Genshin Impact’s brand new character for its 2.4 version, Shenhe, has been released, and many initial opinions of her are branding the new cryo unit as decidedly niche.

Shenhe is a cryo support unit that is clearly meant to increase the potency of other heavy-hitting cryo units, like Ganyu and Ayaka. Because of this, some of the Genshin community has been negatively judging this character based on initial impressions. However, there hasn’t been a sufficient amount of time to properly test Shenhe yet. The problem is, this type of quick dismissal of a new character, only to potentially figure out their power after the fact, has been done before.

Ganyu and Kazuha’s Initial Impressions

  • Ganyu is a character who should pair quite well with Shenhe. She was initially dubbed as not much more than “cryo Amber” by large portions of the community leading up to and even well after her release.
  • Even after her numbers came out and she was found to be a very strong unit, many members of the community continued to perpetuate this sentiment.
  • As a result, her sales numbers were worse than Xiao’s. For nearly a year, many players have regretted not pulling for Ganyu; she is now arguably the strongest DPS character in the game.

  • A similar situation happened with Kazuha on his release. Being an Anemo support unit, Kazuha was immediately compared to Venti and Sucrose.
  • Many people, perhaps even the majority of the Genshin community, found Kazuha to be redundant, unnecessary, or outclassed by the other options.
  • Kazuha’s banner also sold relatively poorly. Today, Kazuha is known as one of the strongest characters in the game overall.

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Cyro Support Shenhe

  • Now, being a cryo support, Shenhe is not likely to be underrated to the same level as Kazuha or Ganyu were. But, to overlook her might still be a mistake. Being a dedicated buffer for two of the most powerful units in the game is already a great place to be for a support unit. It is entirely possible that her kit may be useful for even more strong units in the future.
  • Once Shenhe has been more adequately tested, a more clear picture of her place in the Genshin meta could be revealed. Discounting her potential use entirely on initially preconceived impressions, however, might prove to be a mistake, once the ice has settled.
Screengrab Courtesy of KAGUYA via Youtube

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