Atari’s Haunted House Gameplay Review

Atari's Haunted House Gameplay Review

Lyn and her friends visit her uncle’s mansion to find out why he disappeared. But once they’re inside, things take a spooky turn. Now, Lyn has to figure out what happened to her uncle and save her friends from the creepy spirits in the house.

Inside Uncle Zachary Grave’s Mansion

  • Getting Help from a Friendly Ghost: Lyn gets help from a friendly ghost named Spooky, who tells her what to do. Spooky says that an important object got broken into three pieces, and Lyn needs to find them and put them back together to save her uncle and friends.
  • A Changing, Fun Challenge: One cool thing about this game is that the house changes every time you play, like a puzzle. Each time, you must stay alive long enough to find the important things and beat the big boss ghost.
  • Sneaking and Fighting: Basically, you need to sneak around the Mansion and avoid the spooky enemies. You also have a special lantern that can damage them, but it’s best to sneak up on these enemies and use the lantern from behind for a stealth attack.
  • Different Challenges in Each Room: Every room in the game has its own unique puzzle to solve. Sometimes, you need to find things, and other times; you need to do specific tasks. This keeps the game interesting.


  • Gameplay: 4/5
    • The game is fun to play with lots of different challenges in each room.
  • Story and Atmosphere: 3/5
    • The story and the spooky feeling in the game make it interesting, but it’s not the scariest game.
  • Graphics and Design: 4/5
    • The way the rooms and the creatures look is nice and fun.
  • Technical Issues: 2/5
    • The game sometimes has problems like the camera not working right. Additionally, if you’re playing on a PC, the controls may be challenging, leading to unintended collisions with objects like vases that can alert foes.
  • Replayability: 4/5
    • You can play this game many times because it’s always different. There are also many things to unlock and upgrade.
  • Overall: 3.5/5
    • “Haunted House” is fun and has lots of things to do. But if you’re playing on a PC, the controls can be tricky, leading to unexpected issues.

In summary, “Haunted House” is a fun game, suitable for fans who love puzzles and dark-themed games. Although it has some issues, the unique challenges and replay value make it worth a try.

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