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MultiVersus x Adventure Time’s Marceline – What we know so far

Do you remember the last time MultiVersus added a new character to their roster? Well, if our memory serves us right, Looney Tunes' Marvin...

MultiVersus: Active Player count – November 2022

Are you still playing the game MultiVersus? It's been a long while since the game's release and pretty sure MultiVersus continues updating. So if...

MultiVersus Season 2 is here – Everything you need to know

With the release of MultiVersus Season 2, there are many new updates to keep players entertained and excited. As the months' progress, we can...

MultiVersus: Black Adam available, Is he strong?

DC’s Black Adam has gotten multiple teases as an addition to MultiVersus for some time now. With Patch 1.05, he joins the game in...
When will Stripe come to MultiVersus, what we know so far

When will Stripe come to MultiVersus? What we know so far

New character drop alert: MultiVersus Stripe! But first, how are Rick and Morty doing? Have you played with the famous duo together? Do you...

MultiVersus: Mark Hamill x Joker, coming soon?

"It's only natural you'd be attracted to a man who could make you laugh again," this character has a point though, men with a...
Rick Sanchez coming to MultiVersus, gameplay

When is Rick Sanchez coming to MultiVersus? + All Leaked Gameplay

Alrighty, listen up MultiVersus fans! We're coming in hot with the news of a new character... who you probably know already. We had Morty...
MultiVersus halloween update, is Scooby Doo coming

Is Scooby Doo coming to MultiVersus? Halloween update + What we know so far

Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you? Look no further as we have something exciting for you, MultiVersus fans! Nothing may be confirmed about this as of now,...
MultiVersus Rick arrival

All-new Rick C-137 lands in MultiVersus; are there more Ricks to come?

Okay, we may want to calm down first. Breathe in, breathe out, inhale, exhale. I know, we know it's been a while since we...
Is MultiVersus already dying

Fans getting bored: Is MultiVersus already dying? Player count since launch

Are you one of the Warner Bros. Games fans? Well, things may have slowed down a bit for MultiVersus since the last update with...