Sins. His power is equivalent to 2 Holy knights.
Margaret Liones
1st Princess of Liones
Eldest among the Liones Sisters. Brave but no apparent powers or weapon specialty.
Veronica Liones
2nd Princess of Liones
Weapon: Broadsword
Like the Eldest, Veronica has no special powers. However, the princess always carries a broadsword with her.

    • Holy Knights – Britannia’s most powerful knights whose strength matches an entire country’s military power. The holy knights are further ranked into the following: Diamond, Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Crystal. (In power order, the first being the strongest and the last being the weakest among Holy Knights).
    • Other classifications of Holy Knights are Great Holy Knights (elite class), Cardinal (Elders or Wizards who are assistants to Great Holy Knights).
Characters Brief Description
Great Holy Knight

Powers: Great Thunder and Purge
Weapon: Broadsword
The strongest Holy Knight during his time.
Diamond Holy Knight

Powers: Thunderbolt
Weapon: Long Sword
Son of Zaratras and taught Meliodas swordsmanship. Gilthunder aspires to be as strong as Meliodas.
Crystal Holy Knight
Powers: Explosion
Weapon: Lance and Rapier
The primary antagonist of Capital of the Dead Arc. Guila was sent to kill the Seven Deadly Sins.
Apprentice Holy Knight
Powers: Ice Fang
Weapon: Long Sword
Jericho is an apprentice swordsman who later became a follower of the Deadly Sin-Greed Ban.
Great Holy Knight
Powers: Tempest
Weapon: Lance
Childhood friend and partner/comrade of Gilthunder and a former Great Holy Knight member.
Great Holy Knight

Powers: Break and Full Size
Weapon: Longsword
Dreyfus is the younger brother of Zaratras. The knight is among those who established the Holy War.
Great Holy Knight
Powers: Acid, Purge, and Hellblaze
Weapon: Shortsword
The main antagonist of the Holy Knights Saga. Along with Dreyfus, the knights threatened the peace in Liones Kingdom.
Great Holy Knight
Powers: Acid, Purge, and Hellblaze
Weapon: Dagger and Longsword
One of the Holy Knights whose lineage serves the Kingdom of Liones. Griamore is the bodyguard of the second princess, Veronica Liones
Cardinal Holy Knight

Powers: Link, Transformation, and Levitation
Weapon: Holy Tree Sword
Deadly Sin-Sloth King’s best friend. Helbram was corrupted and turned into an enemy.
Cardinal Holy Knight
Powers: Suck
Weapon: Staff
Hendrickson’s former assistant. Vivian also became an apprentice of Deadly Sin-Gluttony Merlin.
Ruby Holy Knight
Powers: Ice Fang
Weapon: N/A
Gustaf is Jericho’s older brother.
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    • Weird Fangs – Order of Holy Knights located in Baste Dungeon near Dalmary Town, the location of Deadly-Sin Ban.
Characters Brief Description
Ruby Holy Knight

Powers: Insect Manipulation
Weapon: Bladed Whip
These are the Ruby Holy Knights who captured Deadly Sin-Greed Ban.
Ruby Holy Knight

Powers: Transparency
Weapon: Crescent-Shaped Blades, Large Broadsword, and Incantation Orb
Ruby Holy Knight

Powers: Hypnotic Illusion
Weapon: Circular Staff
Ruby Holy Knight

Powers:Shadow Related (unconfirmed)
Weapon: Spiked Shield
The merciless torturer of Deadly Sin-Greed Ban.
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    • Roars of Dawn – The Dawn Roar Order of the Holy Knights is infamous for completing any mission regardless of its cost.
Characters Brief Description
Diamond Holy Knight

Powers: Overpower
Captain of Roars of Dawn.
Emerald Holy Knight

Powers: Stance Sword “En”
Weapon: Long Katana
Members of Roars of Dawn who are tasked to find, guard and attack Deadly Sin-Lust Gowther.
Ruby Holy Knight

Powers: Charged Arrows
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Ruby Holy Knight

Powers: N/A
Weapon: Wire Traps
Saphhire Holy Knight

Powers: N/A
Weapon: Circular Bladed Axe
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    • The Pleiades of the Azure Sky – This order of the Holy Knights are the Guardians of the Kingdom Borders led by Denzel Liones, the Assistant Great Holy Knight.
Characters Description
Denzel Liones
Assistant Great Holy Knight

Powers: Judgement
Weapon: Two Druid-Blessed Swords
Captain of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky.
Diamond Holy Knight

Power: Melody
Weapon: Katana
Denzel recruited Deathpierce to be a Holy Knight. sparred with the Deadly Sin-Wrath Meliods to measure its strength.
(Rank Unknown)

Power: Melody
Weapon: Katana
Battled and captured a Ten Commandments member.
(Rank Unknown)

Power: Love Drive
Weapon: Staff
Platinum Knight

Power: Hussle
Weapon: Broadsword
Platinum Knight

Power: Boost
Weapon: N/A
A strong hand-to-hand combat Holy Knight. Saves other Pleiades Holy Knights during the fight with a member of the Ten Commandments
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  • Relatively new kingdom but a prosperous one led by Arthur Pendragon and mentored by Deadly Sin-Merlin.
Characters Brief Description
Arthur Pendragon
King of Camelot, Rightful Chaos

Power: Chaos
Weapon: Sequence and Calibur
King and Ruler of Camelot. Host of Chaos.
Renegade Holy Knight

Power: Star Shaped Cutting Power
Weapon: Sword
Betrayed Arthur Pendragon. Known as the Red Knight and Ironside The Assassin
Black Knight of Camelot

Power: Pyre
Weapon: Mace and Shield
Intends to train Percival, one of the Four Knights of Apocalypse.
Dark Talismans Consists of 5 Holy Knights of Camelot, Burgie, Doronach, Elgin, Fiddich, and Tamdhum

Demon Clan

  • Chaos created the Demon King who formed the Demon Clan to fight with the Goddess Clan.
    • Demon King – Leader of the Demon Clan
Characters Brief Description
Demon King
Ruler of Demon Clan
Powers: The Ruler
Weapon: Broadsword
Leader of the Demon Clan and granted powers to the Ten Commandments. Father of Meliodas and Zeldris.
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    • The Ten Commandments – Demon King’s hand-picked most powerful warriors under the Demon King. Their powers are tied to the Ten Commandments. These warriors are immune to all the commandments aside from their own.
Characters Brief Description
Commandment: Piety
Powers: Ominous Nebula, God, Hellblaze
Weapon: Shortsword
Leader of the Ten commandments and youngest son of the Demon King.
Commandment: Selflessness
Powers: Fullsize, Heart Manipulation, Self Destruct
Conspired with Hendrickson to resurrect the Demon Clan.
Commandment: Love
Powers: Love, Truth, Reticence, Purity, Reincarnation, Killing Saucer

The illegitimate son of the Demon King. Reforged from an Archangel to a Ten Commandment Member. Formerly known as Mael.
Commandment: Truth
Powers: Critical over

Sadistic and battle-crazed warrior.
Commandment: Reticence
Powers: Trickstar, Hellblaze

Smartest and most courteous among all the Ten commandments.
Commandment: Purity
Power: Combo Star
Sacrificed herself to try and defeat Ludociel, Archangel Leader.
Commandment: Faith
Power: Hell Gate
Prepared to connect the Demon Real to the Celestial Realm
Commandment: Patience
Power: Ground, Magical Eye
Founder and former King of Giant Clan.
Commandment: Repose
Power: Disaster
First King of the Fairy King’s Forest.
Commandment: Pacifism
Power: Curse
Youngest among the Demon Clan. Traps targets into pods.
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    • Original Demon – A demon who attempted to overthrow the Demon King. Split into two Entities Named Chandler and Cusack
    • Lower Class Demons – Weakest among the Demon Clan. However, some are as strong as the Deadly Sins.
    • Vampires of Edinburgh – Chaos created vampires and once allied with the Demon Clan during the Holy War 3 Millenniums before the current timeline.

Goddess Race

  • Supreme Deity, which also originated from Chaos, created the Goddess clan and their realm. Its elite units are called the Four Archangels.

Other Characters

  • Hawk’s Mother, Elaine, Cath, Lady of the Lake, Cain Barzard, Jenna, Zaneri, Martrona, Zhivago

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All people eventually die. But… as long as someone protects what that person stood for, their principles will never die.
-Meliodas, Deadly Sin-Wrath

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