The internet has risen, and it demands an answer – is School-Live! Anime worth watching? School-Live! is also known as Gakkougurashi!, and is easily one of the most psychologically devouring shows out there. Here’s what makes it worth a watch (or not, find out!)

What is School-Live! about?

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Megurigaoka Private High School has been nothing short of a home for Yuki Takeya and his School Living Club. As the name indicates, the purpose of Yuki’s School Living Club feels self-explanatory – to spend each breathing hour on the campus.

It’s literally the get-together of kids who love school. Before you are tricked into thinking this is a new 2023 anime, let me remind you that this is a product of 2015 Summer.

The point where the plot changes

The one rule of the Megurigaoka Private High School’s School Living Club is that they must live within the boundary of the school premises. By no means can they leave. And there’s a larger reason why – because the world outside in School-Live! is infestated with the living dead. 

How are the characters in School-Live! (Gakkougurashi!)?

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The characters that you will be introduced to other than Yuki Takeya are other memebrs of the School-Live! club. You’ll find the composed Yuuri Wakasa, the dependent Kurumi Ebisuzawa.

Joining the three (along with Yuki Takeya) is Megumi Sakura who is their teacher. The School-Live! Club presumes they have things under control, frantically having to battle (eventually) with the grippling realization of a world that’s ending.

Why School-Live! is actually a psychological thriller

School-Live! is actually a psychological thriller that bathes itself in Zombie Apocalypse and cool girls. The anime is a direct adaptation of the manga Gakkougurashi! which was nominated for the Seiun Award in the Best Comic Category in 2021.

How this anime can mess up with your head

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The primary contention that people have for this is that the anime messes with your head. And messes in a truly deep psychological sense.

So for all intents and purposes, you will find that hiding beneath an otherwise comic anime is a platform for deeper complexities. Each complex brings something complicated into the table, amidst all their laughter and amiable way of being.

How the School-Live! opening song deceives you

You should be careful when treading through School-Live! Anime. Mainly because it promises to be a happy go anime when you watch it’s first episode.

The anime opening definitely gives you a totally light hearted and sunshine idea. But only when you’re 2 episodes in do you get to realize that what you are watching is something totally grim.

Our advice before watching this show

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If anything, our best advice is to run into the anime without any foretold expectations. Although ironically by reading this article, you are already half way into the devil’s den.

Gakkougurashi (School-Live! Anime) is one of those series that you should get into having no idea what it is about. You should not watch a trailer, avoid all comments and reviews, and even articles like these.


The thing about cute girls doing cute things in a school feels very warm at the get-go. But only in the reveal of its zombie apocalypse scenario do your senses betray your expectations.

One of the closest we can imagine for this anime, is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. And we mean this in the sense of just how psychologically twisting, depressing and dark this show gets with each progression.

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