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MLB The Show 22 Review

Reviewed on PlayStation 5. Review copy provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

With the all-new MLB The Show 22, gamers have more options than ever before. Create the ideal team and gather your friends to see who will reign supreme on the sofa or online. Up Road to the Show, you can spend an evening raking in home runs as you advance your career to the big leagues.

MLB The Show 22 continues to rise in popularity as the baseball season enters a new year. Because we’re bringing some subtle, gradual changes to the game that we think fans will appreciate. While there aren’t any significant differences between this and prior iterations, MLB The Show 22 is yet another excellent effort. Furthermore, the final product continues to be one of the greatest baseball sims accessible. The developer, San Diego Studio, has made significant leaps forward in the MLB The Show brand, and this trend is expected to continue. It is no different with this year’s submission.

Gameplay of The Show

Major League Baseball is a sport in which players compete against one another. The Show 22 maintains the high level of quality that gamers have come to expect. Players can take pleasure in the game in a number of different ways. As in past years, there are three different gameplay modes to choose from and MLB’s return to pinpoint pitching.

The Show 21 is a game in which players must use their analog stick to simulate the course of the pitch. Depending on how effectively you draw the pitch out, the precision and break of the pitch will be controlled. The innovative methods for locating and fielding a ball that were introduced last year have been reinstated. In addition, outfield animations have been improved in general, resulting in a significantly improved field experience.

Aside from gameplay tweaks, MLB the Show 22 has gotten the typical load of new animations, which, while not exactly a great addition to a game, is for a sports title. For baseball fans, the way players move, run the bases, and even react to a hit are all important components of the game that add to why people enjoy watching it in the first place. This time around, MLB The Show 22 does a better job doing it, with small modifications to batters’ actions quickly after a hit bringing a deeper degree of realism to the game.

Minor upgrades aside, things are roughly the same in terms of game types and what can be found in The Show 22. No huge, actual changes to the primary game modes are found, although possibly the largest adjustments come in an effort to ostensibly de-microtransaction one of the game’s most lucrative and popular modes.

Ultimate Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty has been a game mode in MLB The Show for a long time. It operates like Ultimate Team and MyTeam in Madden, FIFA, and NBA 2K, and it enables you to design your own team. Players collect cards to construct a roster of their favourite players in a fantasy-style approach. They then play challenges, event games, and even against other players if they wish to.

These modes are, at their heart, enjoyable possibilities for gamers to collect cards and experience fantasy sports in a bit more realistic manner. Unfortunately, most game modes like these are typically employed to extract even more money from players through the use of microtransactions to obtain in-game cash to buy better and, oftentimes, rarer cards. While Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show has always been the more “user-friendly” of these modes, this year takes it to a whole new level.

Striking Out?

“Grind to 99” was one of The Show 22’s key slogans for the Diamond Dynasty remake, which effectively boils down to the team allowing players to grind through several modes and obtain cards without having to pay real money. Diamond Dynasty’s switch to a more free-to-play centred game mode has been a smashing success thus far in terms of “ultimate team” game modes. Several new features have been added to make the mode more appealing to solo players. These include Mini Seasons, which allow players to progress through a series of 20 low-inning games with their team and receive rewards along the way.

Microtransactions would be beneficial in some sections of the Diamond Dynasty. Diamond Dynasty’s “programs” — essentially month-long season passes that allow players to collect special cards — have been changed to make winning every potential high-end card a little harder. Despite this, the mode has never been more enjoyable and now provides an excellent balance between those wishing to just enjoy the game in a true free-to-play setting and those who are willing to spend money on premium content.

Going from March to October

March to October was the only other game mode in The Show 22 to get more significant modifications. The mode was first released two years ago, allows gamers to experience crucial events throughout a full 162-game MLB season as their chosen club. Players can function as general managers for the squad along the road, moving players and changing the lineup to ensure a solid path to the end of the season and the playoffs.

In years past, the original mode was a one-and-done type of event, but now participants can keep things going even throughout the winter. After winning or losing in the playoffs, you have the option to call up minor league players who have improved and developed, engage in even more deals, and prepare for another huge run to October the following year.

Foul Ball

While MLB The Show 22 is an overall success, several aspects of the game may be improved. The same type of flaws and glitches have appeared in the game for the second year in a row, including some excruciatingly frustrating moments where fielders suddenly stop moving under a fly ball or players fail to react appropriately to hits.

Other minor annoyances can be found in the game, such as internet play, which has been downgraded from previous years. Co-op play on the internet has been greatly enhanced, but head-to-head encounters have been inconsistent in terms of reliability and network concerns, at least in my own experience.


Many of MLB The Show 22’s improvements are perhaps reductively described as the kind of thing you’d expect to find in patch notes, but it’s still accurate in some ways. As always, the gameplay is fantastic, and we really enjoy the improvements to March to October as well as the Diamond Dynasty Mini Seasons feature. However, although this is unquestionably a condensed and improved version of the already fantastic MLB The Show 21.

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