Lycoris Recoil

Pick any random person out of a hundred in a crowd, and ask him about his secret kink. I bet you it will include (but won’t be limited to) being shot by a rubber bullet by a blonde anime girl with a Batman complex. This person may fail to name his president but he will tell you exactly where to find that blonde 17-year girl. If you haven’t figured it out genius-pants, that random dude with a secret kink is me. Let me lead you to The Equalizer and John Wick’s equivalent in the anime realmLycoris Recoil. 

What is Lycoris Recoil About?

  • Lycoris Recoil anime follows the journey of Takina Inoue, who is trained to be an assassin as part of the syndicated network called D.A that prevents terrorism in modern Japan under the Lycoris Program.
  • During a raid, a plan goes haywire and her superior fails to do anything other than be paralyzed to mediocrity. Takina here takes the initiative to commit the gravest sin of any militant organization in any world of any dimension ever – to disobey her field commander and go save the day. 
  • She succeeds in saving her squad mate who was captured by the villains. Although she bulldozes the entire target area with a machine gun that would bring the springiest gist of nostalgia to old game enthusiasts. (Given its sparkling and fiery resemblance to the M60 of GTA Vice City.)

  • The following plot revolves around how Takina loses her position and is transferred to an affiliate organization named LycoReco (hence the title of the anime) where she is confronted with her new subordinate, Chisato Nishikigi (who reminds me of the perfect waifu Chitoge Kirisaki).
  • Chisato is the de-facto John Wick of all anime “you go girl!” multiverses with her resolve to never assassinate but only subjugate the terrorist bastards. 
  • Both our main casts now go through the journey of friendship, glory, and of course, the teaching that all lives matter and that all criminals deserve rectification. Something Batman or Daredevil fans will agree toAlso yes, she’s blonde. YES!

Why You’ll Enjoy This Anime

Seriousness Mixed In Comedy

The most charismatic pull of this show is that it keeps you engaged with the world it has envisioned. One of the touché plot elements used by the Anime/manga industry is mixing serious outbursts within every alternate comical show-off. Such amalgamation may prove daunting, but few works pull it off quite naturally. Kill La Kill, is one such remembrance. 

Comedy Mixed in Seriousness

The opposite is true, again. Mixing bits of comical elements in an otherwise serious storyline helps ease the audience down only to hit back at the most vulnerable moment. One such series is Clannad After Story, which fully utilizes comedy in the first few episodes only to break hearts afterward. 

Doing it Both

Now, Lycoris Recoil kinda does both. While Chisato gun-fus her way into enemy territory, paralyzing each target with “point blank hit the mark-without a single mistake-that too with eyes closed precision without dealing the final blow to hell but instead merely rendering them immobile-but shall immediately proceed to summon sunshine and sunflowers into the audiences’ inner mind” kinda moves. It also has your usual opening the panties joke, a traditional niche to be devoured by any cultured enthusiast. 

The Chemistry of The Protagonists

Lycoris Recoil

One may feel unobligated to start this show given its narrative. I mean, school girls dodging bullets in ultra instinct, hacking into top-tier state secure sites, and doing all country’s espionage is a little over the top. But who the heck is watching anime for a slice of life anyway? (I don’t mean that.) 

Chemistry is a boon to anime. Do it right and the reaction is often good. Lycoris Recoil anime stands itself apart, using exactly this means. Chisato and Takina just engulf you in their world and keep you hooked. If you have been looking for an anime to watch, I would recommend this one right here. Of course, I would recommend you Overlord far above this show, but I respect all tastes. 😉  


Lycoris Recoil premiered its 9th episode, and many fans seem to be heartbroken over it. I wouldn’t inform you why just yet, because that would be a major spoiler for someone looking for a new anime to watch.

But, heed my words, Lycoris Recoil does not deviate from the norm yet it does not disappoint. And guess what, our average manga enthusiasts who spoil anime onlys are deprived of their only ammunition: the Manga, as this is a complete anime original. Although a Manga is planned for serialization starting September 5th, which is news for another day. While you’re at it –

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