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Gaming has taken over the digital entertainment industry. The industry is now worth more than the movie and music industries combined. Analysts predict that the video game industry will generate more than $260 billion in revenue by 2025.

The number of worldwide gamers is expected to reach 3.3 billion by 2024. Looking to launch a successful gaming career? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Pick a Game

There are more than ten video game genres to choose from. Trying to master everything isn’t a good idea if you want to become a professional gamer. Try out multiple games and narrow down your options to what matches your skills and passion.

Next, you need to pick a gaming platform because there are many to choose from. For competitive gaming, PC gaming and consoles like PS4 are the best options. Always choose established Esport games as they have better infrastructure and resources to support pro gamers compared to new games.

2. Invest in Gaming Gear

Becoming a professional gamer isn’t cheap. To compete in international games, you must have the latest and most advanced equipment like other pro gamers. Here’s a list of the most important gaming arsenal.

  • A gaming PC or laptop
  • High-quality microphone and webcam
  • Mechanical monitor
  • A gaming mouse
  • Quality headset
  • Good sound speaker
  • Comfortable gaming chair

Acquiring all these items will be expensive but will be worth it once you start winning games. Once you have everything you need, start gaming every day to get used to the equipment. Don’t start competing immediately. Remember, you’ll be competing with expert gamers so you need to be prepared.

3, Hone Your Skills

Practice is the most crucial part of becoming a pro gamer. Start by mastering game mechanics and then acquire game-specific skills. Network with other gamers and learn their gaming strategies and how they prepare themselves for competitions. Join a team and play regularly with other professionals to build your confidence. Always behave professionally during competitions.

To build a name for yourself in the industry, work on your online presence. You can start a YouTube gaming channel and add captivating gaming videos and a car stock photo library if you specialize in Esport racing games. Choose a memorable username to make people remember you. Also, attend local gaming events as a player or observer to learn new things and build your portfolio.

4. Find a Sponsor

Professional gamers don’t solely rely on game winnings. They have sponsorship deals that pay well. Many top brands pay them to promote their products. They wear their merchandise during tournaments, mention them on social media or in gaming videos, and attend their events.

Sponsorship deals give you more time to hone your skills by relieving financial pressure. But you must be a very good gamer to get noticed by sponsors. Alternatively, you can explore other avenues such as Twitch for sponsorship opportunities. Grow meaningful connections and stay in contact with gaming and Esports associations to easily find sponsors. You can also start a club so sponsors can sign you.