World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft is one of the few games that has a special place in many gamer’s hearts. Even after 15 years of release, the game still has close to a 5 million-strong player base. While that itself is commendable, let’s not forget the fact that the game has a subscription-based model. That is, people have been paying 15$ a month to play the game, which increases the number’s worth multiple folds more. After announcing the Battle for Azeroth Expansion at Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard launched the Battle for Azeroth expansion for World of Warcraft in August 2018. Let’s see how the expansion fares out a year after launch.

Even before Battle for Azeroth and other expansions, casinos have been associated with World of Warcraft. Owing to Blizzard’s rules, in-game virtual casinos ceased to exist in the game eventually, however, the idea is still prevalent. A lot of casinos use not only characters inspired from World of Warcraft and but from other RPG games as well. This has been a very popular practice incorporated by the best online casino websites to make sure they add a unique twist for the players and make it engaging for them, and increase the fun factor.

Battle for Azeroth has been one of the most critically acclaimed WoW expansions in the history of WoW when it comes to certain aspects of it. That includes the art, lore and levelling experience. However, when it came to the endgame, the game felt lacklustre. However, they’ve been fixed to some extent with subsequent patches in the game. Patch 8.2, for instance, solved a lot of problems of the game’s endgame. The two major zones which were included as a part of the patch, Mechagon and Nazjatar, proved to solve much of the game’s issues. Mechagon, the 8-boss dungeon, for instance, has been one of the best inclusions in the game. Nazjatar, on the other hand, is the base for Queen Azshara and her army. Both these new locations offer some really fun content for the players. The most noteworthy fact is that both of these locations offer both of them fix the difficulty problem which was present in the launch version of the Battle of Azeroth. The expansion was claimed to be too easy at times, and the Rise of Azshara patched fixed the issues to a considerable extent.

Summing up, if you have been wondering whether you should jump into World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, it is a good time to do so after the Rise of Azshara update. A tad late but the Rise of Azshara update covers up the shortcomings of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. That being said, there is still a fair bit of grind in the game although that gets overshadowed by the new stuff the patch offers.