Who is the new ruler of Wakanda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever

Wakanda forever! Everyone in Wakanda was mourning the loss of Black Panther, King T’Challa, after his sudden death from an illness. After a year of grief, the most powerful sovereign nation in the world is still holding itself together with the guidance of Queen Ramonda (T’Challa’s mother). However, a new instigating enemy is trying to bring down Wakanda to its knees, the Talokan Empire and its leader, Namor.

Warning: This article contains a lot of spoilers so a spoiler alert is a must!

Wakanda versus Talokan: Battle of the two strongest nations in the world

  • King T’Challa’s death left a lot of holes in the kingdom of Wakanda. Without the Black Panther, there is no absolute protector of the realm thus the kingdom is always in danger of evident attacks. Everybody knows that Wakanda is rich in Vibranium, which is a resource everyone is after. With Wakanda’s vulnerability, their end could be inevitable.
  • Namor, the king of the Talokans, just showed that he is a great ally but could be the worst enemy. After attacking Wakanda and killing queen Ramonda, Namor left the kingdom devastated. Shuri had just lost her brother and now she lost her mother. It is now time for her to take up the mantle of Black Panther and become the protector and savior of Wakanda. But, will she be as noble and reasonable as T’Challa ever was?

  • Vengeance did eat up Shuri and tried to end Namor’s life even if it cost a thousand lives on the battlefield. But, the spirit of queen Ramonda reminded Shuri by whispering to her, “Show them who you are”. With that, she decided to turn the other cheek but demanded Namor to yield and make peace.
  • A lot has happened since T’Challa’s passing. The discovery of the Talokans and Namor, the death of her mother, Shuri becoming the new Black Panther, and the revelation that T’Challa has a son named after him.
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After everything that happened, who will be the new king of Wakanda?

Aside from being the protector, every bearer of the Black Panther title was supposed to lead the kingdom. T’Challa did it and so was his ancestors before him. With Shuri bearing the incantation, should she be the unquestionable ruler of Wakanda? Why did M’Baku challenge the throne?


Technically, Shuri should be the rightful queen of Wakanda as she wields the powers of the Black Panther. Though she is not like her brother, Shuri is a genius and wise Wakandan. When she visited the ancestral plane, she was shocked to find not her brother nor her mother, but her cousin, the traitor Erik Killmonger.

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It’s obvious that revenge and vengeance have already plagued Shuri’s mind since the passing of her mother and brother. But, through the guidance of queen Ramonda, Shuri was able to overcome the hurdles of being the most powerful person in the most powerful nation in the world. With her power, she can do everything she can to protect and rule Wakanda. But, will she ever hold the throne?

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After Wakanda recovered from the devastation and damages inflicted by Namor and his warriors, it seemed like Shuri was the right choice to rule Wakanda. But, in an unexpected twist, M’Baku is now challenging the throne. Why is he doing that?


M’Baku has sworn to protect and guide Shuri. Since Ramonda’s passing, M’Baku has been the person Shuri always turns to find an answer. So, M’Baku’s claim to the throne might be the new Black Panther’s orders. Without any challenger, it means that M’Baku is clearly the new ruler of Wakanda. Unless someone with the blood right challenges him in the future, we could be seeing him seating on the mound of Wakanda.

Prince T’Challa

In a post-credit scene in Black Panther 2, Nakia finally revealed to Shuri that she has a son with King T’Challa. A young boy with a Haitian name “Toussaint”. What’s even more amazing is that his Wakandan name was taken after his father, T’Challa.

Prince T'Challa
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Prince T’Challa may be away from Wakanda but his blood right still has a claim for the ruler of the kingdom. However, Nakia has specifically mentioned he does not want the young boy to be pressured by the throne. What could be the next step for Toussaint also known as Prince T’Challa? Will we be seeing him in future movies in the MCU?

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