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FIFA is the biggest selling football series of all time and one that has dominated the gaming world since it first hit public knowledge. With news that EA and FIFA will no longer be making the gaming series together again, the shift in focus from EA could be towards their popular Ultimate Team. With pack openings to create your team or buying players on an online market, it has attracted millions of gamers.

However, is this the gaming series’s best thing, and is it promoting the right message to the younger generation?

History of Ultimate Team

The first time that Ultimate Team featured in a FIFA game was in FIFA 09, and there were just one million users of the new card game. The series started to focus more attention on the Ultimate Team aspect of the game by adding more and more features.

Ultimate Team started to gain traction in FIFA 11 after two years of trying to integrate the game and take people’s focus away from the likes of career mode and online seasons. By making Ultimate Team free to play, they could attract more players to the game.

In the last FIFA feature, FIFA 21, over 25 million users of the feature. It shows how much focus has been put on Ultimate Team over the past 12 years.


Ultimate Team has not gone without its controversies. With the aspect of money being used, it has brought up the issue of gambling being promoted for children.

Ultimate Team might be the most popular feature of the game, but it is not free if you want to play the game well. The introduction of loot boxes did not sit right with many people. All the talk even got a response from EA.

With the promotion from YouTubers to buy packs and coins from certain websites, it will be more attractive to young children. They will want to spend their money or, in some cases, their parents’ money (sometimes without them knowing) on packs and coins to get as far as they can in the game.

The issue also comes with monetization that children want to do every year with every new release. Parents would be looking to the best forex brokers to make more money to fund their children’s habits, as it is nearly impossible to play the game fairly if you do not spend any money.

Next move for EA

With the game going to be run solely by EA, their push is towards Ultimate Team. All roads lead to Ultimate Team, and EA is aware of how popular the feature is and wants to profit as much as possible. With the introduction of special cards such as a team of the year, icon cards, in form cards and many more over the past few years, the push has been for Ultimate Team. The next thing that EA is speculated to be doing is introducing more live features with updates similar to that of games like Fortnite.