Overwatch 2 launched unexpectedly strong, with Blizzard announcing the game reaching over 25 million players during its first 10 days. This comes even with a shaky launch and numerous issues that the developers have been scrambling to fix. A lot of the influx of players have come in mainly because of how Overwatch 2 is now free compared to its predecessor. There are many positive things that we’re overhauled with this new edition, but many fans are still unsatisfied.

There are several gripes that people have been talking about on websites like Reddit and on social media. We’ve compiled a list of these issues that player are hoping Blizzard would fix in time before the next season.

Overwatch 2 Feels Like an Overwatch 1 Update

Ask any returning player or one that has been in the game for the past five years. Overwatch 2 doesn’t feel like its anything new. There’s a lot of new content for the lapsed player, including the new Overwatch 2 characters and maps. There’s also a better tutorial system and few QOL changes. However, the game has barely changed from before Overwatch 1 shut down.

The reason for this is because Overwatch 2 was meant to have a single player PVE mode as its main selling point. It would feel like a new game because there would be new stories to tell. Because of corporate pressure, developers have compromised and instead released this preliminary version as they work on the PVE mode. Here’s to getting more information as Blizzard releases Overwatch 2 patch notes.

No More Loot Box Progression

One of the biggest things that motivated players in Overwatch 1 was levels and loot boxes. As long as you played the game, you would eventually get rewards from these boxes rewarded after each level up.  These boxes would contain in-game cosmetics, with potential legendary skins. With each update, more items would get added to the pool and players would continue to grind to get the look they want.

Now, they removed the loot boxes and instead replaced them with a monthly battle pass. The battle pass is good, but removing the loot box aspect affects all game modes. The casual player without a battle pass does not feel any form of progression at all for their Overwatch 2 characters. The only way to feel like you’re improving or moving towards a goal is if you play competitive.

Questionable Removal of Features

While Overwatch 2 has added a lot of things to the game, it also came with a cost. Blizzard has somehow removed a lot of things that made the game experience satisfying for players. One of the most glaring issues is the lack of a match summary. Back in Overwatch 1, players would be able to see stats and if any of them performed admirably, with the Match MVP stated aside from the Play of the Game.

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The reasoning behind these removals isn’t really clear, and there hasn’t been any communication on Blizzard’s side. Fans are hoping that we get updates that restore many of these features. A lot of these may be missing because the game is incomplete at the moment. We hope to see it addressed in future Overwatch 2 patch notes.

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