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On the 24th of June, the first wave of minting for a brand new and exciting P2E NFT game will officially begin, and the NFT community can’t wait. The game is called Monster Racing League and is being developed by the New Zealand-based studio: Flightless.

There is a lot to discuss about this game, and it seeks to change the nature of P2E games going forward. Let’s start unpacking what this game is all about.

A closer look at the game itself

Monster Racing League is a P2E (Play-to-earn) multiplayer NFT game created by Flightless Studio and their publisher: Phat Loot Studio. The core mission of the developers is to change the future of P2E games by having a stronger focus on fun rather than profits alone.

As the name might suggest, Monster Racing League is an exciting and entertaining racing game. You will be racing against others with the same goal in mind: have fun, earn rewards, and rank up.

The game heavily incentivizes the planning of strategies to succeed. Each monster you race with is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. They also have abilities of all sorts. You have to use these factors to make sure your monster drives as effectively and fast as possible.

You can also purchase boost packs that contain booster cards. These cards can be applied before a race to give you all kinds of advantages.

When you participate in a race, that’s when you start to earn rewards. If you win, you get the biggest rewards, naturally, but all top 3 places will get something.

Like many NFT projects out there, Monster Racing League also gives you access to a full-fledged breeding program. By breeding two monsters you will get a third with a combination of traits based on its parents.

If this sounds appealing to you, you can check out the free demo before the game launches in Q3 2022.

What do you get with this NFT?

Monster Racing League is sold as an NFT called Monster Containers. Inside such a container you will find up to 6 NFTs – and that’s quite a significant package.

After purchasing a Monster Racing League container, the wheel of fortune spins, and you have a chance to receive an origin monster, vehicle cosmetics, 1-2 tribe abilities, booster packs, and a chance for 1 of the special race tracks.

Race tracks are a special phenomenon here. There are only 20 of them in total right now – and this means they are rare and rare means valuable. But that’s not all. Owning a track also means you earn passively. Every time someone races on your track, you earn.

Warming up for Friday the 24th of June

Friday the 24th of June is just right around the corner, and the NFT community is excited beyond belief. This project is going to leave its mark, no doubt about that.

If you want to start warming up for the mint you can give the demo a shot to see if the game is something you’d enjoy or to just learn the mechanics beforehand. Good luck!