NBA: Why is Kyrie Irving suspended by the NBA and Nike?; Antisemitism controversy

Kyrie Irving suspended

Yet again, the Brooklyn Nets are in shambles as another Kyrie Irving drama haunts the whole organization. After a disappointing 2022 playoffs and a lot of off-season drama, the Nets are in the middle of hell’s fire again with the latest controversy Irving is facing. With a lot of things going on with Kyrie and the Nets, let’s find the answers to these questions: What’s happening to Kyrie Irving? Why is he suspended? Will he ever return to the Nets?

What is antisemitism and what does it have to do with Kyrie’s suspension

Antisemitism is an act of hateful prejudice, hostility, or simply hatred of Jewish people. As we all remember, the Holocaust of the genocide of Jews during World War II was condemned by the whole world. Although the history books have shown records of the events, there are still some that are throwing shade and hate at the Jewish community despite the tragedy of the past.

With Kyrie’s recent tweet which publicly advertised an antisemitic book/documentary titled “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America”, he is now facing backlash, especially from the NBA, his fans, his team, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Kyrie Irving is getting canceled by the cancel culture (suspensions, media demolition, and online backlash)

Despite his explanations regarding his tweet, Kyrie and the Nets didn’t come to an agreement that could have forced Kyrie to apologize. Because of that, the superstar point guard will be suspended from the team for at least 5 games without pay. Additionally, his partnership with the popular shoe brand Nike is currently suspended and the release of his newest shoe, Kyrie 8, will not be continued.

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According to NBA inside Shams Charania, the Brooklyn Nets have already sent Kyrie Irving six (6) things he must fulfill to be able to rejoin the team.

  • Apologize to the Jewish community and condemn the movie/book
  • $500,000 donation to anti-hate groups
  • Participate in a sensitivity training
  • Participate in an antisemitic training
  • Meet with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Jewish leaders
  • Talk with Nets’ owner Joe Tsai to demonstrate understanding

Just looking at the things mentioned above, there’s no guarantee that Kyrie would agree with all of it. Last year, he missed a lot of games because of his choice of not becoming vaccinated against the Coronavirus. This season might just be another year where Uncle Drew will once again be sidelined due to his personal decisions. Not only that, he is already getting canceled by different communities, especially the ADL. Now that Kyrie could potentially be available for other teams, should he opt to not return to the Nets and force his way out or should he do all of the things the Brooklyn Nets have advised him to do?

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Another player who recently got suspended by his team and eventually left the league was the former Miami Heat forward, Meyers Leonard.

Back in 2020, Meyers Leonard injured his shoulder which forced him to cut his season short. During his time off the court, he has played a lot of video games and has become a video game streamer. Everything was well and good until he accidentally said an antisemitic slur in one of his streams.

The Miami Heat have learned of the incident which led them to trade Leonard to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Shortly after, he was waived by OKC and has never played a single NBA game since then. It was believed that his antisemitic comment during that said game was a great factor in his career going downhill. At 30 years old, Leonard is now out of the NBA.

What is next to this Kyrie Irving controversy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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