Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit

Watch Dogs 2 won’t disappoint and we are pretty sure about it.

Watch Dogs, the hack-simulation sci-fi action-adventure from 2014 was brilliant – nice reviews, biggest opening day sales for Ubisoft, great mission variety, awesome open-world pursuits, and a touching storyline that included lots of interesting hacking stuff (albeit everything with a wet blanket protagonist). Now with the release of the Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Trailer, fans are once more geared up for a load of fun stuff to expect. Today we tell you why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit!

Watch Dogs 2 will release on 15th November, 2016 – as confirmed by Ubisoft. Initially, it was slated to be released somewhere in the middle of 2017 but recent revelations confirmed otherwise. It will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (the Wii U version of Watch Dogs received a poor rating as compared to the other three platforms, so Ubisoft has decided not to launch for that platform as it lacks many functionalities and a strong consumer base for an action stealth open-world game).

Pimped up storyline

Watch Dogs 2 is a fresh story about collective rebellion against the ctOS 2.0 system and the crime protection algorithm, to be precise. An organization called DedSec is spearheading the anti-corporation hacktivism. After Aiden Pearce’s adventures, the ctOS version 2 has been picked up and has been launched in the San Francisco area.

The protagonist, Marcus, is a hacker accused of a crime he didn’t commit. His motive can be explained in one line, as Stephany Nunneley says in an article on VG247:

San Francisco is the latest city to adopt the ctOS 2.0 technology, and Marcus is determined to take it offline for good.

Along the way, there’s more fun promised by Ubisoft. From powerful private corporations to rival hacking groups and underground gangs – Watch Dogs 2 will bring an array of storyline elements that you will have to fight against.

Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit

The crunch of the story is that you – playing Marcus Holloway – will fight for giving the control back to the people, along with the organization DedSec. The setting is the San Francisco Bay area, an ideal place for an open-world game. You’ll be given a total of 6 different areas to explore on the map – all with highly varying aesthetics. The variety of terrain, structures, missions, abilities, vehicles, people, and ambiences would be truly magnificent and awe-inspiring.

There are now many more ways of getting things done – depending on how dirty you want your hands to get. In Watch Dogs 2 you can do some crafting from your 3D printer, like weapon upgrades or drones for attacks, for those who would rather attack and watch the show from a distance.

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Excellent animation

Needless to say, a lot of time has passed since the first Watch Dogs came out (it was mid-2014, while the team was working on it since 2007). The graphics quality is expected to explode with this installment.

The cinematic experience might be present in the game only partially, but there’s no reason to suspect that Watch Dogs 2’s gameplay graphics won’t be awesome.

Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit

In totality, Watch Dogs 2 is going to be modern, flashy, fluid, and a game that feasts continually on your virtual RAM like a pride of hungry lions would do with chopped, boneless red meat.

The general opinion of critics and reviewers is that Watch Dogs 2 would be much better than its predecessor and also, very excellent animation-wise with respect to other modern popular games of the same aesthetics. Ubisoft has been prioritizing Watch Dogs 2 over those like the Assassin’s Creed series, so it’s the least we can ask for.

Much more realistic

Certain things surely hampered Watch Dogs, and most of them were related to a lack of practicality. Now with lots of more stuff to do, the game will reach the pinnacle of realism.

Unlike the protagonist of Watch Dogs 1, Marcus is more established for a hacktivist role and has an organization of like-minded people always around him, taking their help and helping them in their battles.

Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit

San Francisco has been depicted flawlessly in the game. Marty Sliva, a resident of the area for 8 years, says in a preview analysis on IGN:

The topography was so incredibly familiar — the bridges, North Bay, Cupertino, each individual neighborhood of SF itself.

As I bummed around places like Coit Tower, The Embarcadero, and Pier 39, I felt weird. I felt like I was at home; a stretched out, slightly rejiggered version of home, but still home. Hell, even the famous parrots of Telegraph Hill were there, chilling on a railing near the famous landmark. Tiny details like this made me appreciate the lengths Ubisoft goes to flesh out their settings.

Believing gaming sources, it could be said that Watch Dogs can easily surpass the benchmarks of realistic open-world gaming set by games like GTA V. I mean, didn’t you love that near-real booty shake scene in the trailer?

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Wicked Gameplay

You can hack into infrastructure and any non-playable character’s devices – stuff like cars, drones, trucks, etc. You can choose between two playstyles for completing missions. One is the stealth style where nobody gets directly hurt – it’s non-lethal, using your gadgets, your Taser, or strategic vehicle and drone usage. Another is your hands-on approach to matters, your adrenaline release of full gunfire and fistfight rage.

Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit

Marcus from Watch Dogs 2 also has a thunderball – a cue ball attached to a bungee cord – for melee assault, which makes things more fun for the players looking for slightly more hands-on violence in the game.

Armed with a quadcopter, an RC Jumper, drones, strength melee weapons, and the whole arsenal of the first Watch Dogs weaponry – Marcus is a living breathing system of catastrophe. On the other hand, his ability and stealth reflexes make it possible to change the personal information of any character, hack into any device or building, and use the system of connectivity in his favor. He’s equally strong when it comes to harnessing the soft information power.

The side missions of Watch Dogs 2 are spread across the whole map, but it’s completely optional whether you want to do them or not. These are called “operations.” Although completing them will increase your percentage, you can still finish the game without them, like how typical side missions are in other games.

Still, Watch Dogs 2 is far more flexible and open-ended than any game ever created. You can easily ignore the operations and still aspire to complete the game. Every little thing you do contributes to your overall completion, it seems. And there are a lot of those little things that you’d be much pleased to try out on your own.Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit
One of the main points of the game is increasing your follower count, as also shown in the E3 cinematic trailer – the DedSec are recruiting monstrously. The operations reward you with higher number of personal followers too.

More hacking!

Hacking possibilities have gone through the roof. A good deal of hacking we experience in real life was already present, now with Watch Dogs 2, you can show your own unique impression and method of hacking on a number of devices from forklifts to helicopters in not only current-world hacking techniques, but futuristically advanced as well.

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Simply put, the hacking options for most devices have been swelled up. This automatically leads to a huge nexus of incredible hacking possibilities in-game. Therefore, you can show your own unique hacking way in the story!

Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit

Almost everything can be hacked now. You can literally hack into people’s life and use them for your goals, which are completely idealistic and positive, let me remind you. To give people control, sometimes hacktivists need to use the very people.

These hacking opportunities are already being expected to change how we play games and how we can have unique solutions to in-game problems. Watch Dogs 2 will change gaming.

Full map from the beginning, Better co-op and lot more

The map is open from the very beginning (no more towers to unlock), including certain different activities and side missions – all of which will contribute to your total game progression percentage. The more you do these activities, complete operations, and perform hacks on seemingly any electronic thing, you’ll gain from it. In other words, you have to interact with this fully open world to have a better gameplay experience. The options are infinite!

Why Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s Biggest Hit


Better online gameplay that includes a co-op option and more character customization options are to be seen, it’s been officially announced.

The whole feel of standing on a building top with your mates – ready to hack into anything, the game’s ambience surely strikes excitement.

Let’s wrap up with what Ubisoft has to say about Watch Dogs 2: something that certainly means that Watch Dogs 2 will be 2016’s biggest hit!

With this new installment, we’re giving you a more meaningful story, a dynamic protagonist, a denser new setting, deeper hacking possibilities, rewarding world activities, and more accessible vehicle handling.

Ubisoft has taken a lot of feedback from online communities so you can expect it to cover up for any flaws that were present in the first part. You can say that Watch Dogs 2 builds upon all the good things about the first part.

Watch Dogs 2 is available for pre-order on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for Rs. 3499 in India. Click Here to pre-order now. If you are confused with something from within the article, feel free to comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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