Enshrouded: Survive the Fog and Unravel the Mysteries of a Corrupted Realm

Today, May 3rd, Keen Games announced the release of its latest game, Enshrouded, a survival action RPG for 1 to 16 players. Set in a vast abandoned realm corrupted by a mysterious fog, players must vanquish punishing bosses, build grand halls, and upgrade their hero to withstand the mist and uncover the secrets of the kingdom’s downfall. This game is the next title from Keen Games, the independent development team behind the award-winning Portal Knights, and will be available in Steam Early Access on PC in 2023.

The Story of Enshrouded: A World of Magic and Beauty, Ruined by Pestilence

  • Enshrouded is set in a world of magic and beauty that has been ruined by a pestilence unleashed from the depths of the earth. This pestilence has caused the mutated remnants of the fallen people to roam and ravage the land, driven to madness and controlled by the fog.
  • The player awakens as a “Flameborn,” the last hope of an ancient civilization, guided only by a latent arcane power in their veins. To unravel the secrets of this ruined realm and unlock truth, treasure, and wisdom, players must venture into the lush forests, unyielding deserts, deep fissures, and lost dungeons of the land.
  • As they journey through the world of Enshrouded, players must push back against the creeping blight known as the Shroud, which absorbs and mutates all life it encounters. To combat the Shroud, players must ascend a deep open skill tree and master powerful weapons, spells, and armor, developing their own unique playstyle to withstand warring factions of fell creatures and conquer merciless bosses in heart-pounding combat.

Survive and Conquer Embervale: Vast Continent Full of Mutated Creatures, Mysteries, and Secrets

  • Survival and exploration are key elements of Enshrouded’s gameplay. Players must survive and conquer Embervale, a vast open world with mutated creatures, mysteries, and secrets to discover.
  • The world is full of dangerous creatures, hostile factions, and other threats, and players must constantly adapt and evolve to stay alive.

ARPG Combat: Play as the Flameborn and Battle the Fiends, Fell, and Other Corrupted Creatures

  • Enshrouded’s combat is inspired by action role-playing games (ARPGs), with fast-paced, intense battles against various enemies. Players play as the Flameborn and battle the Fiends, Fell, and other corrupted creatures.
  • Learning the tactical schemes of these enemies is essential to upgrade the character’s skills and battle the hordes of enemies to dispel the Shroud.

Boss Battles: Face the Scourges of Embervale by Challenging the Faction’s Monstrous Leaders

  • Enshrouded also features epic boss battles where players must face the scourges of Embervale by challenging the faction’s monstrous leaders.
  • These battles require courage and the use of mythical weapons to triumph over the enemy.

Crafting and Base Building: Rescue Legendary Artisans, Discover Long Lost Recipes, and Build Awe-Inspiring Homes

  • Players can protect themselves from the fog and bring life back to the kingdom by shaping the world’s terrain and unleashing their creativity to build bases and epic homes, customized to the last detail with a vast array of materials and furniture.
  • Beyond showcasing treasure, powerful NPCs can also be awakened, unlocking advanced workshops and the ability to craft unique items and mythic weapons. Players can also rescue legendary artisans, discover long-lost recipes, and build awe-inspiring homes designed to the last detail.

Character Customization: Personalize Your Character and Appearance, Upgrade Your Weapons and Armor

  • Enshrouded also features extensive character customization options. Players can also personalize their character and appearance, upgrade their weapons and armor, and develop their character’s skills and abilities to create a unique playstyle.

Keen Games: Leading Independent Video Game Developer in Germany

  • Veterans of game development run Keen Games, one of the leading independent video game developers in Germany, having successfully developed games for over 30 years. The company is based in Frankfurt. Keen Games focuses on the development of Creative RPGs, epic adventures where players shape a unique story through their actions and choices.
  • Enshrouded is also one of their latest projects, and it reflects their dedication to creating immersive, engaging games that offer players the opportunity to explore fantastic worlds and confront formidable challenges.

In conclusion, Enshrouded is a visually stunning, action-packed, and engaging game set in a world of magic and beauty. Players assume the role of a Flameborn, the last hope of an ancient civilization, and venture into Embervale, a vast open world full of mutated creatures, mysteries, and secrets. Enshrouded’s combat also draws inspiration from action role-playing games, featuring intense battles against various enemies, including epic boss battles.

The game includes crafting and base building, extensive character customization options, and a deep open skill tree. Also developed by Keen Games, Enshrouded promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience.

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