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TeeMee is easily a strong contender for the cutest hero in the game. These two little critters make an intimidating tank/support on the battlefield when locked into their armour.

TeeMee’s abilities offer the player mobility, control, damage, and even a powerful save.


This is a handy passive that, for some players, is reason enough to pick this hero. Whenever a non-hero enemy unit dies within a certain radius, every allied player within the area of effect gains extra gold thanks to TeeMee.

So simply being around your team with this character can help accelerate their farm. There’s not much to say about this passive besides ‘stay around your team for as long as possible’! The ability does apply to TeeMee as well, but only when no allies are around.

Pooty Poots

While the lore surrounding this particular ability might be… unsavoury to some players, it’s a powerful part of TeeMee’s kit.

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When you use this skill, TeeMee starts moving with increased movement speed while it charges. This allows you to either escape, move across the map quickly, or get close to enemies for the ability’s next component. Once it’s done charging, or when you use Pooty Poots again before it’s fully charged, TeeMee will unleash magic damage and stun enemy heroes in an area of effect around him.

This skill provides a lot of burst damage and is extremely effective when used to zone enemies or secure kills.

Chain Lance

Chain Lance

Giving the character even more mobility, this ability allows TeeMee to hook themselves towards any unit in the game. When used on enemy units, it damages and stuns them for 1 second. But it can also be used as an escape by targeting your allies, your minions, or jungle monsters. It doesn’t harm allies, so don’t be shy about using it to escape.

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It even allows TeeMee to move over impassable terrain, making it pretty hard to die when you’re playing him if you’re positioning yourself well.

Chain Lance also has great synergy with all of TeeMee’s other abilities since they rely on him being close to enemies or allies.

Being a Bro

This powerful ultimate ability applies to TeeMee and the allied hero with the lowest HP in the area of effect around him.

If either of these characters dies in the 3 seconds after this ability is used, they will resurrect with a set amount of HP (depending on the ability level) and full mana. The ability also inflicts magic damage around the resurrecting hero and slows enemy movement.

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This is a great skill to use in a tense situation. Whether you’re diving under a tower with low hp or are running away from an ambush, you could completely turn the engagement with just one use of this skill. Again, you can use this character’s other two abilities to get yourself in range to save allies and turn fights.

TeeMee is an incredibly fun hero with a kit that synergises with itself perfectly. You’ll be zipping around the map and setting up kills thanks to your incredible control and mobility, and your ultimate ensures that you’ll save a life or two while doing this.

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