Reviewed on the PlayStation 5. Review copy provided by PlayStation.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is the remaster of Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy for the PS5 and PC (Later Release). You might think to yourself- why do these games that look absolutely breathtaking need a “remaster”? So let’s take a look at what’s in this collection.

PlayStation 5 Power

Let’s talk about the technical improvements before we talk about the games since both of these games have been out for a while. The Legacy of Thieves Collection comes with a few enhancements that are honestly, really good.

To start us off, we’ve got three different modes for framerate and visuals: Fidelity – 4K 30FPS, Performance – 1440p 60fps, Performance+ – 1080p 120fps. That’s right the game has a 120fps mode.

Fidelity Mode

So let’s talk about the Fidelity mode first. You’ve got a native 4K image here. This means everything looks crisp and absolutely top-notch. However, it sacrifices performance to hit that resolution so you’re stuck at a 30fps cap. So should you pick this mode? I honestly wouldn’t recommend it unless 30fps doesn’t bother you. Personally, 30fps doesn’t feel smooth to me and since this is a game with lots of action and set pieces, 30fps doesn’t add to the cinematics but dampens the action.

Performance Mode

Moving onto Performance, you get 1440p and 60fps. This is a great sweet spot since you get a solid smooth 60fps alongside 1440p that upscales to 4K. The image reconstruction isn’t like DLSS but it still delivers a gorgeous image. This is my recommended way to play the game and it is how I played both games.

Performance+ Mode

Finally, we have the Performance+ mode. I initially didn’t know this mode existed when I connected this to my monitor. But once I connected it to my LG CX it showed up. Now, this mode is 1080p and 120fps. So I thought to myself, Performance mode is the perfect sweet spot, why should I trade so much visual clarity for even more performance. But, the moment I switched to this mode, I was positively surprised. The game even at 1080p managed to look absolutely breathtaking. Now, it’s not perfect looking as the resolution is clearly lowered but they’ve worked some sort of magic to make it look so good. And the fluidity on top of that felt buttery smooth.

So if you’ve got a panel that can do 120fps, I recommend checking out the Performance+ mode and seeing for yourself whether you are fine with the visuals because it feels spectacularly smooth. Otherwise, my personal recommendation is Performance mode to get the best of both worlds.

DualSense Usage

Another PS5 addition to this version is the DualSense usage. It feels so damn good. The vibration of weapon recoil adds so much dynamic feedback to each weapon. The feeling of grabbing onto a ledge or dropping from one has great feedback to it. Explosions feel rumbly and you can sort of feel vehicle traction as well when driving. It’s not a game-changer but it certainly adds a lot to the immersion of the game.

Other PS5 Features

Additionally, the game also has 3D Audio which works quite well when calibrated. It also has Fast loading so dying and respawning isn’t as frustrating anymore. And you can also import your PS4 saves for both the games, so for all you completionists, this is great. Now let’s talk about the games themselves.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the sunset of Nathan Drake’s adventures as an explorer or rather a “Thief” as his foes like to call him. You can go into this game blind without having played the previous games but you’ll miss out on the emotional story beats of the game. There are returning characters in this game. You are can find a bit of backstory with these characters in the game itself from items and conversations. However, I would recommend playing the other Uncharted games or at least reading up a bit about the characters.

It’s a fantastic story with incredible set-pieces. And the various levels are just absolutely breathtaking. Getting to enjoy these levels at 60fps with HDR and the higher res textures and better resolution was pure bliss. An incredible game that has a great send-off for a character that has quickly become so beloved.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

A spin-off title, Lost Legacy has you play as Chloe Frazer (another returning character) who goes on an adventure to find the Tusk of Ganesh in the Indian Western Ghats. She’s joined by Nadine who returns from Uncharted 4. Lost Legacy also features cinematic set-pieces and breathtaking vistas and landscapes.

Furthermore, it also does a brilliant job of letting the players know that Uncharted as a franchise still has a lot of stories to tell. It seems to set-up a fantastic team of treasure hunters that I personally can’t wait to see more of.

The Collection

If you already own both of these games, you can upgrade to the Legacy of Thieves collection for an extra 10$. This works even if you own the physical edition of the games but you will still need the PS4 disc whenever you want to play the PS5 version of the game.


Is the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection worth it? If you’ve never played either of these games then it is absolutely worth it. If you have played these games and enjoyed them, I would still recommend these games since you can import your save over. Honestly, the visual and framerate bump in of itself makes this worth it. Add to that the quick loading, the DualSense feedback, and 3D Audio and you’ve got one of the most immersive blockbuster experiences you can have in all of videogames.

uncharted-legacy-of-thieves-collection-review-behold-treasureIs the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection worth it? If you've never played either of these games then it is absolutely worth it. If you have played these games and enjoyed them, I would still recommend this collection. Why? Because this is one of the most immersive blockbuster experiences you can have in all of videogames.