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The Call of Duty League has been going on since February. Now, it’s entering a decisive stage: the Major 4. Only the best eight teams will see past this stage and qualify for Champs. The Major happens between July 21 and 24, after a qualifying round that occurs between July 1 and 17. Is it already possible to tell who the fastest trigger is in the competition? Come with us and find out more.


The first Call of Duty was launched in 2003 and was an instant classic. Indeed, this franchise has published 17 titles ever since, which is almost like a new game every year. Such a long list of sequels can only be explained by the sheer success of the original game, although the fan base seems to be constantly expanding.

The vast and enthusiastic game’s fan base has inspired the creation of the first Call of Duty League in 2020. This year, 12 teams are playing the third season of this league; Call of Duty: Vanguard, released last year, is the version of choice.

The prize pool is over USD 2 million, so we can expect to see the best players at present fighting for it. Majors have a prize pool of USD 500,000 each, distributed along with the Top 9 teams. The competition is also listed in the best sportsbooks in the market. Some of the best odds can be found on esports betting platforms like Unibet Canada.

The Top Dogs

The best eight teams during the Major four will qualify for the finals. Two of them are already confirmed in the next level: Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas.

#1 – Atlanta FaZe – 260pts

Atlanta FaZe is having an excellent season so far and has an enviable record of victories since last year. They have a clear advantage over the second position and can make history this year if they win the league again. Should this happen, no one would be surprised. The team was born from the partnership between Atlanta Esports Ventures and the FaZe clan.

#2 – OpTic Texas – 225pts

OpTic Texas seems to be the only team capable of deterring Atlanta FaZe from winning once again. This team is also confirmed for Champs already due to its outstanding performance against other teams. Beating Atlanta FaZe is way more complicated, though. OptTic Texas used to be called Dallas Empire before being purchased by Envy Gaming.

#3 – Seattle Surge – 175pts

Seattle Surge is also a strong contender to the top, although it’s currently lagging behind the Top 2. It is operated and owned by two companies: Canucks Sports & Entertainment and Enthusiast Gaming. The team comes from a stream of good results and stabilises itself in the third position.

The Underdogs

If the teams above fight tooth and nail for the top, other teams struggle to survive. New York Subliners and Paris Legion have performed very poorly this season. They’re now at the bottom of the table and arguably, out of reach for salvation.

The New York Subliners are 50pts behind the eighth position, LA Thieves, while Paris Legion is lagging solid 100pts behind. Minnesota RØKKR and Florida Mutineers are tied with 110 pts and could still try to outplay the LA Thieves.



The 2022 edition of the Call of Duty League is the biggest one so far. It has more teams and bigger prize pools than any other season. The fat prizes available (USD 500,000 per Major) are enough incentive for the best players in the world to join the competition. Not by chance, this league is getting better media coverage and attracting the attention of sportsbooks and online gambling platforms.


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