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Gaming essentially means doing something which is fun to do, to help us kill time when we are bored. Casual gaming isn’t taken for granted even by developers. So, even when there are competitive and hardcore games constantly being released by big developers, we can easily expect some casual time killer games to be released alongside them.

The most recent addition to my ‘time killer games collection’, for when I am in a state of doleful ennui, which is often the case, is the new game Crypto Ballz. It grabbed my attention on the Google Play Store and since it was in public beta, I decided to give it a try. I was a little sceptical to begin with from what the developers claimed- calling it to be the ultimate time killer arcade game, so I hopped right into it to see how much of that holds true.

Crypto Ballz - Spiel Times Review


Crypto Ballz is an arcade game where the main objective is to mine cryptocurrency with balls that you are provided. It’s a totally unique take on the classic Block Breaker action with combined elements of the legendary Tetris game. It is an endless shooter, so you can easily play it when bored and kill time while enjoying the game itself. It’s fairly simple and easy to comprehend. So, it can be easily picked up by casual gamers and people into gaming in general.


Let us get into the details of how the game works and the deeper gameplay mechanics. The game itself is based on how the classic Block Breaker games worked. You are given a projectile (ball) which you shoot and use it to hit boxes of different cryptocurrency to mine them.

Casually fun to engage in, Crypto Ballz is a unique take on the classic Block Breaker action with combined elements of the old Tetris game and is genuinely a great time killer.

There are different power-ups just like the original Block Breaker games but with one small difference – like the lightning power up clears blocks in horizontal or vertical alignment depending on the type. There are also bombs to clear nearby blocks. There are items to collect too like coins to make in-game purchases like ball skins and balls itself (no innuendos intended) which add up to your ball count, so you can increase hit count on blocks and farm currency faster.

The unique twist comes when the Tetris elements come in, after each turn the blocks shift one step towards the bottom, this goes on until a block which hasn’t been mined hits the very bottom and then it is GAME OVER. The blend of two classic arcade elements into one game creates a very unique and fun to play experience which is great for killing time and entertainment.

Crypto Ballz - Spiel Times Review


As for a game which is still in beta it is almost perfect except for a few downs here and there. Personally, my biggest problem with the game is how the control system is designed.

Although controls have been simplified for the casual gamers, there is a big issue with it which I would like to point out: when the ball reaches the very corner of the screen it is near impossible to shoot the ball by pulling it back with fingers, it took me nearly a minute to set my fingers right to barely get a shot on the screen so the motion is registered.

I had to face this problem every time I landed my ball somewhere around the corner of my screen and it annoyed me every single time.

Crypto Ballz - Spiel Times Review


It is a great game if you are bored and want something to kill your time. It is equally a great pick for people who are arcade fans. The gameplay itself is very fun and addictive. Overall a very fun and well-built game which can run on almost any device due to its simplistic design and unique approach.

Crypto Ballz is currently available on Android via Google Play Store.

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crypto-ballzCasually fun to engage in, Crypto Ballz is a unique take on the classic Block Breaker action with combined elements of the old Tetris game and is genuinely a great time killer.