Yellowjackets: 5 characters who people like the most

Most liked Yellowjackets characters ranked

Yellowjackets is a classic but twisted survival story of a bunch of stranded teenage girls. Every character in the show has their own way of surviving the wilderness. While some of the characters in Yellowjackets are not liked there are a few who have become fan favorites due to various reasons. 

The show is a two-sided story showing the girl’s teenage stranded life on one side and the adulthood of the girls who survived 19 months of wilderness. The show is a combination of really complex characters and a horrifying and twisted survival story.

The most liked characters in Yellowjackets, ranked

5) Simone Abara

Yellowjackets character Simone Abara
Yellowjackets character Simone Abara (Image via The Cinemaholic)

Simone Abara is definitely one of the kindest and most patient characters in the show. She is married to Taissa, and they have a son. Simone is a working mother while taking utmost care of their son and supporting Taissa to become a renowned politician. Simone also has to manage the extreme popularity of Taissa, one because she is a politician, and that she is also a Yellowjacket. 

And yet, Simone is always by Taissa’s side supporting her, and sharing all her worries. This has made Simone one of the most liked characters in the show. But, things take a huge turn when Simone finds out something horrifying about Taissa.

4) Jeff Sadecki

Yellowjackets character Jeff Sadecki
Yellowjackets character Jeff Sadecki (Image via Showtime)

Teenage Jeff was one of the popular guys in school, and he was dating Jackie, the most popular girl in school. But it is later revealed that Jeff was also spending time and sleeping with Jackie’s closest friend Shauna. The same typical character is presented by Jeff as an adult, and he is now married to Shauna. 

In adulthood, Shauna doubts Jeff having an affair with another woman but later finds something that changed the look of Jeff in the show. It is revealed that Jeff was the most faithful husband, and would go to any extent to protect Shauna and their daughter. This character reveal in the show made Jeff one of the most liked characters.

3) Traviz Martinez

Yellowjackets character Travis Martinez
Yellowjackets character Travis Martinez (Image via Showtime)

Travis was the elder son of the Yellowjackets coach, and he was one of the very few male survivors along with his younger brother. The 19 months of surviving in the wilderness were far more traumatizing for him than for any other character. 

He had to face his father’s death after the plane crash, almost lost his younger brother in the wilderness, and not to forget he was abused and almost got killed by the girls although they have been subjected to hallucinogenic drugs. But the fact that Travis still fetched the girl’s food along with Natalie, and helped them when in need makes him a likable character.

2) Natalie

Yellowjackets character Natalie
Yellowjackets character Natalie (Image via Showtime)

Natalie was a subject of a harsh lifestyle as a teenager. She had a messed up family, and her father dying in front of her by accidentally shooting himself is more than a typical teenager can ever withstand. So she was a misfit in school, and repulsive in nature. But her nature was all because of her troubled life. 

Deep inside Natalie is shown to be a really caring, and soft person, and this is a side of her that very few people know about. It is the brave-hearted, thoughtful, soft, and caring nature of Natalie towards a selected few like Travis and Kevin that makes her liked by many Yellowjackets fans. 

1) Shauna

Yellowjackets character Shauna
Yellowjackets character Shauna (Image via Showtime)

Shauna as a teenager has been shown as a quiet student and the closest friend of the most popular girl in the school, Jackie. Although Shauna was always under Jackie’s shadows, it is later shown that she has been sleeping with Jackie’s boyfriend, Jeff. 

It was after the Yellowjackets were stranded in the wilderness, Shauna finally got the guts to speak over Jackie and prove a position in the group. But Shauna’s sudden change in character proved to be fatal for Jackie. Although Shauna slept with Jackie’s boyfriend and spoke over her, she was indeed a very good friend who wanted some recognition beyond Jackie.

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