9 Most Loved New Online Games To Play in 2023

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Even with a few unexpected blockbusters and great indies, the video game industry had a far more subdued 2022 than was expected. Some of the year’s most anticipated games had to be delayed until 2023 as their makers dealt with difficult working conditions, lockdowns, and other difficulties brought on by the coronavirus epidemic.

While this did make 2018 a very slow year for large games, it did have the happy side effect of puffing up 2023, which is currently packed with important releases from the industry’s biggest publishers. Similar to the new games and matches you can play and bet in Outplayed matched betting today, there are new video games you can try in 2023.

So, here are all the most loved new online games you should try today.


Valorant, a shooter created by the same people responsible for League of Legends, can be seen as a combination of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. The element of superhuman ability is especially appealing to us. It’s similar to playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and then calling down a hurricane to wipe out your opponents.

In 2023, Valorant will have an average of 4 million players online, making it one of the most popular games of its kind.


Fortnite, with its 3.1 million players, is the most popular battle royale game. Players can enjoy the game on consoles, desktop computers, and mobile devices. What makes this game so incredible is how massive it is. The last player standing on an open and randomly generated map wins the game.

The controls are intuitive, and players can construct their structures anywhere on the playing field. Fortnite is the video game everyone always dreamed of having when they were little.

Genshin Impact

As an action RPG with a vast open world, it’s simple to see why players keep returning. But I must warn you. Unlike other role-playing games, where players can progress through the game and gather resources by doing various non-combat chores, Genshin Impact is focused on the grind, which entails a lot of repetitive combat to advance through the game.

The Genshin Impact game is massive and may be played from either side. The sheer scope of the game can be off-putting to potential new players, yet long-time fans often praise it for this very reason. It’s not hard to understand why it has 2 million active players across all platforms, thanks to the game’s fantastic visuals and a vast roster of playable characters.

Online Slots: Ninja Ways

The number of people who play online slot games regularly is billions. Slot machines can be played for free or real money on the internet, and there are tens of thousands to choose from. Ninja Ways, developed by Red Tiger Gaming, is a favorite among players thanks to its generous maximum payout percentage. Cluster Pays technology enhances Ninja Ways, a slot machine inspired by the Japanese samurai warrior where players must line up identical symbols on adjacent reels to win. The visuals and the soundtrack are both amazing.

The 2023 online slot game Ninja Ways has been lauded for its laid-back atmosphere and straightforward gameplay, earning it a spot among the industry’s highest earners.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

One hundred players start each match of this online PVC shooter set in an open world powered by Unreal Engine 4. Death can come from the hands of the opponent or the environment, especially as time runs out and the area gets smaller.

There are several survival mechanics in play in PUBG. One option is to use vehicles, which allow for significantly faster movement throughout the map. However, because cars are so loud, other players are more likely to hear them and have an opportunity to punch them. When it comes to battle royale games, PUGB was an early pioneer. As of May 2023, the game has roughly 600,000.

World of Warcraft

In 2023, World of Warcraft is still a very successful game, in no small part due to the enormous variety of content available to players. You can play without initiating conflict by focusing on obtaining resources for other players. World of Warcraft’s dungeon crawler mode is magnificent because of its abundance of unique treasures. World of Warcraft, another massively multiplayer online role-playing game, boasts an average of 500,000 players and approximately 3 million active users, making it the most popular in the world.

Lost Ark

With over 250,000 active players and an MMO structure, Lost Ark stands out from the crowd by allowing players to play as characters dedicated to combat or nonviolent vocations. The game’s settings range from different planets on land to the open sea. Both diplomatic and combat roles are available to players.

Fans of Lost Ark can be found everywhere, including Asia and the Americas. The game’s development cost an estimated £65 million. Lost Ark is a free MMORPG based in the made-up country of Arkesia.

Naraka: Bladepoint

Nakara Bladepoint, a battle royale game with an Eastern theme, visually and mechanically recalls Jade Empire. Each player gets to create their unique character from the ground up.

One of the most popular battle royale games in 2023, Nakara Bladepoint, has an average of about 150,000 people online. It’s still one of the best games you haven’t heard of and one of our favorites.

Dead Space

The survival horror masterpiece from 2008 will be completely remade in 2023’s Dead Space. It’s been remade from the ground up in EA’s Frostbite engine with “all new assets, new character models, and new environments,” faithful recreations of the original concepts.

There are still Necromorphs to shoot and flesh, tendons, and bones to collect, but the EA Motive team keeps things fresh with new features like Peeling. It’s a pleasure for gorehounds and a smart way to keep track of the mutant enemies’ health in Dead Space.

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