Qlan: 5 Exclusive Features for Gaming Aficionados

Qlan – The Gamer’s Social Network, is a young setup established to bridge the need to create a one-stop networking platform that would be dedicated to the esports and gaming community. The app is also a one-stop solution to create custom Solo, Squad, and organization profiles; showcase gaming skills by syncing in-game statistics, and access AI-enabled gamer matchmaking for verified connections.

Adding an edge to the experiential enhancement for the user base, Qlan has five exciting features for the gaming & esports community on their platform:

  1. Custom Gaming Profiles:

Qlan gives gamers an option to create custom gaming & esports profiles. There are 3 dedicated profile types:

Solo: The solo profile lets gamers build a custom profile, select the games they play across mobile, PC & console, in-game sync statistics, pick in-game roles, and more. Gamers can fill out the ‘About’ section in their profile and download a digital CV. The Solo profile is built to empower. It also gives grassroots gamers the recognition they deserve and help them connect with other gamers seamlessly.

Squad: A Squad profile for esports gamers! Pick the game your team plays and add member Qlan profiles in the Squad profile. Additionally, squads can also highlight their achievements in terms of tournaments won, a dedicated space to list sponsors & partners, and more.

Org: An Org profile for gamers in the business of esports. If you run an esports org, a tournament organization, or a creator management firm, conduct the best scrims or any other field of work; the Qlan Org profile is for you. Showcase your Org’s services, brand associations, experience, and more.  

  1. Sync Games & Leaderboard:

The coolest feature for every aspiring esports athlete out there. On Qlan, gamers can pick and highlight the games they play in their profile. Additionally, they can take a step ahead and sync the in-game stats for each. Mobile, PC, or Console whatever the platform is. Sync your in-game statistic and earn those bragging rights and compete on the Qlan leaderboard.

Qlan will also have game-based leaderboards! Hop on to the leaderboard and scout the best gaming talent available on the platform.

  1. Gaming only content:

Are you a gaming content creator? Finding it hard to get going on mainstream social platforms? Cannot find the right audience and engage them? Do not worry! Qlan is a community of gamers for gamers. There is a tailor-made audience for gaming creators as every user on Qlan actively wants to watch the best gaming content. Join the Qlan, get going & get growing!

  1. Discover:

Imagine having the power to find the exact type of gamers you want for your Squad, a great esports Squad that you want to compete with, or a gaming org where you can find your first gaming job. The Qlan Discover section is a simple yet powerful interface where gamers can deploy multiple filters like game, languages, location, in-game stats, etc., and find the exact profile they want to connect and communicate with.

Increasing discoverability & creating credible connections.  

  1. Qlan Qoins & Store:

Qlan Qoins are the real power on Qlan! Gamers will receive missions, and completing missions will award them the platform’s virtual currency; Qlan Qoins. Gamers can then rush to the Qlan Store to redeem the Qoins they have earned. They can choose from a wide range of digital assets like play store & app store coupons, stickers, emojis, custom profile frames, profile skins, and more. They can also redeem Qoins for physical goods like Qlan merchandise and exclusive gaming gear.

This AI-based networking app offers the stakeholders in the business and the thriving gaming & esports community to meet, communicate, and get discovered not only in India but globally providing optimum opportunities to new prospects while augmenting the industry further.

Qlan also envisions becoming the most trusted and secured gamer’s social network platform for the gaming and esports community. The app is currently accessible to both android and IOS users and welcomes all esports athletes, content creators, or other professionals in the world of gaming & esports.


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